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This video features players like: LeBron James, Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum, D'Angelo Russell and Kevin Durant

  • Golden Hoops
    Golden Hoops

    If you're looking for all the game winning shots from 2021, they are featured in this video:

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      Close to 1m

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      Face reveal

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      About your comment at the beginning, I appreciate the hard work. Great videos, great music. Thanks pal.

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    He talks?

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    Just so u know, your intro is trash.

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    man the "OH ITS GOOD BY LEBRON JAMES" is always the best call

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    Proof that steph isn't clutch

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    kcp passed it to LBJ like JR smith should’ve in the 2018 Nba Finals

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    Nba 2 k 22

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    This dude really hates my Milwaukee bucks

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    LBJ being in the thumbnail just feels wierd.

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    The announcers were so chill

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    Lol you can’t block Jokic’s shot coz his form doesn’t allow it 😂

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    Where is Stephanie choke Curry aka 0% in the money time

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    Face reveal at 1mill?

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    Liam Grapes

    Dame deserves a lot more recognition. In 2019, he almost single handedly sent the trailblazers to the conference finals and made one of the clutchest shots of the 2010’s. Not to mention this year he had the highest game score for a playoff game in nba history.

    • Jasmin Nadal
      Jasmin Nadal

      When was his most pts in a playoff game in NBA history?

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    That Joel three was amazing

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    I was expecting Lebron. I guess the thumbnail's a clickbait.

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    Collin sexton should go to Miami pls sexton think about it

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  • Nice vid

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    bro, dame made the crazy shots againts the bulls and the nuggets, where they at?

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      Golden Hoops

      Look at my pinned comment bro

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    Dame is the clutches player in the nba

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    Idea:rivalries with certain teams like warriors cavs...

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    lots of dame dolla clips here

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    No cap I'm still mad about Kevin Durant was on the line and then nets still lost from the game winning shot so its clutch but still losing is kinda sad

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    my birthday is july 29th

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    where's when Jayson Tatum shoots over giannis for the win?? Apparently it wasn't clutch?

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    Bro what, why u got PGs layup in there as clutch instead of a game winning dunk from the same game??

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    Idk why does khris middleton's game winner against heat wasnt here

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    0:30 I can already hear Flight say “that was luck” 😂


    The best channel in basket ball men

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    Dlo so underrated

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    Next "Choke Plays Of 2021"

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    I thought that golden hoops is a girl

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    6:54 “WUSSEL”

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    What damian lilard

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    Congrats to Greek freak. Did it the right way. Hopefully 🙏 it gets the league where it should be

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      The 2020s are off to a good start (except Brooklyn)

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    Face reaveal pls

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    I met James harden at and airport

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    Watch and enjoy the content. But you do nothing but steal highlights that any up to date fan has already seen 10x over. Should check your dates. 2021 highlight or sorry "best of" are not even from the correct season!!! Lmao how has this fool not bin shut down by the nba!

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    Anybody see Damien Lee Fall and his sneaker fell of at 4:09 ??

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    That 3 wasn't just luck, he knew that 3 was gonna go home and that 3 right there lead them to another chance of winning another nba tittle.

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    You know its a good video when they typed j cole off-season style

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