Elton John and Years & Years - It’s a Sin (BRIT Awards 2021 Performance)
Elton John and Years \u0026 Years BRIT Awards 2021 performance of the Pet Shop Boys classic single ‘It’s a Sin’.

A very special new version of the song has been released in support of Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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100% of Universal Music Operations Limited’s net proceeds (inc. all artists and producer shares) from the sale of this single shall be donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, a registered charity number 1017336 in England \u0026 Wales.

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Elton John and Years \u0026 Years - It’s a Sin (BRIT Awards 2021 Performance)

  • Gisselle ST
    Gisselle ST

    Fantastic performance.

  • Lena Che
    Lena Che

    this boy in a strange outfit with low voice is redundant here

  • daniel rorgor
    daniel rorgor

    WOW! 😍

  • abdul H
    abdul H

    I know olly is gay but why does he need to stick his bum out when hes walking

  • Monticha WatcharaWebb
    Monticha WatcharaWebb

    Fantastic performance 😍

  • top 5 stuff
    top 5 stuff

    this wouldve been a great Eurovision performance

  • Igyy Box
    Igyy Box

    It’s a Sin

  • John JONATHAN Weigand
    John JONATHAN Weigand

    Everyone LOVES ELTON JOHN!

  • Michael David
    Michael David

    Turns out it wasn't live.

  • Pablo Jose Alonso
    Pablo Jose Alonso

    Elthon is an alien is unbelievable, we are gonna miss you badly when you are not here

  • Igyy Box
    Igyy Box

    this is majestic

  • 7mds


  • flipper23 flipper23
    flipper23 flipper23

    This guy has one of the best voices to date

  • Bernhard Lauss
    Bernhard Lauss

    Just... wow

  • Adriana Olivera
    Adriana Olivera

    I love this so much 😍

  • Caldeira Clide Montgomery
    Caldeira Clide Montgomery


  • Caldeira Clide Montgomery
    Caldeira Clide Montgomery

    Thousand times Pet Shop Boys

  • levan chakhaia
    levan chakhaia


  • Robert Trepagnier
    Robert Trepagnier

    AMAZING One of the greatest pairings ever.

  • Луис Алберто
    Луис Алберто

    Dva pidora))))


    Excellent! Overdue.

  • Laurie B
    Laurie B

    Great performance.

  • David Gt
    David Gt

    Showing Madonna how you take a cape off. Definitely eltons subtle dig at her 😂 cool video

  • Marc Hughes
    Marc Hughes

    Fantastic performance

  • Nate


    • Mr Doctors13
      Mr Doctors13


  • luar

    Elton,the best forever ❣

  • O Martinez
    O Martinez

    This was SPECTACULAR

  • Xosé Manel
    Xosé Manel

    74 years old!!!!! 😮

  • SILVATION 71415
    SILVATION 71415

    Wow, they "Really" know, . . . ITS A SIN.

    • Mr Doctors13
      Mr Doctors13

      What is

  • Angelino Laroye
    Angelino Laroye

    When you compare this to what they send to Eurovision. It's a Sin to not fuel the contest with so much talent and great music.

  • Melissa Powell
    Melissa Powell

    Absolutely amazing xxx

  • Scott McCann
    Scott McCann

    I would have finished on ‘It’s No Sin’

  • Karen P
    Karen P

    We need more of this 💕

  • Heliana Ribeiro
    Heliana Ribeiro

    Sem palavras... lindo demais!

  • pandavilain

    Conchita Wurst would be amazing with Sir Elton


    I think you like lots and lots of other people Need to sit and think to yourselves What it is exactly That I’ve ever even done to you

  • marekzee

    Missing Neil and Chris. Pet Shop Boys forever.

  • Lisandro Bressan
    Lisandro Bressan


  • Marion

    Fucking brilliant!!! Sorry but it is!!!

  • Nicole

    I love seeing Elton support/promote/Collab/enjoy/appreciate & WELCOME modern artists, bravo!!!!!!

  • Lynz M
    Lynz M


    • Thomas Bryan
      Thomas Bryan

      Hey my wonderful and blessed fan

  • Lyonel Gaycat
    Lyonel Gaycat

    Je découvre ce duo. Quel moment intense. Superbe

  • Holly Wilson
    Holly Wilson

    I thought this was excellent!

  • abdul H
    abdul H

    Looks very gay

  • mehmet sander
    mehmet sander

    Also featuring legendary Princess Julia x


    "It's a Sin" and "Chosen Family" are two of my favorite duets that EJ's done lately. Too bad The Pet Shop Boys couldn't be part of it, but it turned out great nevertheless 😊

  • Kyle Mathew
    Kyle Mathew

    Still fangirling over this. Wby?

  • MyJj34

    Its rare these collabs are worse than the original,but this is def 1 of them times im afraid.not good

  • Michael Brioschi Guinet Glocal Creator
    Michael Brioschi Guinet Glocal Creator

    Hey BBC! Why instead of crying on yourself, blaming on Europe about the worst score ever in Eurovision, don't you start to think about to bring on Eurovsion stage, an exhibition like that? Ok...I know Sir Elthon John it's impossibile, but what about years and years? Come on! Wake up!

    • Mr Doctors13
      Mr Doctors13


  • Rainer Wahnsinn
    Rainer Wahnsinn

    What a Trash!Watch the original or you will...

  • William Armstrong
    William Armstrong

    Can it get any better!! Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Anne Marie Sebban
    Anne Marie Sebban

    J'adore je l'écoute et le regarde souvent bravo

  • Lá Salette
    Lá Salette


  • J

    And the lightning spectacle! Wunderbar!

  • A Nother
    A Nother

    Do they drug test these lot first?

  • A Nother
    A Nother

    elton = top olli = bottom is all im sayin

  • Ryan Kurkjian
    Ryan Kurkjian

    This performance is everything. Both artists, just mind blowing. Pure talent.

  • Mary Rose
    Mary Rose

    Love seeing all the nice comments about Elton John. He's a living legend.

  • Henrietta Coyle
    Henrietta Coyle


  • G - M
    G - M

    a magnificent show, Elton's strong voice goes to my soul and perfectly complements Olly's voice.

  • Luis Valladares
    Luis Valladares

    this song of Pet Shop Boys is great. Nice cover

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards

    The kids in the drama club grew up


    Really think you got away with it. Lol

  • Graciela Reyes
    Graciela Reyes


  • Levi Braga
    Levi Braga

    Magnífico !

  • M So
    M So

    Two cute guys. Two great voices. A great song, sung new... Love it so much! :-)

  • Loopy Lou
    Loopy Lou

    Elton enjoyed this performance by the look of it 👍

  • Only Christ Can Save You
    Only Christ Can Save You


    • Dressage.sophie

      Like you

  • Evie Kitten YT
    Evie Kitten YT

    I’m emotional 🖤

  • Entertainment

    2 gay singer 😂

  • Sandra Devalence
    Sandra Devalence

    Beautiful performance

  • IanJohnMartin

    They should have cast Elton as the owner of the taylors

  • Turned Around
    Turned Around

    The hunger and thirst

  • deividgeorgiev

    Came here after the finale of It's a sin

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes

    Great homage to the original - La!

  • Dayana Nicol
    Dayana Nicol


  • An Dre
    An Dre

    bring that on Eurovision and get all possible points^^

  • Bazza84

    What a load of bollocks , the brit awards just gets worse every year

  • Ching-Sheng Chen
    Ching-Sheng Chen

    this rendition is TOP NOTCH GAYNESS OMG

  • Christopher Delacour
    Christopher Delacour

    Why pet shop boys??????

    • fiona

      olly was the main character in the show ‘it’s a sin’ so they sang it’s a sin by the pet shop boys

  • Brian Del Vecchio
    Brian Del Vecchio

    This is impressive as hell! excellent job all around!

  • Heather Camball
    Heather Camball

    Didn't know this was a cover of pet shop boys love this version better

  • Will Bark
    Will Bark

    They should've performed this live.


    I dead with this perform. Absolute fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nadine Arendt
    Nadine Arendt

    I is so genius. Thank you Sir Elton John!

  • lukrecjasiwacki

    I'm not even a fan of either artist but this is a stunning performance!!

  • Lifeless Animal
    Lifeless Animal

    This should what father do when they had the gayest son ever ✨

  • Accal1a

    Watching this on the first day of Pride Month 2021 made me cry.

  • Marijke Heijnis
    Marijke Heijnis

    This is perfect

  • Chris Rossi
    Chris Rossi


  • Fernando Lemos
    Fernando Lemos

    Elton é Atemporal

  • Top 20 Ranking Music Bolivia
    Top 20 Ranking Music Bolivia


  • singingcovers weekly
    singingcovers weekly

    I made a cover of good 4 you by Olivia rodrigo if you anyone wants to listen


    Utter utter shite.

  • Lee Bubbas
    Lee Bubbas

    Tammy Smith lad and the BMB

  • Waldemar Zboralski
    Waldemar Zboralski

    And after homosexualls toke 100% of the control over the culture, and the communists toke control over the whole politic in former conservative UK - the whole world have no chois and go to die...

  • 49ers_red_and_gold

    Yes its a SIN 😂

  • Bartez

    this is rubbish they can't make good music anymore.

  • jungalist 83
    jungalist 83

    Little bit disturbing this.

  • steev75

    I hope the pet shop boys liked it. It'd be great if they made a comment.