Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Live From Saturday Night Live/2021)
Olivia Rodrigo Performs “good 4 u” on Saturday Night Live

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Well good for you I guess you moved on really easily
You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks
Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world

And good for you I guess that you’ve been working on yourself
I guess that therapist I found for you she really helped
Now you can be a better man for your brand new girl

Well good for you
You look happy and healthy, not me
If you ever cared to ask
Good for you
You're doing great out there without me, baby
God I wish that I could do that

I’ve lost my mind
I’ve spent the night
Crying on the floor of my bathroom
But you’re so unaffected I really don’t get it
But I guess good for you

Well good for you I guess you’re getting everything you want
You bought a new car and your career’s really taking off
It’s like we never even happened baby
What the is up with that

And good for you it’s like you never even met me
Remember when you swore to God I was the only
Person who ever got you
Well screw that and screw you
You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do

Well good for you
You look happy and healthy, not me
If you ever cared to ask
Good for you
You're doing great out there without me, baby
God I wish that I could do that

I’ve lost my mind
I’ve spent the night
Crying on the floor of my bathroom
But you’re so unaffected I really don’t get it
But I guess good for you

Maybe I’m too emotional
But your apathy’s like a wound in salt
Maybe I’m too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
Maybe I’m too emotional
Your apathy’s like a wound in salt
Maybe I’m too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all

Well good for you
You look happy and healthy, not me
If you ever cared to ask
Good for you
You're doing great out there without me, baby
Like a damn sociopath

I’ve lost my mind
I’ve spent the night
Crying on the floor of my bathroom
But you’re so unaffected I really don’t get it
But I guess good for you

Well good for you I guess you moved on really easily


  • Adhitya Darmawan
    Adhitya Darmawan

    Whoa, I've never meant to brag

  • Jimin's Jams found under Lisa's bangs
    Jimin's Jams found under Lisa's bangs

    1:16 am I the only one who loves that little laugh in between

  • tvlliip

    Awesome! Keep moving forward. (:

  • Rick Prado
    Rick Prado

    Wow her band looks bored. They must have gotten paid beforehand.

  • RuanFlipZ

    She's so beautiful😍


    She sounds fucking amazing live. Love it! I hope she keeps on doing great stuff in the following years.

  • galkanftw

    Needs editing as it sounds bland/raw.Actually sounds like early katie Perry.

  • Dipa c
    Dipa c

    whe she hug the guy with the guitar?

    • Pré Vls
      Pré Vls

      It’s her uncle

  • Keyser Soże
    Keyser Soże

    Paramour rip off

  • Raegyn Blackford
    Raegyn Blackford

    This lowkey sounds better than the album

  • Delicious_Milkshake

    Olivia: (Singing) Autotune: Well good 4 u {I quit}

  • Marco

    Damn yall jamming with Arianna Powell? 🤩 Would have been cool to see her improvise a wicked solo.

  • Michaela Pillay
    Michaela Pillay

    Wowowow 💯💯💯


    Her voice is same to haley williams. I love her....

  • emyyy

    essa é melhor apresentação de GOOD 4 U, amo muito

  • lifes illusion 81
    lifes illusion 81

    I'd be honored to be her ex and have this song dedicated to me. It would be my ringtone.


    canta totalmente en vivo y suena igual que en su album!!!!

  • BodaciousWickerman

    Great performance! Instruments need to be slightly heavier/louder is the only thing I would change. Good to see her enjoying performing.

  • 🎃simply_crystal🎃

    My friend is just like Olivias ex lmao! He was so mean to me and ignored me and now he likes this other friend, AND SHE HAS THE SAME NAME AS ME, I did a version of this song but my way!

  • Jake

    People clapped cause they were happy that they don't need to hear her horrible voice anymore

  • Jake

    2:28 Or maybe you should retire and leave us all aloneeeeee (try to sing this it actually works)

    • Jake

      @Meph lmao you are mad 😂

    • Meph

      Whos us? Speak for yourself.

  • Hooriya Ashraf
    Hooriya Ashraf

    Sure Did amazing 😜 I Loved it 🤠

  • Ricardo Perales
    Ricardo Perales

    This is so bad, sounds like walmart version of Paramore. Paraless if you will.

  • Spilled Beans
    Spilled Beans

    She’s a fan of Taylor but thanks God. She’s no boring and can actually sing. And this sounds better than the recording 🔥

  • Kurt Pedersen
    Kurt Pedersen

    The White House with Dr. Fauchi and now this girl seems with it yeah

  • coriUwU

    es obvio que lo escribio para un ex jasjasj es algo que literalmente yo escribiria para uno de ellos GOOD 4U UWU

  • Wow I think I’m good sheesh ily Olivia I love all of your song there all I’m my playlist 😮😱

  • Carlos Ramiro Silva Ramos
    Carlos Ramiro Silva Ramos

    The ugliest voice of the year... She need to take some singing lessons urgently

    • aiyqna

      @Carlos Ramiro Silva Ramos no? she hit all of her notes im not sure what you're complaining about here. All she could work on is a bit of breath control since she sounded out of breath a few times, but what can you expect, its her first live performance and she's jumping around everywhere. She's not out of tune and her voice sounds just fine, people love to complain about everything under the sun these days huh?

    • Carlos Ramiro Silva Ramos
      Carlos Ramiro Silva Ramos

      @karol yes, if you wanna compare, drivers license is an easy song for singing and her low tunes are totally terrible... Thus she also sucks in ballads

    • Carlos Ramiro Silva Ramos
      Carlos Ramiro Silva Ramos

      @aiyqna i can judge her easily, in all her performances she gets out of tune so much and sounds terrible

    • karol

      ugly voice just because she got breathless? this performance was recorded on the same day as this look at the difference esonlines.info/zone/zHea34ymz4x9npI/v-deo

    • aiyqna

      she's a professional singer and you think she hasn't taken voice lessons before? are you a vocal coach?

  • Louisiana Eu
    Louisiana Eu

    I love she breathes and gives a F about it hahahaha keep it girl 😜‼️

  • Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson

    Anyone else notice she always has Monarch Butterflies in all her performances. She's just another tool to push negative mental health agendas to the youth. The music industry machine does not give you song of the year just based of your supposed talent. Lil Nas X is another example of pushing agendas to the youth.

  • Pickle 5000
    Pickle 5000

    People criticizing live music is the reason everything now is prerecorded. She did a good job and I don’t even listen to this type of music

  • Queen of arts
    Queen of arts

    The line with the f word comes up Me: is she going to say it? Her what the Me : pauses the vidieo* if she is then I will too Her : breaths Me : FAac oh no

  • Yudi Dudi
    Yudi Dudi

    Line you Olivia

  • Brad Presley
    Brad Presley

    OMG YES. THAT IS MY OLIVIA My sister:what in the world are you listening to

  • Celina Jazaeri
    Celina Jazaeri


  • Dalton Lothridge
    Dalton Lothridge

    Seeing people say this is not her song, IT IS LOOK AT THE SOUR ALBUM SHE WROTE THEM with the help of her co producer Dan! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD BECAUSE SOMEONE IS A AMAZEING ARTIST AND U HAVE A HARD HEAD DOSENT MEAN THAT THEY STOLE A SONG there was rumors she stole from a old rock band but it was rumors and Taylor Swift THEM 2 ARE FRIENDS and there’s a lot more law suits for with what she did when she did nothing stop the hate and let people prove you wrong And Ik if ur reading this one of the people that commented on the comment sHe dIdNt pOsT tHis oN a BrEacK uP like- what she gonna do have a no face-

  • puppet child girly
    puppet child girly

    Okay, but can we acknowledge the bass man? He's smiling and having a great time, he seems so amused by Olivia Rodrigo. Then there's the background singer, she's grinning and getting into it. In generally, you can see everyone having a good time. Where you can see the drummer and electric guitar people, they're literally just having the best time. It's really cool to see!

    • Megan Spencer
      Megan Spencer

      It’s her producer. It makes me smile every time. Such a serotonin boost, he’s so proud. 🙌😍🥰

    • juhos3000

      He played the chorus really weirdly. As a bassist my self it hurt my ear.

    • C Y
      C Y

      Base guy is the man who discovered her and helps her write and produce music :) he is v proud

  • Puppy Dog Paws
    Puppy Dog Paws

    damnn this is amazing asf

  • I REALY LOVE YOU OLIVIA RODRIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Edwards
    Sandy Edwards

    One of the best live music performances in the history of SNL. Bravo Olivia!!

  • Sandy Edwards
    Sandy Edwards

    Love love love!!

  • Abby

    She’s so unapologetically girly, and that’s awesome.

  • ADRI

    _well, good 4 u, you look happy and healthy, not me. if you ever cared to ask_ _what a - is up with you_ _i lost my mind, i've spent de night, crying on the floor of my bathroom_ _good 4 u, you're doing great out there without me, baby, like a damn sociopath_

  • I love u Little mix
    I love u Little mix

    This is hard to sing live her vocals are good and the way she performed with so much passion ,feelings the way she was dancing you can see the anger in her eyes for the person that betrayed her ,when she is singing she is kind of not singing but taking her feeling out she is like the greatest songwriter ever and when when a songwriter sings they feel too much cus every single word is true unlike other singers who only sings lyrics of someone else writes ,and lets not forget she is only 18

  • Proto

    Finally New Real Music in 2021!

  • Jebus Matoi
    Jebus Matoi

    All this time I thought she said "Your apathy is like a wounded soul".

  • Bobby Sierra
    Bobby Sierra

    God at 18 shes ROCKIN!!..GO KID!!!

  • Harmony Shakes
    Harmony Shakes

    Y'all shit on selena gomez saying she can't sing then make excuses for olivia saying she's nervous when she doesn't sound good

    • ac eg
      ac eg

      Selena needs to lip sync, Olivia doesn't and it doesn't sound too bad

    • ducks r my favorite animal
      ducks r my favorite animal

      I mean selena gomez isnt better than olivia in terms of singing tho

  • Henry on caprisun
    Henry on caprisun

    This is absolutely horrible I’ve never seen anything worse then this and the wt the vmas it was just as bad

  • ♡ Ray ♡
    ♡ Ray ♡

    who else is glad that this is clean

  • Brianda Rivera
    Brianda Rivera

    I feel it looks a lot like Victorius tori I think it was called🏃‍♀️

    • Brianda Rivera
      Brianda Rivera

      Sorry if I wrote it wrong, I don't know how to write very well in English🕴

  • Mrs. Shirley
    Mrs. Shirley


  • Sarah A
    Sarah A

    bruh why is tik tok even complaining about this???? i don’t see anything wrong with it, she literally sounds so good? i honestly love the rawness about it because it adds charm & it shows that she’s actually SINGING LIVE

  • Alex Norway
    Alex Norway


  • Peter Kim, CPA MS
    Peter Kim, CPA MS

    Love the drummer and blond on guitar

  • คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ
    คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ


  • Maddie Ruby
    Maddie Ruby

    Good for them, but better for her - that’s for sure 😍 screw whoever that guy was!

  • Mr. Dowdy
    Mr. Dowdy

    It’s giving me Hole 😩❤️

  • Frida Dee
    Frida Dee

    U look like Taylor Swift ❤️

  • Alexander Krupar
    Alexander Krupar

    Yo that drummer tho

  • Jeff Farro
    Jeff Farro

    Paramore approves

  • Isabella Camarillo
    Isabella Camarillo

    Para mí es muy profesional seguir cantando sabiendo que no tiene autotune

  • Rodolfo Reyes
    Rodolfo Reyes

    God is good. Good for you Olivia!

  • Shainington Shyrkon
    Shainington Shyrkon

    She's so cool she even avoid the bad word which put on MV her voice is just like in MV wow amazing


    This is better then she in mtv

  • Lei Folkerson
    Lei Folkerson

    Damn when you just hear this song it's great but when you watch this song, live band, performance and all, damn it's ROCK

  • Lei Folkerson
    Lei Folkerson

    There's this electric guitar guy smiling cutely and shyly at Olivia, i think he got a crush on her🤣🥰

    • Lei Folkerson
      Lei Folkerson

      I see!! I think their chemistry is really great so the songs are amaaaziiiing

    • Philipson Faeldonea
      Philipson Faeldonea

      He's dan nigro, he produced and co wrote Olivia's sour album

  • xElementZ GAMING
    xElementZ GAMING

    Am I the only one who got the chills during this song? Her talent is amazing… god bless her

  • Conner Wheaton
    Conner Wheaton

    Her voice is not horrible I'm just not a fan

  • Hallie Lovvorn
    Hallie Lovvorn

    i came back and am watching all of her performances this was one of my favs she looks like she is having so much fun ! so proud of her

  • Calitri

    All the fvcking Karen’s have to find anything to try and complain about. STFU

    • Philipson Faeldonea
      Philipson Faeldonea


  • RM Yhuvier
    RM Yhuvier

    ive lost my mind ive spent the night.....

  • Augusto Pérez S.
    Augusto Pérez S.

    I had low expectations as usual with modern artists, but this was impressive. The bassist felt a bit sloppy at the beginning though.

  • Jose Miguel Vargas
    Jose Miguel Vargas

    Getting done at the Poquito

  • celeste cp
    celeste cp

    asi no pudo cantar en los vmas , jajajja se le metia mi gallina en plena presentacion

  • Sierra Yakopovich
    Sierra Yakopovich

    I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • David Pequeño
    David Pequeño

    Hayley cantaba mucho, pero mucho mejor a la misma edad.

  • Vanessa💜

    2:07 my fav part🥰

  • Marco Armando Zapata Sotomayor
    Marco Armando Zapata Sotomayor

    what the.. This sounds exactly like her album

  • Christopher Duitsman
    Christopher Duitsman

    Way better than the vma performance lol

  • Sondra Sebald
    Sondra Sebald

    The guitarist that she hugged at the end looked so proud of her

  • Sarojani Pandhare
    Sarojani Pandhare

    Very nice video

  • x

    when her live performances are better than the studio versions >>>

  • Typical liberal
    Typical liberal

    Bro what the fuck

  • Mind On A Million Records LLC
    Mind On A Million Records LLC

    this is misery business….flow and all

  • Jonathan Wiggins
    Jonathan Wiggins

    Damn, did Pete Davidson wreck this one too?

  • Maria Rinta-Rahko
    Maria Rinta-Rahko

    Good song but i just don't like her version .

  • Piero Medone
    Piero Medone

    Gen-Z’s “You Oughta Know”.

  • abrar masum abir
    abrar masum abir

    she is cute.

  • Ri Jin Park
    Ri Jin Park


  • Otto Matic
    Otto Matic

    The music isn't loud enough and it should have been more raw. This is too polished and soft sounding. It could've rocked. It should've rocked.

  • Dulce Maria Nuñez Medina
    Dulce Maria Nuñez Medina

    I LOVE IT💜💜💜

  • Pataki Satori
    Pataki Satori

    Pretty good. I wish it was heavier, had a little more balls in the guitars. No complaints with the lead chick.

  • Blushie Blushie
    Blushie Blushie

    Olivia I'm sorry for laughing at u when ur voice cracks

  • Craigory Button
    Craigory Button

    You have a great and pretty 😍 voice

  • Mady Herrera.
    Mady Herrera.




  • SirVampyr

    Apparently an unpopular opinion: I think this performance sounds better than on the album. So much emotion in the song, it's amazing. Y'all, that's what a live perfomance sounds like.

  • ariah asistin
    ariah asistin

    and I love your voice

  • ariah asistin
    ariah asistin

    I love your songs Olivia