Mountain Bike's | Men's Race Highlights | Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020

  • gib sing wong
    gib sing wong

    link of full race video plz?

  • everywhere.local

    yeah! 👍

  • Mr Sportschampion
    Mr Sportschampion

    Is he running 120mm@?

  • ding dong
    ding dong

    monarchy rules!

  • Stephen Rodriguez
    Stephen Rodriguez

    thats almost one of the finest things one individual can achieve in life isnt it? Ive competed myself on amateur level in other sport disciplines and cant imagine the joy and emotions you must feel when you get a gold medal!

  • madjh

    And this is all? Where the Spanish guy come from? because he was not even close or at least no body know about him, he has to do something ...

  • Rafterman Howard
    Rafterman Howard

    When it went from 24 minutes to 1:01 I immediately knew I was watching Eurosport highlights again.

  • Craig Barth
    Craig Barth

    Agree with others - terrible coverage, commentary and highlights, the regular world cup race coverage is sooo much better.

  • Crypto Gamblingworld
    Crypto Gamblingworld

    what a result - well done!

  • ELTEHo

    After watching red bull rampage this does’nt seem so intense

    • ELTEHo

      @Headspace yea enduro and downhill

    • Headspace

      I see where you're coming from, but these are basically different sports.

    • Death.


  • Darek Lecki
    Darek Lecki

    MVDP ☹️

  • lastbeer

    I'm very disappointed of how these games are organized! I can't find any translation of mountain bike competition! Also, camera work is very poor, bikers jump over the rock and camera is pointed to the path below. So I had to watch fan video to see dutch biker fall. One of the most spectacular sports has very less attention! What a shame!

    • amblincork

      @XZSaw Because Eurosport is utter crap

    • Blokin

      Are you mad at other people?

    • XZSaw

      Yea, and its 2021, why is there no livestream on ESonlines or Twitch?

  • A Geary
    A Geary

    Who the hell edited this , terrible job

  • james arundel
    james arundel

    Sorry reb bull hardline was on real mtb

  • THEsyntheticFresh

    Grande Valero!!!👏👏👏👏👏

  • Colors 66
    Colors 66

    The Swiss guy was robbed by the Brexitier!

  • Sean

    The British coverage of the Olympics is terrible really. Every right to be proud of the GB athletes but this is a global event and we're seeing the best in the world. In the taekwondo for example, lip service was paid to the Uzbekistani guy and the Croatian girl that won gold. It's ridiculous really Adam peaty as well. Clearly the best in his event by miles but the other guys may as well have not been there really for all the credit they were given.

    • amblincork

      @Sean No Pidcock won this race- the MTB XC - on this vid

    • Sean

      @amblincork he did yeah. He won the BMX and I think another British girl won the BMX freestyle. Charlotte Worthington. I enjoyed it and the coverage was by and large very good but I just wished we'd get a bit more coverage from a global perspective too.

    • amblincork

      @Sean I havent seen the race - I am also in Ireland and could not watch last night womens marathon on the RTE Player due to ' restricted rights' - the whole tv issue has been pretty disgraceful - only money counts for the OCI. Did Brit Tom Pidcok not win NTB XC Gold ??

    • Sean

      @amblincork I'm in Ireland but my home feed is not working so have to watch BBC right now until the aerial is fixed so watched it but I just wish they would try and look at the event from a global perspective a bit. Okay fine give priority to the GB athletes and that is fine but when they're omitting highlights of the gold medallist to show footage of a fourth place Brit something is wrong.

    • amblincork

      I think the OCI and Eurosport are the problem with poor tv coverage - the OCI took the highest amount of money they could get and Eurosport are screwing TV companies for every cent/penny they can get

  • Diego V
    Diego V

    Yeah where are the highlights?

  • _-_-_

    So dropping the Tour wasn't worth it eventually

    • amblincork

      Going into the tour so close to Olympics was a bad decision made worse by pulling out and then screwing up the Olympic race - there is soemething wrong with his sense of judgment

    • Tim Montanus
      Tim Montanus


  • InSight Show
    InSight Show

    it was an exciting race to watch.

  • Rich Ard
    Rich Ard

    World Champion

  • Victor C
    Victor C

    it is a bit embarrassing that the bronze medal is only seen in the last minutes of the video

  • Philipp

    Feel bad for cink and mvdp

  • Dan Petrea-Lazăr
    Dan Petrea-Lazăr

    You missed many important events of the race, like the technical issue of Ondřej Cink and some very intense chases. Plus I think at least the top 10 deserved having their finish in the highlights.

    • amblincork

      Eurosport really is Crap - they should never again be given rights to Olympics

    • Liam G
      Liam G

      @Professional ÖRLOGSKAPTEN the coverage is crap this year, who's idea was it to put the Olympics behind a pay wall?

    • Professional ÖRLOGSKAPTEN
      Professional ÖRLOGSKAPTEN

      It's due to rv rights

    • Rich Ard
      Rich Ard

    • Pavook

      Sadly the same as road racing, these highlights are dissapointing. Shoving only bare minimum with the emphasis on BARE.

  • marc Stauffenberg
    marc Stauffenberg

    Congratulations to Pidcock, an extraordinary athlete for sure. May I ask why they took the ramp off to the point where MVDP fell?

    • amblincork

      @marc Stauffenberg Right - you keep trying to persuade yourself MVP didnt screw up

    • marc Stauffenberg
      marc Stauffenberg

      @amblincork Hey, chill out.. Remember to take the pressure pills, and maybe some other ones we don't need to specify ;)

    • amblincork

      @Tim K. If you are right, the guy lost his nerve and didnt deserve to win so it really doesnt matter

    • Tim K.
      Tim K.

      @amblincork 😂Seems like you’ve something against MVDP. He definitely thought there was a ramp, otherwise he would have accelerated before the jump and he pushed his front wheel downwards: what you don’t do if you have to land at that angle. Pidcock even told that MVDP didn’t accelerate before the jump and that he had the feeling it would go wrong (due to that), so Pidcock left some room before accelerating for the jump. It could be that it was slower using the ramp, but I’ve got no confirmation of that hypothesis... Either way, it’s on the Dutch side and it seems like both MVDP and his coach are the ones to blame

    • amblincork

      @Tim K. Oh stop - the reason there is a ramp there in practice is obivous. And there is a video of MVP riding well clear of the ramp in a training run - he never intended to use a ramp even if it had been there - he didnt need to and and Using a ramp one each of the laps would have effectively meant he had no chance of winning the race

  • Wutto

    What are these mountain bike and cycling highligts? Crops out 70% of the race and how the leaders break away. No final standings either. :(

  • Victor Dopico
    Victor Dopico

    Grande vslero!💪🏻👏🏻

  • Yako Rides Again
    Yako Rides Again

    Nice cut from 24mins to over an hour with Pidcock way in front. Thanks guys.

  • David K#P
    David K#P

    David Valero 🔝

  • Sara Zamora
    Sara Zamora

    David Valero, olé!!! 👏🏻❤️

    • Rich Ard
      Rich Ard