Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment
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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • Ajil Azil
    Ajil Azil


  • MY STRAY cat
    MY STRAY cat

    One day I'll build this too, And when its rain it will seep inside too 😀😀😀😀

  • Bryant F
    Bryant F

    Awesome! Now all I need is a mountain.

  • levy Boy
    levy Boy

    Kalau di Toraja batu dibuat lubang untuk kuburan .

  • D

    Chinese Flintstone

  • Denny Dova
    Denny Dova

    I love there's moments where he's wearing a hard hat and flip fflops at the same. Time.

  • Lei Xia
    Lei Xia


  • Mr Sinister
    Mr Sinister

    Next month we will see a video of a report where the amateur apartment collapsed killing all inside

  • Dziban Art
    Dziban Art

    Someone played too much Minecraft, all jokes aside very impressive *_*

  • its private
    its private

    Chyna goberment: i hope you got your cave documentation in order

  • Celia Yuri
    Celia Yuri

    Maravilha parabéns gostei ficou lindo

  • DWoods0892

    I’m not the only one that thought about the people in the jungle that make the pools, homes and more with just their hands, basic tools, etc. right?

  • 환바

    무너질까봐 무섭다...ㅠㅠ

  • Mohd 'Afif Mohd Sukri
    Mohd 'Afif Mohd Sukri

    Not stable when rain. Risk gennting landslide

  • Aqua Fyre
    Aqua Fyre

    This guys is a Professional Dentist. Sometimes ---------- just for fun -------- he brings the drill into his dental practice. 😁

  • Gilberto Dejesus
    Gilberto Dejesus

    That's a whole lot of work, everything is easier in our mind but then reality smacks us right in the face !!

  • Unknown X
    Unknown X

    This is what we call minecraft in real life

  • Connor Strunk
    Connor Strunk

    straight up playing Minecraft

  • Long Huỳnh
    Long Huỳnh

    100 people the same you will not the cave,because they like copy

  • Asura Shi
    Asura Shi

    Imagine if the roof gives away and he would be stuck in all that rubble

  • Мурло ТВ
    Мурло ТВ

    Сколько денег потрачено и внутри оставлено, чтобы создать такой шедевр.

  • How So
    How So

    bulding without permit would subject to a fine from the local government

  • personality cat
    personality cat

    Reminds me of a Qigong Masters cave home I read about in mastering miracles by Dr Hong Liu.but his bed was carved from the wall it may have had the effect of grounding.

  • Trombone Man
    Trombone Man

    Irl Minecraft Cave House

  • Etherias D. Wondy
    Etherias D. Wondy

    Yo quiero saber hacer tantas cosas como ese man, así de profesional

  • Evan Mi
    Evan Mi

    Gak bisa bahasa Inggris

  • Love Repent
    Love Repent

    The real Flintstone man

  • Neida Teixeira
    Neida Teixeira

    Que incrível... fantástico.

  • Edward X
    Edward X

    Chinese government (after all the hard work) - "So, you think you can just carve a hole in the side of a mountain and make it your home?" The guy - "Uhhh 🤔 mean I couldn't do it?!? 😮

  • Nguyen Thu Thuy
    Nguyen Thu Thuy

    only alone? do you wanne a Robinson II


    Hypothetically, is it zombie proof?

  • Gustavo Ferreira
    Gustavo Ferreira

    First night on minecraft be like:

  • Sanju Surve
    Sanju Surve

    Nature exploitation 😔😱🤯

  • Ricky White
    Ricky White

    yes but it would take me a lot longer because I would not have power tools to I would have to use hammer, and chisels to clear it out.

  • Nairit Nanavati
    Nairit Nanavati

    True Minecraft

  • 파파포포프프


  • Joytidutta Sen
    Joytidutta Sen

    Worthless. Absolute waste. No artistic sence

  • Tina Cedillo
    Tina Cedillo

    Wowww!! Can i marry this man???

  • Nyi Tun
    Nyi Tun

    great job. I do like it.It must be costly. Rich people would buy such the cave house.

  • 10k Challenge with 0 Video
    10k Challenge with 0 Video

    I cant even dig our backyard 😮

  • bob pancake
    bob pancake

    lotta work sure looks good

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man

    Me showing my showing my minecraft world

  • G J
    G J

    Minecraft anyone?

  • Mab Bnn
    Mab Bnn

    اللهم صل على محمد ..

  • Scizzor HonZ
    Scizzor HonZ

    All I see is the need for an interior decorator. 😗

  • 초우

    썸네일보고 염보성인줄ㄷㄷ

  • Saleem Kader
    Saleem Kader

    The world has to face it Chinease people are the hardest working people. They manufacture most of the things inside and out of a home, although it lacks quality but quantity is there. They are now making human passenger quadcopters. Would you trust it. I wouldnt. Dubai Arabs are buying them like hot cakes. lol


    KEREN Keren keren 👍👍👍

  • mitch mckenzie
    mitch mckenzie

    I've always wanted a hobbit hole.

  • Amir Jhos 99
    Amir Jhos 99

    Sangay creaktii 👍👍👍🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • TheOwlCreek

    Knowing my luck as soon as I start digging into a mountain it would cave in on me. 😑

  • seanzi bonanzi
    seanzi bonanzi

    ...I think your roof drains into your chimney

  • _ Egorkat _
    _ Egorkat _

    У него разрешение на сбор валежника есть?

  • 진달래


  • Saabastian A
    Saabastian A

    Thats a lottttt of work, dedication is real

  • Richard Chambers
    Richard Chambers

    I woulda gone with the granite countertops

  • entitydotexe

    This video just makes me want to go to a local mountain and build a nuclear launch facility bunker

  • thị hằng nguyễn
    thị hằng nguyễn

    ngừoi nước nào mà giỏi vậy trời

  • entitydotexe

    Mountain: e x i s t s This man: *It's free real estate*

  • Ron Bernard
    Ron Bernard

    Total cost in dollars please ?

  • The T
    The T

    Finally found someone more free than me

  • Mỹ Linh 300K Vào Henho24h xyz
    Mỹ Linh 300K Vào Henho24h xyz

    01:06 Chồng tương lai ơi, em chờ anh hơi lâu rồi đấy 🏪

  • T type Virous
    T type Virous

    稿這個,簡直是個頑固份子! 這肯定非常驕傲的一件事。

  • Jon Mathews
    Jon Mathews

    How do I fast-forward to the part where the government forces him to either bring it to living code and pay real estate taxes on a dwelling he built with his own hands, or seizes and destroys the property for "Safety" reasons?

  • The T
    The T

    I want to see his reaction during earthquake

  • someone

    So he doesn't have to pay taxes for land haha

  • B. Castillo
    B. Castillo

    Just 2 questions is this legal, and is this safe?? I used to have dreams of living in an apartment in a mountain (I mean like there would be dozens of apartments in the sides of mountains) it was beautiful. Well I wish I had his skill for building. He has talent

  • eiich hoba
    eiich hoba


  • Simple Farmer
    Simple Farmer

    Which country is this.

  • Macrínio para Negócios
    Macrínio para Negócios

    Muito bom sua construção neste lugar.

  • Lelouch CC
    Lelouch CC


  • Yann_Ae17

    Kirain kuli jawa:v

  • Burak News
    Burak News

    This guy took Minecraft way too seriously

  • Alvares Greeman
    Alvares Greeman

    Is structural support not needed?

  • kathy Turner
    kathy Turner

    Unreal. I can’t get my boys to make up their beds☹️

  • Conan Seibel (rabbithowls)
    Conan Seibel (rabbithowls)

    Check air bnb.🤣

  • cornwalker

    Minecraft 2.0

  • Charles Bishop
    Charles Bishop

    What type of rock is this mountain made of?

  • るんるん

    (*゚0゚*)スッゴッイ! かっこいいわぁ〜❤️

  • Stardust Badger
    Stardust Badger


  • John Edwards
    John Edwards

    Exciting, to say the least

  • Hang Tsa
    Hang Tsa


  • David Do
    David Do

    The unused patient isely support because attraction surely bomb but a knotty inventory. spectacular, enchanting swallow

  • Colt Comerford
    Colt Comerford


  • Jonathan davis
    Jonathan davis

    side effect plenty of gravel for a driveway or aggregate for concrete

  • Gilbert Garcia
    Gilbert Garcia

    He's not a carpenter he's an artist.😳

  • Houndsman One
    Houndsman One

    I enjoyed this video, immensely. Have a fine week. 👍🏽🙂

  • Just a Lonely guy
    Just a Lonely guy

    dude first time i saw a video not fakng “ i build this with old ass tools”

  • Sohail gettingGeek
    Sohail gettingGeek

    He is a master builder. From excavation, masonry, carpentry, electrical, conduiting all by himself🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Syabil

    Watching minecraft firstday build

  • Garik Khan
    Garik Khan

    тТак с этим всё понятно, но кто тебе разрешил там копошиться и строиться???

  • Robyn Nathalie
    Robyn Nathalie

    The icky playground electronmicroscopically love because battery climatologically want off a clear octopus. half, laughable soccer

  • Aspiah Sarip
    Aspiah Sarip

    Mashaa Allah berapa lama itu bikinnya... Tabarokallah

  • Jim Lincoln
    Jim Lincoln

    That man is amazing, he will never have a bucket list.

  • Sound Mind
    Sound Mind

    Skills and patience plus lots of energy. I'm sure he planned out any mitigation for heavy rains and....earthquakes?

  • Jim sworthow
    Jim sworthow

    Awesome creativity!

  • Carlyle Philip
    Carlyle Philip

    I think it's interesting as a video, but I don't want to live.

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