Olivia Rodrigo Performs "good 4 u" | 2021 VMAs | MTV
Olivia Rodrigo performs "good 4 u" at the 2021 VMAs.

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  • Fateha Sultana
    Fateha Sultana

    This song describes my mom and dad's relationship

  • Poetic peach 🍑
    Poetic peach 🍑

    Good for YoUuUuUuUh. Oh yeah, I felt that 😔

  • C. Fernando Anton Ramirez
    C. Fernando Anton Ramirez

    is this Teenage dream Rock in rio? why is she using the same cloudish thing?

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    Some people don’t realize that she is a human being and has to breathe.

  • Astrid

    God, this is so bad.

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      Ikr? But her stans are 12 years old girls so ofc they won't cancel her

    • Alex


  • Talaiah Harvey
    Talaiah Harvey

    The people is 😅🤣😂🤓🤯🥱🥱🤏👅

  • vantelovie


  • Deathbyaether

    Little more training and she’d sound pretty decent. However, that straining can do a lot of damage if turned into a habit 💀

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      unlike others she didn't just crawl all over the floor she actually had a fun performance

  • taro milktea
    taro milktea

    Lmao this ain't it dawg. This is a car crash of a performance

  • OriginalBoyBooks

    So AFTER Taylor Swift. Now we’re HAPPY with break up songs?! Guess she set the trend!!

  • Blessed Me
    Blessed Me

    I thought that was Halsey on 🥁, which would’ve been _extremely_ impressive.

  • Cheyenne Hamm
    Cheyenne Hamm

    I wanna tell you haters something who are constantly criticizing the fact that she doesn't sound perfect live, and sounds out of breath. I bet more than 75% of you aren't even professional singers, or experienced. So, the hell are you doing judging her? I certainly can't do what she's doing up there. So what if she sounds out of breath and hasn't been "trained"?? I think all of your ears have become accustomed to hearing auto tune all the time, and so you're comparing it to that. Half the singers on the charts use auto tune, okay? So get off your high horses, and remember that every single celebrity is HUMAN and isn't perfect. Olivia is young,and just starting out. She did very well, and I enjoyed this performance. I think it's awesome that she got to perform for the VMAs. So, the next time you wanna whine about how she doesn't sound perfect or "good", go listen to the album version if that helps you sleep at night. Good lord.

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      She is still overrated

  • karen.clipss

    She's amazing

  • Kale R
    Kale R

    i appreciate the way this song came out even tho its hard to sing live i did hear struggling to breathe at the end tho poor Olivia but overall AMAZING performance

  • cami cami
    cami cami

    olivia amiga ta com falta de ar?

  • cami cami
    cami cami

    olivia amiga ta com falta de ar?

  • ՏTᗩᖇᒪIᘜᕼTՏ ᑕOᖇᑎᗴᖇ
    ՏTᗩᖇᒪIᘜᕼTՏ ᑕOᖇᑎᗴᖇ

    How do people NOT know her? She was one of the main characters in bizarrdvark like what!! 🤯😟

  • Bailey Feefee
    Bailey Feefee

    Talented didn’t deserve to win

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      She isn't talented either 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Red

    Singing is not for everyone I guess

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑


  • V3ntilator

    I haven't seen MTV since early 1990's, but damn it went downhill.

    • A.C

      It’s so bad

  • jay  crews
    jay crews

    I don't understand why so many people are being so negative tbh this was one of the best performances her vocally was great I love the background and the creativeness and unlike others she didn't just crawl all over the floor she actually had a fun performance

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    Escucho a paramore

  • S J
    S J

    I really appreciate and respect her singing live without autotuning, little shaky but it’s so much more authentic.

  • Delusional Shipper 2.0
    Delusional Shipper 2.0

    the drummer looks so hot I meannnn

  • Лойс

    She did perfect!

  • EllaSparkleStar

    The way she came on the stage

  • Tony Olayinka
    Tony Olayinka

    Kool / Classic Lp

  • Cash T. Perkins
    Cash T. Perkins

    She strains her voice so much while singing. I wouldn't be suprised if she ends up like Mariah Carrey and loses her voice by the time she's 30

  • Alma

    She did it so well

  • Kamal Sharma
    Kamal Sharma

    Did she actually broke the glass unplanned? Or was it planned before, is it the real glass or another sugar glass was put there.

  • Nicky Junior
    Nicky Junior

    Is this Olivia? Wtf

    • No

      @Jake they lost it a while ago

    • Jake

      @No yeah people seem to lost it 😬

    • No

      Yes this is the "queen" that 12 years old girls keep praising

  • Ruth Pachuau
    Ruth Pachuau

    Same age. Life is unfair😂

  • Beauty and beats
    Beauty and beats

    I am the only one who noticed that the backup dancer at 3:34 made the korean finger heart. OMG so cuteeee

    • No

      I didn't notice you are right

  • Fajar Musahir
    Fajar Musahir

    omg, she's really breaking the camera 🔥🔥

  • J R
    J R

    So “Disney Grunge” is the new thing eh? I hope when my kids are teenagers, MTV no longer exists. They co-opted the last true musical revolution in the early 90s that I was lucky to be a part of and it has been downhill since then. For shame. Kids, please, ignore MTV and this hollow, cancerous worse-than-pop garbage! Support your local bands, make your own music and starve this MTV beast. Wow.

  • pryakrsna

    bro the drummer tho!!

  • mjghhg

    but why aren’t people wearing masks

  • J vc
    J vc

    She can't pull off the bad-ass character

  • J vc
    J vc

    Vocal performance was good but the stage presence reminds me of dua lipa in beginning. Weak and bad

  • Rhea Sandhu
    Rhea Sandhu

    She is so Beautiful i love her confidence and all that she is such a good person❤❤

  • ne comilfo
    ne comilfo


    • No

      My humor is broken. I don't why it made me laugh

  • Inosuke Hashibira
    Inosuke Hashibira

    The fact that all of his bandmates are female

  • themoonkid

    its so great that she keyed it down :)

  • AeLx Cash
    AeLx Cash

    I love her :)

  • Medinat Oyeyemi
    Medinat Oyeyemi

    Olivia is talented💖

  • Janet C
    Janet C

    Badass drummer.

  • Olive Oil Road Dry Go🛸🛰
    Olive Oil Road Dry Go🛸🛰

    3:32 _smashes camera_ *I C O N I C*

  • Rubi Garza
    Rubi Garza

    No entiendo por que dicen que es talentosa, se nota que le falta un buen practicar su respiración. Creo que si quiere ser cantante primero tiene que aprender a cantar, y no me vengan con que estaba nerviosa y tiene 17 años, eso no justifica absolutamente nada:)

    • —narely

      Su talento radica más en la composición de letra y melodías, que expresan de manera concisa y magnificada emociones muy específicas. Sus canciones son exitosas porque suenan bien y la gente se identifica. No tanto por lo que haga con su voz, que sólo necesita ser suficiente para que la canción tenga un impacto y suene bien. Si no te gusta, ignórala, no hace falta venir a desmerecer su talento o enojarte por su éxito xD

  • Neivismar Mejia
    Neivismar Mejia

    Quiero vivir esa experiencia q Olivia me de la mano 😭🖐️

  • fvr xoy
    fvr xoy

    Es enserio? por dios no sabe cantar

  • Simón Briceño
    Simón Briceño


  • simply morgan
    simply morgan

    guy in the back:

  • Skandyg


    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      si desafortunadamente ella tiene asma😕

    • Gabriela Ramos
      Gabriela Ramos

      JSJAJAJ casi se les va

    • Esperanza abril
      Esperanza abril

      Jajaj parece que si

  • Chigozirim Nweke
    Chigozirim Nweke

    Her intro reminds me of Barbie: princess and popstar; Kiera’s intro of here I am

  • Azure sky
    Azure sky

    Her drummer for some reason looks like Halsey here.

  • PizzaGuy10

    The actual song:🤯❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤙🤙👍👍👌👌🤟🤟🤟😝😝😝 The concert:😕😕😕😑😑😑🙄😒😐😐😐 Everyone:Seriously I spent all my Mony on this🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🔥🔥🔥 Karen:ima call te cops for bad concert🔥🔥🔥

  • Kiran Nandal
    Kiran Nandal

    I liked how she moved the mic away from her mouth when the f*** part came

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      @No lmao 😭

    • No

      Lmao it sounds like the other meaning..

  • Marian Gantes
    Marian Gantes

    She's the main character.

  • Mona Ferreira
    Mona Ferreira

    Barbie Princesa e a Popstar vibes.

  • Aleyna Terzi
    Aleyna Terzi

    The drummer crushed it!

  • Pau Pisano
    Pau Pisano

    Wow , Olivia es increíble , súper increíble

  • TheENofficial

    I thought this was paramore lol

  • isla gawley
    isla gawley

    oliva is the best I listen to her everyday nonstop I lover so much

  • Riadi Permana putra
    Riadi Permana putra

    Why is she acting like taylor swift

    • No

      At least Taylor can sing

    • Nxbula

      A better question: Why is she acting like Olivia Rodrigo?

  • Krystal C
    Krystal C

    Looks like Ariana and sings like Avril.


    she’s actually terrible

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      Fr, the only reason she isn't canceled is that her stans love her songs. If they didn't love her songs that much she would've been canceled

    • No

      @-narely you don't know why I hate her but ok

    • —narely

      @No the most basic answer ever to avoid addressing the fact that you're being ignorant, disrespectful and rude to her for no reason but ok

    • No

      @-narely oh are you going to cry?

    • No

      @AKD BEATS indeed my friend

  • Ismael Lira
    Ismael Lira

    Por que esta cantando a si??? Se supone que un cantante se esta ahogando al cantar

    • Ismael Lira
      Ismael Lira

      @-narely crei que ya habias comprendido mira te explico yo solo me estoy basando en su voz que e lo que usa un cantante, eso de las tecnicas de canto no tiene nada que ver por que hay personas que no tienen estudios de Musica pero su voz en entonada , ritmica no se si me explico en el caso de Olivia tal vez su talento sea escribir pero la cantada no se le da ya que pues su voz no es entonada y te recuerdo que olivia a si como ariana, Miley etc. Es una chica Disney ya que pues hay tuvo sus inicios de mas pequeña entinces de cierta forma ya conoce y si es muy diferente cantar en vivo que en estudio pero cuando tienes la voz (entonada) no se nota la diferiencia algo que con Olivia si se noto mucho

    • —narely

      @Ismael Lira "debería" "se supone", ella no te debe nada lol, escribió canciones porque le dieron ganas y sin esperarlo se hicieron famosas, no significa que va a dominar todas las técnicas de canto o que tiene que ser una cantante profesional excelente. Cantar en estudio y en vivo son cosas distintas, tan diferentes como un actor de cine y uno para experimentos sociales. Es mucho más que "con autotune vs sin autotune xD". Ella nunca cantó en vivo así, no sabe y no es su campo. Es literal una niña que estaba triste, empezó a improvisar en su piano y boom al día siguiente tiene que cantar como en un concierto. Si no te gusta, ignórala y deja de criticarla por no alcanzar tus estándares. No quita que sea talentosa y su composición musical/escritura de letra muy buena

    • no

      @Ismael Lira a eso mismo me refería

    • Ismael Lira
      Ismael Lira

      @no obviamente cual quiera puede ser cantante algunos pues tiene la voz y en vivo lo demuestran y otros como olivia son cantantes pero de estudio donde con alguna aplicacion son cantantes sin aplicaciones no mas no y aunque se preparen pues no por que la voz no la tienen

    • no

      @Ismael Lira pero cualquiera puede ser cantante XD, debes admitir que algunos nacen con talento y otros simplemente deben esforzarme más.

  • Ava

    Sabrina carpenter in the crowd like 😐

    • Idk


  • Beast Gamer
    Beast Gamer

    lmao she cant sing

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      Indeed 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • —narely

      @Beast Gamer you do know a lot of them are victims of child exploitation, right? 💀 Olivia is doing all of this on her own, she can take her time and have her process of learning. Are you paying her or something to demand perfection? She doesn't owe you anything so stfu and move on if you don't like her

    • No

      @Karma they aren't

    • Beast Gamer
      Beast Gamer

      @Karma there are few bands who don't lip sync and still sing perfectly Try to know them first then speak , dumb

    • Karma

      @Beast Gamer lol, kpop mostly lip syncing there song because they dance to much, stup!d.

  • Christina Latorre
    Christina Latorre

    Even the butterfly be liking her song lmao

  • Abby McGurk
    Abby McGurk

    Why aren’t the audience wearing masks? But the dancers are? Wow. American COVID rules are weird

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      Yeah its f*cked up

    • No


    • Octagon9

      It’s not weird, it’s bullshit

    • no


  • Cristiane Pereira
    Cristiane Pereira

    A voz dela tá melhorando

  • Mangoz Play
    Mangoz Play

    she sounds different

  • Toxic Text
    Toxic Text

    She's like cute, but not.........

  • Cibelly Barbosa
    Cibelly Barbosa

    Avril + Paramore= Olivia.

  • Seraphile

    that drummer can step on me

  • YourFavoriteCrime

    She's too perfect for this world... 💞

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      The standards these days are low. No wonder why she is popular

    • Deirbhile 😜
      Deirbhile 😜

      She really is

    • Idk

      No hate I love her but nobody's perfect

  • your point of view is medieval
    your point of view is medieval

    Damnn her voice is soo damnn clean

  • Taehyung'un dudakları
    Taehyung'un dudakları

    sesi cok guzel

  • Lucas Pavanelli
    Lucas Pavanelli

    you took out anitta presentation, I am unsubscribed now :(

  • a multistan that can stan groups
    a multistan that can stan groups

    Fact that everyone already knows: This is played in the same key as Misery Business

    • YourFavoriteCrime

      No dude it's a semitone lower

  • maryyyyyyy

    her voice is not a joke

  • salcezm

    Well, she’s the new Avril Lavigne and as the old one she’s boring as hell.

  • liv !
    liv !

    go girl give us everything

  • Samuel Beau
    Samuel Beau

    I give her 1 year and nobody will remember who she is

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑


    • No

      I agree

    • Manuel Vargaz
      Manuel Vargaz

      Tampoco de ti bb pero aquí estas

  • Alish


    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      But you are right she can't sing

    • Alish

      @Nxbula the answer is YES AHAHAHAHAHAHAH loSer

    • Nxbula

      Now ask us if we care what you think

  • Alish


  • Alish


    • Deirbhile 😜
      Deirbhile 😜

      @Manuel Vargaz ahahahah

    • Manuel Vargaz
      Manuel Vargaz

      Deja de verte al espejo

  • Joao Pedro Ross
    Joao Pedro Ross

    Ok guys,shes not good

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      @Nxbula sorry to break it to you but you ain't funny 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Poetic peach 🍑
      Poetic peach 🍑

      You're acting as if it's the first time she had a bad performance

    • Nxbula

      You're right. She's spectacular.

    • Jake

      Wow how surprising. It's not the first time bro

  • Sammy

    Nobody needs to lie. This is one of her first performances on stage with so much expectation from people watching her. She didn't sing it flawlessly and effortlessly, she struggled with her breathing because she is yet to improve her breathing and stamina as she is not trained to perform such songs. She is an acoustic singing girl. Hope she improves in the future tho.

    • Ali Cia
      Ali Cia

      Finally thank you like she’s still and amazing singer she just need more practice when it comes to breath control

  • oh my dora
    oh my dora

    omg wth why she break it

  • 1780 Apurva
    1780 Apurva

    She is such a masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ernesto Gomez
    Ernesto Gomez

    Oh my god!!!! FLAWLESS!!!!!

  • Malikah Hartzenburg
    Malikah Hartzenburg

    Is anyone going to talk abt how she broke the lens....no,ok

  • DEVIL Jungkook
    DEVIL Jungkook

    Looks like she was nervous again lol😂😂😶

    • lamiah

      it's pretty natural. she's still new into music industry. but i wonder what's so funny about someone's nervousness?

  • Derek Miles Loon
    Derek Miles Loon

    I just wanna remind you that destiny's child trained their voice by running and singing; that's why they sound flawless whilst moving and all the choreo. She didnt have that training, as a dude who tried moving a lot while performing, i have to tell you that this is still pretty impressive.

    • Jumpscare

      Little Mix also run on treadmills whenever they don’t have a performance for some months just to keep the stamina up.

    • Derek Miles Loon
      Derek Miles Loon

      because her music speaks for herself, you do not have to be a live-performance god/goddess to prove to everyone you can make music. She may be better in a studio even, but that doesnt make her any less than to those who exclusively perform live or to those that can do both. Olivia is young, and if we give her more time, she'll definitely be able to sing better. Dua Lipa for example took the time to actually work on her weaknesses after her debut (her dancing was just sad; but look at her performances now). It is only right that Olivia must be given that same chance.

    • You assholes
      You assholes

      How did she became overrated if she isn't a trained singer🤷

  • Luka Willems
    Luka Willems

    OMG I Love the song. nice song choice❤😁

  • Jasmine & Livvy de super meiden
    Jasmine & Livvy de super meiden

    Still im 8 and netherlands ans i love the song because i can speak English :)

    • MayPlayIX

      i'm honestly so happy to hear that so many people can enjoy this song :D