Hélène Grimaud: Bach - Chaconne from Partita No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004 (arr. Ferruccio Busoni)
From the Kammermusiksaal of the Berlin Philharmonie, 2001
Piano recital by one of the very top pianists of her generation, still in her early thirties
Watch the full concert: bit.ly/HeleneGrimaud-PianoRecital

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Johann Sebastian Bach - Chaconne from Partita No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004 (Arr. Ferruccio Busoni)

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The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote of this recital by pianist Hélène Grimaud at the Kammer Musiksaal of the Berlin Philharmonie, “She doesn’t only play the piano - she feels it and she lives it. Every single note proves her devotion to perfection ... her unconventional style captivates everyone in the audience.”

Arguably one of the very top pianists of her generation, her concert career took off in 1987 when she was in her early twenties and she now performs with major orchestras around the world as well as being in demand for recital appearances. The spontaneity of her playing is breathtaking. Not to be afraid of taking risks and always to play as though it is the first time is Hélène Grimaud’s maxim.

Her program for this recording features Bach’s Chaconne in D minor, Beethoven’s Sonata No. 31 in A flat Op. 110, and Brahms’ Sonata No. 3 in F minor Op. 5. As encores, she plays two of Rachmaninov’s Etudes-tableaux Op. 33.

  • Daniel Van Laethem
    Daniel Van Laethem

    wow I'm really impressed by this fantastic performance

  • Tony Carey
    Tony Carey


  • Retha

    It hurts much more when you lose someone.

    • Buby Buby
      Buby Buby

      I was lost before I heard this piece.....but now I know what life is about ❤️❤️

    • furkan kalay
      furkan kalay

      it hurts even more when you lose the one

  • Monique Deleuze-Dordron
    Monique Deleuze-Dordron

    Merci Tout simplement !

  • morganfisherart

    I love her exhausted look at the end, almost can't bow, has given everything, just wants to collapse in the dressing room with a glass of champagne. A great musician!!!

  • Marc Twain
    Marc Twain

    playing bach the strong and easy way of baroque musik, she canmake a orgel with a piano🤐👏🏿♥️

  • pianosound

    To listen this music and this performance has been a mistic experience. When three genius does meet , Bach, Busoni, and this so young she - pianist which was unknown to me, the results can´t be no other than a trascendental experience.

  • Gerre Gannaway
    Gerre Gannaway

    Many thanks to J.S. Bach, Ferruccio Busoni, and Hélène Grimaud. It's a beautiful combination.

  • Gerardo Yañez
    Gerardo Yañez


  • Gerardo Covarrubias
    Gerardo Covarrubias

    One of the most beautiful interpretations I have seen this year so far of any piece.

  • Pauline Pascal
    Pauline Pascal


  • jorge rene romero reyes
    jorge rene romero reyes

    Festejo con mi oído la interpretación de esta pieza musical que no es facil, para empezar se requiere muy buena memoria, y un dominio de rímica en dos notas, tres notas, cuatro notas, sin perder la ritmica, la interprete toca perfecto, me encantó, felicitaciones desde Quito Ecuador.

  • Sonia Riou
    Sonia Riou

    Tout simplement génial !!!! Merci madame Grimaud.

  • marie france delagnes
    marie france delagnes

    Magnifique quel talent

  • Gisela Ripota-Harhaus
    Gisela Ripota-Harhaus

    I can't express with words what a treasure this piece of music is for me and also : how purely and egolessly and incredibly deeply this venerable Lady Grimaux is presenting it . Thaaaank youuuuu!!!! I was in awe from the beginning to the end !!!

  • Clara Nimmer
    Clara Nimmer

    She dives deep into this music to lift hidden treasures. Seeing her create this piece again is breathtaking. Sometimes I magically heard an organ.

  • Andrea Rodigari
    Andrea Rodigari

    Eccezzionale Helene!

  • Veroniquee Fournier
    Veroniquee Fournier

    magnifique !!!

  • athanasiusjames1

    Superbe! Vraiment! Merci Hélène Grimaud! Merci Bach!

  • Jean-marie Pierre
    Jean-marie Pierre

    Que de labeur, Pour parvenir à cet art Bach, Piano, Grimaud, L' émotion.. Video sublime. Respectueusement, merci, Jmp

  • Vladislav Maksovich Portnov, MBA
    Vladislav Maksovich Portnov, MBA

    Beyond description!!! Bravo!!!

  • Quantum Math
    Quantum Math

    The very fact that classical music has survived so many centuries is fascinating and inspiring. What a great piece and a great performance.

  • Libertas Capitur
    Libertas Capitur

    Una vez más, Helene tomando nuestra alma en sus delicadas manos y mostrándonos que no tenemos más alternativa que amarla por haber escogido el camino del arte en su valiosa vida, en que derrama amor musical en cada caricia de sus dedos al piano... y como si fuera poco, nos regala de postre lla mirada dulce y franca de sus ojos de niña. Libercapitum

  • زمزمه بهشتی
    زمزمه بهشتی

    One of the sexiest and hottest pianists in history !

  • Lois Hartsfield
    Lois Hartsfield

    The dapper christmas logically tour because river tribally carve pro a green grey grieving squirrel. aberrant, waggish heaven

  • Luigi Pilloni
    Luigi Pilloni

    Merci pour votre donation, pour les moments moments merveilleux.

  • Jean-Paul Morel
    Jean-Paul Morel

    Je n'aime pas la transcription qu'a fait Busoni de la Chaconne qui est beaucoup plus une sorte de méditation intime dans l'esprit de JSB qu'un torrent de virtuosité à la Lizt ceci dit Hélène Grimaud est une bonne interprète...

  • Astrid McCormick
    Astrid McCormick

    So impressive!

  • Tim Ward
    Tim Ward

    that long crescendo starting around 10:15 is the most glorious moment of a glorious piece.

    • Marc Twain
      Marc Twain

      ba the way, like the Musik of Warning for the great acceleration in ouer time of Klima Kathastrophie

  • Adriana Mitre
    Adriana Mitre

    Lady in life and queen at thebpiano.

  • Gunnar Knutsson
    Gunnar Knutsson


  • Robert Tolck
    Robert Tolck

    Absolument magique! Grande classe!

  • Mark Seibold
    Mark Seibold

    What a genius interpretation of Bach. It's as if Helene transcends at 3:20 from a more familiar Bach style, forward a couple centuries into the dramatic style of Beethoven. This is spectacular, and I love every second of it. I would be very surprised if she has not been recognized on a worldly and even more popular level to receive a special Grammy for greatest modern interpretation of a classical work by Bach. I could also imagine this score by Helene being adapted to a great cinemagraphic filmwork.

  • serge lachantee
    serge lachantee


  • Richard Hyde
    Richard Hyde


  • John Peschke
    John Peschke

    oh my, genius

  • Didier Balse
    Didier Balse

    Qu'elle artiste merveilleuse, dans sa façon de jouer, mais aussi d'être, avec une belle profondeur.

  • Richard Verkooy
    Richard Verkooy

    Bach, Busoni and Grimaud. Superbe!

  • Mike Vaccaro
    Mike Vaccaro

    to own Bach/Busoni in such a way is so refreshing. No doubt that Ms. Grimaud hears and creates music in her own unique way. I think that is what Bach always wanted.


    Hermosa interpretación e ejecución and performan of the piano. Only spirit înside

  • Franco Ebasta
    Franco Ebasta

    Ripresa troppo carica di reverberi. E la Grimaud peraltro bravissima con Abbado su Rachmaninov, sembrerebbe che abbia scelto dei tempi d'esecuzione troppo inusuali. Parte troppo lenta, poi prende la rincorsa, e ritornerebbe troppo lenta per dove non si sa'. Bach merita altre esecuzioni migliori. Gould gli potrebbe spiegare ( se potesse ritornare....!), il come ed il dove devono essere eseguite queste celebri partiture.

  • Stephane Loridan
    Stephane Loridan

    Perfection does not exist, but it is what comes closest to it, at all levels.

  • John Cabrera
    John Cabrera

    absolutely ferocious and meaningful

  • S Anderson
    S Anderson

    Ganz fabelhaft, wie immer.

  • Andrés Guzmán
    Andrés Guzmán

    Levitation 🙏

  • darren motise
    darren motise

    The Brahms version for left hand is much better than this. More exact transcription. More Bach, less Busoni.

  • Rogert P
    Rogert P

    Grimaud is in the same league as Buniatishvili, Huppmann, Wang, Sheps, Argerich....!! All these UNELIEVABLE talents....sent from the Gods.....

  • juan carlos uribe
    juan carlos uribe

    Gran interpretación, personalmente prefiriria escucharla en clavicembalo que es para lo que fue escrita. Gracias.

  • Giampaolo Rosa
    Giampaolo Rosa

    Una delle mie pianiste preferite...!!!

  • Leopoldo F Saldanha
    Leopoldo F Saldanha

    Fantastic interpretation from o top pianist. Bravo!

  • Alain Vivien
    Alain Vivien

    Elle est superbe discrète mais de bon ton cheveux blonds comme les blés courts Long collier d’or pâle une chaîne plus courte le liant aux cheveux...veste beige très claire oreille coquine coiffure sérieuse frange sur les yeux fermés elle caresse et frappe les touche de ses doigt beige-rosés « total looks ».

  • Ana Lysator
    Ana Lysator

    For my Soul. Es tut so gut.

  • billTO

    Quel talent! Quelle dévouement à la perfection! Oui, elle entre certainement en transe.

  • Gamma1734

    really great. very good playing

  • guillaume pavard
    guillaume pavard

    Et dieu créa hélène grimaud... Mais pourquoi a t il mis autant de perfection en une seule personne...

  • Jf Cooz
    Jf Cooz

    À pleurer de beauté. L'ensemble.

  • JAOB1968

    Must be the most beautiful hands ever

  • David Jacobson
    David Jacobson

    She is really, really pretty. But her playing is not. Way too bangy, unattractive sound.

  • Alessandro Del Monte
    Alessandro Del Monte

    Bravissima, piena padronanza della tecnica, intensa interpretazione. Mi si perdoni il paragone che mi urge ,ma Benedetti Michelangeli è altra cosa. La perfezione. Nella postura , quasi aristovraticamente distaccata, timbro e tocco dei tasti, sonorità divina. Il più grande.

  • Tomaso Bitto
    Tomaso Bitto

    La Migliore 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️

  • Laura Sosa
    Laura Sosa

    Cuánto respeto y admiración tengo al oír tocar el piano de esa forma. Mil gracias

  • Safely Anonymous
    Safely Anonymous

    those are definitely hands made for playing the piano her upright thin figure is advantageous compared to others. She is a very strong pianist

  • Armónica de Cristal
    Armónica de Cristal

    Que hermoso, gracias .

  • Sahand Kheirkhah
    Sahand Kheirkhah

    The depth of her chords is nothing short of rachmaninoff like

  • Michael D
    Michael D

    Absolutely brilliant recital by Hélène, and as an aside, she just happens to be utterly gorgeous looking too!

  • Isabella S.C. Scanderbeg
    Isabella S.C. Scanderbeg


  • aldo Ferreira de souza
    aldo Ferreira de souza

    Tout simplement sublime merci.

  • Adolf Grgic
    Adolf Grgic

    ....hors pair l’artiste !.....elle joue comme elle respire et c’est magique.

  • Fabrice G.
    Fabrice G.

    Sans la musique, le monde serait invivable.

  • Pibbles-a-Plenty

    Over compressed recording.

  • Paulus G.M. Schmidt
    Paulus G.M. Schmidt


  • Alan Palmiter
    Alan Palmiter

    Who had died for Helene? And who would now live eternally? It's her secret and our own revelation - at once.

  • Lucyna Borowska
    Lucyna Borowska

    Mogę słuchać bez końca

  • marchandise alain
    marchandise alain

    Merci Hélène , c'est fabuleux !!!

  • Betty vaissière
    Betty vaissière


  • José Joel Pimentel de Andrade
    José Joel Pimentel de Andrade

    Três fenômenos imbatíveis para esta obra: Bach, Bussoni e Helène Grimiaud. Explosivos, miraculosos, artísticamente sublimes a instantes inigualáveis! Viva Arte! Viva Bach, Bussoni, Helène! Viva! Parabéns humanidade! Parabéns civilização! Posteridade, seja feliz!!!

  • Gilles Bloch
    Gilles Bloch

    Si Bach était là pour l'entendre, des larmes de joie inonderaient son visage, je pense. C'est tellement beau

  • Annie Blase
    Annie Blase

    Chère Hélène, de temps en temps j'ai besoin de vous voir jouer. J'ai moi-même travaillé au violon cette Chacone si exceptionnelle à la fin de mon adolescence. Je vous ai vue jouer alors que vous aviez une quinzaine d'années et c'était déja exceptionnel (à Paris près de Beaubourg, au siège de l'IRCAM je crois)! Je vais aussi vous voir jouer une sonate de Brahms car je suis sûre que j'aimerai, je suis ds une période de musique de chambre de ce compositeur . Bravo et excellente progression continue!

  • Valter Origo
    Valter Origo

    Maravilha !!!

  • Michael Arnold
    Michael Arnold

    If Bach could hear Helėne Grimaud, he might just want another 16 children.

  • Ran Mo
    Ran Mo


  • Cecilia Sawicki
    Cecilia Sawicki

    I just close my eyes and dream with this amazing music .

  • Michela Campo
    Michela Campo


  • Ian Wright
    Ian Wright

    Bach’s spirit is brought back to life by Helene with great beauty.

  • Mike Woehrle
    Mike Woehrle

    Unique... So talented dr W

  • Simon Ubsdell
    Simon Ubsdell

    Superb performance. But even a truly great pianist can't manage to make Busoni's hideous, muddy, ungainly bass writing sound anything except unpleasantly wrong.

  • Amadeus

    Please forgive me Bach !! It's my first time to like the pianist more than your music.

  • David Roodman
    David Roodman

    The problem with this video is that a simple "Like" feels completely inadequate.

  • sylvain syl20
    sylvain syl20

    Fantastique !

  • E. E. Nulla Salus
    E. E. Nulla Salus

    The modern corruption of Baroque.

  • людмила кулль
    людмила кулль

    Бах - это вечность!!!!! "Не ручей тебе имя, а целая вселенная"!!! Достойное исполнение.

  • corvus corone
    corvus corone

    Very interesting. The paino arrangement makes it much more obvious that a Sarabande is a type of dance. Beautiful.

  • Isabella Straub
    Isabella Straub

    There must be something wrong with the link to the full concert? It always brings me back to this video.


    Quelle aisance ! Bravo Hélène ! Sublissimo !🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷👍👍👍👍🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷♥️♥️♥️🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🌹🌹🌹🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • Jony Loncke
    Jony Loncke

    Evertime that I listen to this chaconne I feel myself in heaven until it stops, than I'm back on earth

  • Zari Keshavarz
    Zari Keshavarz

    ایا دلپذیر تر ازموسیقی در این روزهای سخت و تاریک وجود دارد ؟؟؟ ممنون از شما 🌞🎶🎼🌺🌻

  • Paolo Angeri
    Paolo Angeri

    meravigliosa esecuzione bravissima complimenti

  • Fer Fusco
    Fer Fusco

    💞 💞 💞 👏👏👏👏👏

  • sadoche

    This was amazing. Huge kudos to the producing team. The various angles and perspectives made this even more enjoyable.

  • Jeana Borilova
    Jeana Borilova

    Amazing! Magnificent!!