Giannis called out "super teams" after winning an NBA championship | Stephen Jackson reacts
Giannis called out "super teams" after winning an NBA championship | Stephen Jackson reacts

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    Undisputed Today

    First Take | Stephen A. goes crazy Giannis' 50 Pts leads Bucks to 1st NBA title in 50 years

    • T H
      T H

      Lol stephen really dont know the difference between a superteam, let me explain to you stephen, a superteam is a team who has at least 2 top ten players, like for an example, 80's lakers had magic n kareem, 90's bulls got mj pippen n rodman (in rodman case he wasnt a top 10 overall player, but definetly he was the best defensive player, so it count as a tie top ten player), in 00's shaq n kobe lakers, 10's curry KD, now in 20's bron n AD lakers, brooklin KD, irving n harden, they are a superteams, not the bucks who got great players but beside giannis, theres no other top ten player, not even they got the best defender, so thats why giannis champship worth more than bron or KD or kawhi ships, of course middleton n jrue are great players but none of this two could be pair to irving harden curry bron kd luca kawhi AD etc...

    • action the best
      action the best

      @T H the reason the 2020 finals Ratings suck cuz nobody wanted to watch that crap with all the BLM commercials the political stuff and them being in a bubble with no fans nobody wanted to see that crap that's why I didn't mention the 2020 finals they sucked and the only reason people watch the 2019 was because golden state was playing how many people watched in 2018 now that should tell you something nobody wants to see garbage cities horrible cities when championships I'm sorry Toronto won a championship and nobody care no one even really talks about them and the only reason they won is because the super team was hurt super teams Rule the nba and will always rule the NBA just face the facts

    • Sunn Godd
      Sunn Godd

      Stephen Jackson a hater💯 whole Aura I'm getting from em

    • T H
      T H

      @action the best lol u r kiddin me, hahaha, look ".....The 2019 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors had a drop in American viewership. Analysts cited the presence of a Canadian team (Canadian viewership does not count towards U.S. Nielsen ratings, leading to only one U.S. home market being reflected in viewership), as a factor in the drop...(taken from wikipedia)" so what u say wasn true, even more "....For the 2020 NBA Finals, the ratings dropped to a historic low, with one of the games drawing only 5.9 million viewers.[...(taken from wikipedia)"; so bucks vs suns had better rating (u say the got 8 millions viewers) than bron, AD, KD, Kawhi; so booker-giannis show us that a singular non superteam, could have more viewers that a mediatic mediocre superteam, so i hope the god of injures take off superteam from reachin the finals, no KD, no irving, no harden, no lebron, no AD, no Kawhi, it would be just amazin saw a hawks vs mavs final, trae vs luca, wish the gods of game bring that series. So u r so funny man

    • action the best
      action the best

      @T H yes your right says the ratings lol. Are you kidding me 2019 almost 20 million watch 2021 8 million so people really was looking forward to that lol. 😂 and if i wanted to see a bunch of players I don't know I'll just go to the basketball court outside in the street. Lol

  • Ramiel Araño
    Ramiel Araño

    there are debates cause they have different definition of the word "superteam"

  • dbreiden83080

    Stephen was NOT a Superstar player, he was just a good player on a number of teams.. I guess he would be mad sensitive over a mate NOT calling him a Superstar..

  • Austin Larrimore
    Austin Larrimore

    This bucks team ain’t a damn super team😂

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez

    Did he just compare Kobe to Middleton??? Wtf Stephen!

  • George Cooper
    George Cooper

    Steven got it wrong

  • Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
    Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Notice how Nick never brought up LeBron James and the Miami Heat in this super team debate lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Skippy the Alien
    Skippy the Alien

    I like Stephen a lot, but cmon did he really just compare Khris Middleton to Kobe? that is the most idiotic thing i've ever heard

  • Rod Watts
    Rod Watts

    Steven Jackson is a confused dude first he wants to be a Muslim then a player then back to Muslim bro you need Jesus Christ!!

  • Rod Watts
    Rod Watts

    Jackson is dump that is not a super team WOW

  • Tamesa Gray
    Tamesa Gray

    Ronald yo for really i love gannis hopefully team will stop doing this super team is bad for the nba because there is a shortage of good player to go around in the nba there is alot of team that is bad

  • محمد عمر فاروق G1 A
    محمد عمر فاروق G1 A

    shut up Stephen

  • A z
    A z

    Veteran teams OVERWHELMINGLY win titles in NBA. Bucks vets beat young Suns.

  • Manny Pederico / EL'Doukae
    Manny Pederico / EL'Doukae

    Hater jackson

  • Samuel Chepkwony
    Samuel Chepkwony

    Jealous much 👺

  • Joe Cisneros
    Joe Cisneros

    That man Kwame fucked up Stacks for life!! 🤣

  • John Napolitana
    John Napolitana

    Stephen Jackson is irritating

  • T D
    T D

    Super teams tarnished LeBron's legacy

  • kenny lynch
    kenny lynch

    same way as KD in OKC

  • Cw Johnson
    Cw Johnson

    Just because you talk loud don't make you right mr Jackson

  • Cw Johnson
    Cw Johnson

    Jackson has to stay off the chronic puff puff pass not just hold and inhale

  • Cw Johnson
    Cw Johnson

    Stop they didn't even want his side kicks until they showed off the skill with the Bucks how is that a super team they worked hard and got better and won the Championship That dude always been hater 🤣🤣🤣

  • richard rankin
    richard rankin

    Milwaukee would not even made it to the finals if that Brooklyn team was healthy Giannis need to shut up

  • Napo Magganas
    Napo Magganas


  • Len McCalister
    Len McCalister

    "They signed his brother" 🥸

  • Nando Rodriguez
    Nando Rodriguez

    Jrue Randall Holiday isn’t better than James harden or kyrie irving or Anthony Davis Holiday barely better than Blake griffin let’s be real

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    Milwaukee ain't no damn super team foh.

  • John Mclain
    John Mclain

    Steven jack is a nut

  • Basil Carpenter jr
    Basil Carpenter jr

    Lmao omg Steven done lost his mine giannias wasn't dissing his Teammates super team is like lakers or nets or heat teams with LeBron warriors team Middleton or holiday not top 20 player in nba

  • multiFanGurl 23
    multiFanGurl 23

    The disrespect to Giannis by these mainstream media is soo frustrating. Why can't y'all just give him the props since he brought the ring to the team who drafted him???

  • Johnny Sunshine
    Johnny Sunshine

    Fast forward a couple of weeks later and the Lakers have formed a super team lol

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White

    Jak smokes to much weed 😂😂😂

  • whobitmyname

    Stacks is just so way off on this one. It's almost like he has some agenda that disagrees with reality, so he's playing dumb.

  • Kraig Golden
    Kraig Golden

    He tried to do the analyst vs player angle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen

    Is the bucks a super team? Yes, now that they won a championship.

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen

    Brandon should stick to football.

  • chrisrose

    We need a superteam with 3 europeen stars. Imagine luka, giannis plus 1 more star in a team. Chip incoming

  • Augusto Poliche
    Augusto Poliche

    Giannis was drafted by the bucks and won with them. The franchise did their part building around him. Period. So good that along with Steph they killed the goat discussion. In this era you can still win with your franchise no need to build super teams

  • xpmrnoshit

    What the hell if Jackson talking about. This ain’t no super team. Dude tripping

  • Jonathan Ison
    Jonathan Ison

    Nets are a superteam. Not the Bucks. Check the numbers: Total combined all star appearances by 2021 Milwaukee Bucks: 10 (5 Giannis, 2 Middleton, 1 Holiday, 1 Lopez, 1 Teague) Total combined all star appearances by 2021 Brooklyn Nets: 33 (11 KD, 7 Kyrie, 9 Harden, 6 Griffin) Come on now Stephen Jackson...

  • Gregory Compton
    Gregory Compton

    Jackson said Milwaukee has a super team... Lmao!

    • Jonathan Ison
      Jonathan Ison

      so wrong!

  • Brandon Ford
    Brandon Ford

    Jue and Middleton was a all-star just because they don’t get glorified like other all stars don’t mean he didn’t have a super team. Check Jue résumé and Middleton résumé

  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop

    Stack is posterboy for double talking anymore

  • Courtnay Williams
    Courtnay Williams

    Giannis Is BATMAN

  • Courtnay Williams
    Courtnay Williams

    Stepen Jackson is wrong

  • Shundai

    I don't know what was going on with stack? Why was he so upset? Lol

  • L0R[)X$!M8@

    Lebron left the cavs to join Wade and Bosh to win a champ Durant left OKC to join the warrior Harden left Rocket to join the nets AD left Pelican to join the lakers Giannis call em out,he dont need no superteam💯

  • Sun Wickham
    Sun Wickham

    Yes he. Did do that he alone couldn't win the game

  • Cesar Pineda
    Cesar Pineda

    Cb4 still eating some of mommas cooking 🍳.

  • Coach M. Forrest
    Coach M. Forrest

    Jackson is out of his mind!

  • Stanley Palaima
    Stanley Palaima

    Giannis never said his team was bad, he said he didn’t leave his team for a super team. Don’t even act like Middleton or Holiday is like bosh, and dwade, or steph and klay. Lmao 😆

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam

    I'd rather listen to my ex bump her gums everyday 24/7 for a solid year then listen to Nick gag on Lebron or talk about topics he knows absolutely nothing about. You imagine if the Bucks beat the Lakers in 6 games? Nick would give every single excuse as to why Lebron taste good and the rest of the team is trash. He repeats the same BS game after game year after year; yes Nick we know you go heavy on the KY Chapstick

  • Julian Worthy
    Julian Worthy

    I love how everyone was like “did giannis change the league”. 1 wouldn’t of made it past round 2 with out injuries 2 the Lakers immediately made a super team right after 😂😂

  • Leo Chavarria
    Leo Chavarria

    Stephen Jackson is dumber than 3 mules. A super team is when you get multiple SUPER STARS to join up together via free agency or a forced trade. Middleton was drafted by the bucks like Giannis! They where developed by the team.

  • Nick mag
    Nick mag

    That first dude was so triggered

  • Frederico Terrell
    Frederico Terrell

    SOOOO! Just because you played no one's point of view matters BROOK LOPEZ IS A GREAT PLAYER WHHHAAAAATTTT 😲😨😨

  • Frederico Terrell
    Frederico Terrell

    No it's not Stephen Cut it out

  • effrim neal
    effrim neal

    Giannis is good, but it would have been different, if the their wasn't so many injuries in the league.

  • DT_General Zod
    DT_General Zod

    I’m a Giannis fan. But it’s easy to call out super teams when you’re only 26,

  • Amudeng Silvestro
    Amudeng Silvestro

    50 yrs,50 pts and 50 Nuggets that mean alot 150/50=3🏆🏆🏅🏅🤪✌

  • Don daddy dollaz Jr.
    Don daddy dollaz Jr.

    Nick been on his top lately

  • Don daddy dollaz Jr.
    Don daddy dollaz Jr.

    Steven Jackson don’t believe his own words

  • Black Surfer
    Black Surfer

    What in the hell is Stack is talking about??? Bucks are NOT a superteam.

  • EnduringthisMatrix

    Stephen Jackson ain't lying

    • Jonathan Ison
      Jonathan Ison

      nah just flat out WRONG

  • Jasto 98
    Jasto 98

    Jack is a HATER !!!!!! Kwame really got in yo head with the TRUTH

  • danny boi
    danny boi

    When you are not well informed or educated u will sound like Bitch Jack.

  • Big Pint16
    Big Pint16

    I never knew dude sounded like dat

  • Big Pint16
    Big Pint16


    • Jonathan Ison
      Jonathan Ison

      YES THEY DID.. Nets in Round 2.. remember?!!! down 2-3?

  • Jurrien Mind Blown Jones
    Jurrien Mind Blown Jones

    Stephen J doesn't know what he's talking about. The man isn't diminishing his teammates he's just clearly stating that he could've joined a super team and won it the easy way. No he's not trying to make them out to be D leaguers. Stephen knows exactly what that man meant... at the end of the day the bucks aren't a super team and they won the chip together.. everybody did their part but nobody at the beginning of these playoffs were saying that the bucks were going to win

  • Great Canyon
    Great Canyon

    Stack is right. But you fans like distortion. This will be known as the injury season. Only way they make it.... Injuries!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashian23 X
    Ashian23 X

    Stop hating stacks

  • IceKaguya

    i never thought Id see Nick Wright of all people speaking facts what a crazy world we live in

  • Donnie Horton
    Donnie Horton

    It’s not a super team if half of them are hurt. Guarantee if the Lakers or Brooklyn were healthy,totally different finals

  • J Garrett
    J Garrett

    Stephen Jackson must be high af! He know damn well what a super time is. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Jonathan Ison
      Jonathan Ison

      he looks blazed in this video right now

  • OGD5000g

    The Bucks are not a super team. Stop it.

  • eYyyy

    now that bucks won they got called superteam but before it nobody in nba news except chuck pick the bucks same with the gs when they won a chip at 2015 no one except the oak land people believe they can win and they did then suddenly people saying they were a superteam specially when making the 73 dub

    • Jonathan Ison
      Jonathan Ison

      Barkley was right for once smh.... *sigh* well he is like 1 for 2000

  • Lastcoast Dilla
    Lastcoast Dilla

    Stephen Jackson a clown. He always clout chasing and hatin!!! He never been close to giannis. He was a role player slash bum!

  • Jeffery Badea Vera
    Jeffery Badea Vera

    Yo everybody was injured in the nba tho the bucks had a easy way to the championship

  • Legendary King
    Legendary King

    Let's just be clear giannis wasn't going to make it past Brooklyn until the injuries happen, I'm not knocking his title championship but don't knock other teams or other players because the league has been full of super teams before LeBron James era!!! Are we really going to sit here and act like Michael Jordan and magic Johnson WON NBA titles without a super team 🤔🤔🤔 and remember giannis was going to leave Milwaukee...

  • Lyricaly Artistic
    Lyricaly Artistic

    Bro they not a super Jackson stop talking bro u talking crazy

  • Teyae T
    Teyae T

    🙏🙏Blessings forever GOD loves y'all too forever tell everyone you know and don't know. Jesus loves y'all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too forever


    That’s funny 😆. He scores 50 points on a team that if you ask someone who’s been living under a rock lately, hey how you’ve been? Oh yeah by the way the bucks beat the suns in the finals…..shut the fuck up !!! I’m going back under this rock, leave me alone!!!! The truth is Gianis did win a chip but he didn’t do it against a team like the Lakers or the Nets. Unfortunately these teams were injured so it doesn’t really count. We all know if those teams were healthy the Bucks would’ve not made it to the finals. Cmon!!!!

  • The Aldo Experiment
    The Aldo Experiment

    Brandon speaking jiberrish again with that stock market reference in basketball. 😅

  • Marlon.T Robinson
    Marlon.T Robinson

    What they fail 2 mention is if this season wasnt played like this right nehind last seaon and everybody was actually healthy, the buxx wudnt of won shit!!


    GIANNIS is doin all of that talkin BUT lets see you do it when everyones HEALTHY..Now everyone wants to put the power back in the owners hands...Remember what happended to PATRICK EWING...

  • Nothemba Jozi
    Nothemba Jozi

    For Ginnais to tell other players how they should win titles and to continually say this is kinda cringe now. Giannis signed to a terrible franchise obviously they would bend over backwards for him. KD was in a team with many other superstars. We all know how he did it he doesn't have to keep telling others all the time.

  • Raymon Torres
    Raymon Torres

    Good Job Stephen you win with team mates not alone

  • Ron Alston
    Ron Alston

    I mean Kobe never change team's to win a championship

  • Wayne Tucker
    Wayne Tucker

    Jack full of shit 😂😂😂😂

  • Lamar Broussard89
    Lamar Broussard89

    Stack is a complete dumb ass. Nick had him stuttering. He know damn well bucks ain't no super team. G. did it just like Dirk no multiple super stars just on and good core. He need some more Mommas Cooking

  • Anastacio III
    Anastacio III

    Bucks only won because the referees helped them out

  • Rashad Mckinney
    Rashad Mckinney

    If the 3 wasn’t a 2-pt shot what would be talking about if kyrie wasn’t hurt the super team would’ve won but hey bucks one but that’s it I don’t see them winning again

  • Eltoria Bilbrew
    Eltoria Bilbrew

    A damn shame when Nick Wrong is Right 🤦

  • Boobie Johnson
    Boobie Johnson

    They won it but let's keep it in context. He didn't beat a super team. Yea he can talk his shit because they are the Champs. However they are the Champs because they were the better healthiest team, at the end of the season.

  • Erick Daniel
    Erick Daniel

    Notice how they wait for a team like the bucks to be successful b4 labeling them a superteam. You can become superstars after winning like the bulls in the 90s after their first 3peat, but they didn't form a superteam. Foh

  • jim tran
    jim tran

    Kwame got Jack all messed up in the head…he is out there talking nonsense

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Hakeem Olajuwon and Dirk beat the best. Could Bucks do this without so many injuries? Nowhere near. For him to say "not join a superteam" like he beat a healthy super team is comedy.

  • Caleb Reese
    Caleb Reese

    Don’t forget about brook lopez man! He was doing amazing didn’t he have like 33pts 5 blocks and like 10 boards in the conference/NBA finals ?

  • Rick Chopra
    Rick Chopra

    Wow, On a super team. You lost all credit as a analyst, and he didn't say D league players. Thats why i cant take steven serious and im not a fan of Nick but he's right.

  • Kying Milla31
    Kying Milla31

    Nick Wright is Jesus Christ for the patient he had to answer the fuckery Stephen Jackson spewed. Praise Lord Nick Wright who is patient with all of us.

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