Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo - Second Rehearsal - Cyprus 馃嚚馃嚲 - Eurovision 2021
Elena Tsagrinou will represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song El Diablo. This was her second rehearsal in Rotterdam Ahoy.


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  • An谋l Gokhannn
    An谋l Gokhannn

    stolen Ottoman island 馃嚬馃嚪馃嚬馃嚪馃嚬馃嚪

  • Mark Chaplin
    Mark Chaplin

    She's got nothing on Stefania. Is she even singing live? I'm not convinced.

  • Nina Morgan
    Nina Morgan

    Thanato gia oloua tous ellines amen

  • Fran莽oise PRECHEUR
    Fran莽oise PRECHEUR

    C'est une adoratrice du diable. Tous ceux qui lui ressemblent savent-ils qui est le diable ? C'est celui qui inspire ceux qui commettent ces actes : - viols d'enfants - p茅dophilie - tortures - guerres - 茅gocentrisme - maltraitance - meurtres - vols - abus de pouvoir - mensonges - etc..... Alors juste une question 脿 tous ceux qui adore cette pourriture : aimeriez-vous subir toutes ces choses ?

  • 岽.岽.

    Parab茅ns! Such an Underated performance! Much respect! 馃嚨馃嚬馃

  • Lida Fetiu
    Lida Fetiu

    Numero 1fituse eurosong 2021 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹

  • Krzysztof Hutek
    Krzysztof Hutek

    10 points from Poland 馃憣

  • Krzysztof Hutek
    Krzysztof Hutek

    Greetings from Poland 鉂わ笍

  • Mupke Music
    Mupke Music

    Sounds exactly like Lady Gaga Bad Romance

  • Martina

    Its copy of song Lady Gaga bad romance

  • Chris man
    Chris man

    To those who say that this song is a copy, I challenge them to try and copy as perfectly as Elena does (which is not a copy, of course). You should at least respect the endless hours of work she devoted for this awesome result, which at the end of the day is for us, the t.v viewers. She gave her soul so that we could enjoy this spectacle show from her. I have nothing else to say except of congratulate Elena for this amazing show! 鉂わ笍 Elena, with all my heart I wish you all the best for the final and wish you to be in the top 5 馃檹

  • A Flyswatter
    A Flyswatter

    This is a lady Gaga rip off

  • damnyourpasswords

    what a woman

  • Wil vdH
    Wil vdH

    I hope she wins..greetings from the netherlands



  • 螠

    like lady gaga bad romance

  • galya kozachenko
    galya kozachenko

    With love from Ukraine! I will vote for you!

  • Rexus Games
    Rexus Games

    This sound like Rita Ora's song "Anywhere", not joking! :D

  • Michael Gunning
    Michael Gunning

    Malta was far more entertaining

  • Manos Timotheou
    Manos Timotheou

    MY WINNER! Best of luck in the final 鉂ゐ煐も潳

  • gregory

    伪谓 胃蔚位蔚喂 谓伪 蟺伪蔚喂 蟽蟿慰 未喂伪尾慰位慰 谓伪 蟺伪蔚喂 渭慰谓畏 蟿畏蟼 魏伪喂 谓伪 渭畏谓 未喂谓蔚喂 渭蠀谓畏渭伪蟿伪.. 伪喂 蟽蟿慰 未喂伪慰位慰

  • Anita Simonini
    Anita Simonini

    bad romance

  • WLD hookah
    WLD hookah

    Awesome! 馃敟馃敟馃敟 12 points from Ukraine!! Good luck!! Cyprus鉁岎煆

  • lala733

    Cyprus lost to neta once. Let's not repeat the same mistake! Go cyprus! 桅喂位喂维 伪蟺蠈 螘位位维未伪!

  • 袩邪胁械谢 袠胁邪褖械薪泻芯
    袩邪胁械谢 袠胁邪褖械薪泻芯

    Chorus is copy of Rita Ora - Anywhere

  • Alexandru Stoian
    Alexandru Stoian

    How about..Lady Gaga ?

  • Richard Champion
    Richard Champion

    I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. Far better.

  • Dima Koltan
    Dima Koltan

    Lady Gaga- bad romance ? smell of plagiarism

  • Legci

    Why I got so strong Bad Romance vibes 馃槀

  • Backstreet Borz
    Backstreet Borz

    Sound so much like Lady Gaga (Bad Romance)

  • DevilDogsDoberman

    Rita Ora - Anywhere....

  • Explore Greece TV
    Explore Greece TV

    winner. greece supports

  • Eliot Corrigan
    Eliot Corrigan

    12 points from Armenia

  • Marlene Flourentzou
    Marlene Flourentzou

    Satanic I give it a zero

  • An膽ela Nin膷evi膰
    An膽ela Nin膷evi膰

    on this song you can dance salsa ... great idea

  • Ofir Moskovitch
    Ofir Moskovitch

    Eleni vs Elena Catfight Joke: Eleni Fouriera: "The Second Place At The Grand Final Is My Trademark" Elena Tsagrinou: "Whoooo ooooh El Diablo, El Diablo" 馃ぃ

  • Jonttu


  • Vasiliki Kalomp
    Vasiliki Kalomp

    SHE'S FIREEE Last year I voted for the Netherlanands but nowww 12 points from Greece

  • Alexandros Chrisostomou
    Alexandros Chrisostomou

    馃嚚馃嚲HOW YOU CAN VOTE FOR CYPRUS 馃嚚馃嚲 :It's really easy. Make a note of the act number while watching the broadcast, and then text the act number to 1991 3773 during the voting window. Note: Limit of 20 votes per mobile number. Charge is AU55c per vote.馃嚚馃嚲鉂わ笍馃嚚馃嚲

  • Dentsss

    袪褍褋褋泻懈械 泻褌芯 褌褍褌 ? 袥袗袡袣

  • 韦螙螜螡螣危 螞螒螠螤螜巍螚危
    韦螙螜螡螣危 螞螒螠螤螜巍螚危

    Good luck Elena ! Hope you do well

  • nikitakusje

    Why does this song sounds so familiair to me

  • Nasia Georgakopoulou
    Nasia Georgakopoulou

    See you next year in Cyprus....

  • Ellie

    manifesting cyprus 2022 after we were robbed in 2018

  • Moso Galstyan
    Moso Galstyan

    MY LOVE YOU,, winner Is Cyprus, Elena

  • The Riff Machine
    The Riff Machine

    This is the best act Cyprus put out, ever! I love that.

  • Mary Ktsl
    Mary Ktsl

    Mama mamacIT

  • Mary Ktsl
    Mary Ktsl

    el 鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳

  • Heather Wales
    Heather Wales

    Best song. 12 points from the uk


    Miley Cyprus...good luck

  • myrto mich03
    myrto mich03

    螠蟺蟻伪尾慰 蟻蔚 螘位蔚谓伪 蟺蟻伪纬渭伪蟿喂魏维

  • I like memes
    I like memes

    She's good, but She's not Foureira

  • PAUL R
    PAUL R

    dont forget Italy and France may be favourite in the betting,but they are guaranteed qualifiers. cyprus is almost fourth so expect that to be even higher when it qualifies from semi. This could end up top 3 betting going into saturday night and in the final itself who knows?!

  • saggie 11
    saggie 11

    I really hope she wins! and people actually vote for Cyprus!!

  • Tobias Euphoria
    Tobias Euphoria

    GO AND WIN!!!! you guys deserved the win in 2018. Just go and take the fucking trophy!!!!

  • Malcolm Caligari Conti
    Malcolm Caligari Conti

    Reminding me of Chloe Decker from Lucifer

  • Zsu

    Bad Romance copy. So dumb lyrics.

    • Zsu

      Lol. Auto plagiarism is a thing.

    • saggie 11
      saggie 11

      it's not a copy...nobody copied it...they actually have the same producer. this song and Lady Gaga's song have the same fucking producer.

  • Statebriga Brigame
    Statebriga Brigame

    Lady Gaga for poor

  • Dimitris Abadjidis
    Dimitris Abadjidis

    Lady Gaga likes this song

  • Chris man
    Chris man

    Please 馃檹 Europe, don't repeat the same mistake as in 2018!

  • 陌slam S眉leymanl谋
    陌slam S眉leymanl谋

    Eurovision 2021 winner is 馃嚚馃嚲 Cyprus

  • El G
    El G

    Cyprus wore Turkish colours and laid under Erdogan...))))someone got sold

  • Mery Perry
    Mery Perry

    Rita Ora, Anywhere?

    • NIMBUS

      Elena Tsagrinou, El Diablo!

  • EpicasKarazeris

    Shame! Shame! Shame! Cyprus song is preaching Satan. What else oh God almighty will these people do against you?


      @EpicasKarazeris yea probably

    • EpicasKarazeris

      @I AM THE QUEEN Maybe you should talk to a priest in order to help you deal with this. I am sure you will feel better.


      @EpicasKarazeris I hope he will at least I am afraid of the judgement day not the devil anymore. I do try to tell people even if they laugh at me or call me crazy. I had too many near death experiences once when I repented around Easter I started suffocating I was dying for 3 days I couldn't breathe keep in mind I was sure I stopped having allergies but this time this year I almost died and I was gasping for air and choking. Right after I repented...

    • EpicasKarazeris

      @I AM THE QUEEN And yes you made the right choice. You still have your soul and you still hope for Christ's salvation. You are free, that's the most important thing. May the Father and Creator of the world bless you with the eternal life in the final judgement day.

    • EpicasKarazeris

      @I AM THE QUEEN I believe your story. There are many people like you who experienced such stories and nobody believes them. Eurovision accepts satanic songs and Netflix has series like lucifer. Obviously the Antichrist is preparing his arrival soon and we need to be prepared to defend ourselves.

  • Volter 29
    Volter 29

    Better than expected!

  • Ioannis Kyprianou
    Ioannis Kyprianou

    螒谓蔚尾伪委谓蔚喂 伪谓蔚尾伪委谓蔚喂... 谓伪喂喂喂喂 魏蟿蠀蟺萎蟽伪渭蔚 4畏 胃苇蟽畏 蟽蟿伪 odds!! 危伪蟼 胃蠀渭委味蔚喂 魏维蟿喂 伪蠀蟿蠈;; 2018;;

  • I J
    I J

    ..鉁0:13 0:23 0:28 0:34 ..

  • Theo TVnews
    Theo TVnews

    Tonight we gonna burn in a party馃敟 It's Heaven in Hell with you.馃槣馃挄

  • 袙谢邪写懈屑懈褉 袩褍褌懈薪芯胁
    袙谢邪写懈屑懈褉 袩褍褌懈薪芯胁

    24 points from Russia

  • Ant贸nio Barreira
    Ant贸nio Barreira

    Stop saying it's Lady Gaga or Rita Ora! Many musics in the world have a similar sound. It doesn't mean they are a copy! Elena has everything to win the contest!

  • Daniela Carabajal
    Daniela Carabajal


  • kostas pap
    kostas pap

    Not my darling this is time for Italy 馃嚠馃嚬

    • Michalis Cy
      Michalis Cy

      I dont think so.. M Tonight we gonna burn in a party and we can't do that with Italy, only with Cyprus

  • Ultra Semendria
    Ultra Semendria

    NOW 4 IN THE ODDS!!!! 馃槇馃槇馃槇 Good luck brothers tonight,we are very proud of you..Full support and ofc 12pts from Serbia 馃嚚馃嚲鉂ゐ焽佛焽

  • G毛酶rgi芒 K
    G毛酶rgi芒 K


  • e gc
    e gc

    12 points from Spain

  • Mila 13
    Mila 13

    You like it, sing it and definitely will dance to it for the whole upcoming summer but you prefer to give your vote to Russia or Sweden.. go figure..

  • George 090
    George 090

    Semifinal 1 in just 22 hours! I can definetely see this winning the 1st semifinal. Go Elena!

  • Angi Gi
    Angi Gi

    I hear plagiarism alone Lady Gaga 鈥淏ad romance鈥 and Rita Ora 鈥淎nywhere鈥?

    • Angi Gi
      Angi Gi

      @NIMBUS I see the reaction of deaf people馃槝

    • NIMBUS

      I hear toxic people preaching...

    • Nicolas P
      Nicolas P

      So Gaga copies Rita Ora?

  • DoMiNyKaS _
    DoMiNyKaS _

    I don't like it (my opinion)

    • DoMiNyKaS _
      DoMiNyKaS _

      @Michalis Cy i don't want to know your opinion about my opinion

    • NIMBUS

      I don't like your opinion (my opinion)

    • Michalis Cy
      Michalis Cy

      We don't want to know your opinion

  • Mocanu Stefan
    Mocanu Stefan

    My top 5 randomly after a few days when the contest kick's off: Cyrpus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Romania, Italy ... But this song of Cyprus is in top 3

    • Edu Vandi
      Edu Vandi

      Cyprus and Azerbaijan are my hot favs to win the contest too 鉁婐煆烩潳锔

  • Caroline

    螤螒螠螘 螞螘违螝惟危螜螒 螤螒螜螖螘危 !

  • Lexion Batya
    Lexion Batya

    Lady Gaga on mintmum

  • Iva帽aa

    I love Rita Ora 鉂ゐ煠

    • NIMBUS

      We can tell...

  • Zalutali Mali
    Zalutali Mali


  • blackjetski555

    Prediction in Grand Final: Jury, 171 pts. Televote, 224 pts. 3rd overall. Just a couple of other songs that will seize both the jury vote and televote (France and Italy respectively) to too big a degree for Cyprus to grab top spot.

  • I J
    I J

    ..鉁0:14_0:20^0:24 _0:26 _0:31 ..0:09_0:18_0:27 _0:34

  • Hikken 5
    Hikken 5

    Can we talk about that her live voice is even better than the studio one 馃ズ

  • Hikken 5
    Hikken 5

    It鈥檚 an absolute win for me 鉁 12 points from Spain 馃嚜馃嚫 馃嚚馃嚲

  • Leo amore
    Leo amore

    This microphone馃槀馃槀 she looks like an American pop star with it鉂わ笍馃槀

  • Eurovision Jaja Ding Dong
    Eurovision Jaja Ding Dong

    Cyprus: El Diablo Me: she's El Angel

  • 袗薪卸械谢懈泻邪 袦邪褋邪谢芯胁邪
    袗薪卸械谢懈泻邪 袦邪褋邪谢芯胁邪

    校卸邪褋薪褘泄 泻芯褋屑褞屑

  • Ludwig Koppar
    Ludwig Koppar

    If this wins, Eurovision is never going to be shown in the US again.

  • Christos P
    Christos P

    Small countrie Cyprus, so who will wote for her.... Its not sweeden 馃

  • Mac Sixtyfive
    Mac Sixtyfive

    Winning song this year......just don't know about this live performance?

  • chris mau
    chris mau

    Best singer and song

  • 螛维谓慰蟼 螝
    螛维谓慰蟼 螝

    12 points !

  • mark nvt
    mark nvt

    how is it possible they approved this song, its a complete rip off from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

    • saggie 11
      saggie 11

      @mark nvt 馃 ok then we should cancel half the entries that ever participated in Eurovision

    • mark nvt
      mark nvt

      @saggie 11 You know this is a way of cheating right? use a tune we all know so this way it is catchy. not because it is original, but because we allready know the tune/melody or song.

    • saggie 11
      saggie 11

      here we go again. the are both produced by the same producer m lots of producers, music writers have a certain similar sound in lots of things that they do. stop whining

    • mark nvt
      mark nvt

      @NIMBUS not sure, maybe in the far, but come on Diablo is one on one with Bad Romance, everytime i hear Diablo i sing Bad Romance, that says enough.

    • NIMBUS

      The same way they approved all the other songs... Or are you going to tell me the other entries don't have similarities with other songs

  • Alain Thijs
    Alain Thijs

    I love ELENA and love CYPRUS !!!

  • Adrianos Rines
    Adrianos Rines

    Queen Elena is going to win the SF tomorrow! Slay girl, you are the best.

  • Denis Borges
    Denis Borges

    This music fucking sucks, is a ripoff of bad romance.

    • Fedet

      Omg I thought the same

    • PAUL R
      PAUL R

      its alejandro diffrent lyrics but same tune

    • PAUL R
      PAUL R

      @MICHAEL MICHAEL is that the new word in a debate used to be rasist now its karen. why dont you tell the person why you disagree rather than throw out generic one word responses.


      OK Karen if you say so... 馃槀