Avicii, Jonas Blue, Kygo, Calvin Harris, Alok, Robin Schulz - Summer Vibes Deep House Mix
Enjoy the first glimpses of summer and get into the right mood with my new Summer Vibes Sunset Live Set with the best summer deep house music live mix including music from Kygo, Avicii, Robin Schulz, Alok, Jonas Blue, Alle Farben, Sam Feldt, The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris and many more 🔥🌴

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  • Oviwan Kenovi
    Oviwan Kenovi

    Thanks choco 🤘

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    Ñañas Knde

    can somebody tell me what is the name of the song in the minute 17:15 pls

  • Elizabeth Hermosilla
    Elizabeth Hermosilla

    lo amé a los 30 segundos

  • Soundpark #Deep Radio
    Soundpark #Deep Radio

    Hey you...It's you, no matter how difficult it is, take a deep breath and be silent no matter where you are. everything will be fine, you didn't go this far to give up. I believe you"

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    raudhatussalma yaya

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    Giovanna Rivera

    Very Good...!!!!!!!

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    Phenomenal mix! I have listened to it many times now!!

  • Emma Durks
    Emma Durks

    alto tiro de merca en el minuto 46 JAJAJAJAJAJJA pablito lescano sos vos ?

  • shirley viera
    shirley viera

    Lovely , in from Venezuela @nazareth_v

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    Aqui si que se necesita al de los minutos

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    Daniel Fernández Franco

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    Brendan McAdam

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    Davit Mirimanyan

    Summer Melody esonlines.info/zone/rW2quIin1qCcpqc/v-deo&ab_channel=DavitMirimanyan

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  • Financial Freedom
    Financial Freedom

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    miha costi

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    Rogério dg

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    ananda liana putri

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    Lilian Barasa

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    Bikini Queen Club

    It’s so good.

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    isabella yume

    Best mix eveeer, I'm from Brasil and I really enjoy this type of songs, but this dj is amazing, now you have one more fan!!!

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    Krista Phillips

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    Mundo Android Pro

    The first song is my favorite, because my girlfriend dedicated it to her

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    Nho H

    very good bro

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    Екатерина Кузьмина

    Супер 👍🇸🇮

  • Debjyoti Banerjee
    Debjyoti Banerjee

    Beautiful music man, you made my day... Listening to this while working....!!!!!!!!

  • Творчество Слявы своими руками
    Творчество Слявы своими руками


  • The Good Life
    The Good Life

    We all know why you’re here, and that means you have good taste in music

  • William Goh
    William Goh

    gosh... cool vibes... i am a FAN 😍😍

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    Creactive Official

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    Aos 3:23 min alguém sabe me dizer de quem esta mixagem?

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    Gus Salic

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    Flavia Barros

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    elvis paredes

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  • wilson ferreira urcion
    wilson ferreira urcion

    Excelente mix , para un domingo que uno desea descansar y bajar a tierra , felicitaciones hermano , no se cómo te encontré , pero estoy disfrutando esto a full , me haces acordar cuándo de atrevido me mandaba de disc Jockey y alternaba entre discos de pasta y cd´s y hacíamos bailes con tecno y marcha , cerveza y noches sin preocupaciones , la vida era eterna , hoy ya tengo 52 y extraño tanto eso ......

    • Jonhatan Carrouche Almaraz
      Jonhatan Carrouche Almaraz

      Nunca es tarde para volver a hacer lo que te gusta ✌😉

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    Márcio Pereira da Silva

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    Salvador Villa

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    • Upside

      Alok, Bruno Martini feat. Zeeba - Hear Me Now

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    Brazil Records

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    Nicolás Jorge

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    Vladislav PV

    very nice and positive music) but tell me guys, isn`t it boring to keep your hands on faders 80% of time pretending you effect the sound)))

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    Hafidz Hakim

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    Rosa Fernández Amat

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    Debra Bucci

    Can i use your music in my video? I will give credit to you, i just dont want problems with copyright. Please

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    Brian Abu moreka KE

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    viva todos dias! Agradeça sempre

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    mike michael

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    Hamdi Armagan

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