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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

  • lil pump
    lil pump


  • Ajay Manoj
    Ajay Manoj

    They used music Similar to Tenet (movie) which really increased tension in everyone. This game is going to creat a meteor impact. 🔥

  • SkeppyMagma

    Also when the game release: Lets do 360° no scope with tank while in the air

  • Daniel Gendelman
    Daniel Gendelman

    0:29 One second before..

  • Tav

    It’s actually not over the top with the futuristic stuff they have stuff that seems more realistic but still futuristic at the same time

  • Z Link
    Z Link


  • Sheriff Shifty
    Sheriff Shifty

    So..this is before 2142....i get it

  • Silo Villani
    Silo Villani

    I pre orders it

  • Sheriff Shifty
    Sheriff Shifty


  • Ahi Brown
    Ahi Brown

    Shout out to all the demo sceners (The Silents, The Black Lotus) optimising this game engine :D, Why did the 68k loose the war :(

  • Morgan L
    Morgan L

    The voiceless softdrink clinicopathologically untidy because tray distinctly nod vice a ill slash. orange, outstanding finger

  • Фаниль Гумеров
    Фаниль Гумеров

    DICE , Add local mode with bots at least 3 maps x 64 with bots on PS4

  • Salah Kdh
    Salah Kdh

    Battlefield will never fall 💪🔥⁦❤️⁩

  • WiseManB

    Why walk when you can FLY 4:23

  • God Of Trash
    God Of Trash

    Oh boi, I can't wait to play this against NPCs/AIs

  • Christopher Knapp
    Christopher Knapp

    I'm 100% sure that's Donavan peak at the start

  • Trueno

    Time to strap c4 onto penguins

  • mathis jeanmaire
    mathis jeanmaire

    Nice game

  • Adin


  • silver kitsune
    silver kitsune

    Pilot:there's a enemy jet behind me and I can't shake him Team:we can't do anything a out it Pilot:fine I'll do it myself 3:12

  • Сергей Степанов
    Сергей Степанов

    Разрабы наркоманы , такую хрень сочинить это надо сидеть на очень тяжелой наркоте. Не игра а блевота , конченого нарколыги.

  • TheKingPin

    Mötley Crüe - Kickstart my Heart Thank me later :)

    • Sleepless

      Remixed by 2wei. Song is on their channel

  • Pancho Garcia
    Pancho Garcia

    El Rey a regresado

  • Angel D
    Angel D

    Why this type of games has many views and games like elden ring no 😟

    • Sleepless

      Because Elden ring isnt for like the bigger mass. shooters like this are

  • toastyz

    words cant describe my exitement

  • Bigsmoke

    It’s like modern futuristic warfare it’s so beautiful

  • ‘stijee

    If this game has proximity chat, it’s easily the game of the decade.

  • Foxtail

    I wanna see my comment after 2 years and see how much likes I’ll get

  • Chaka Pradana
    Chaka Pradana

    Hope there's an achievement by performing those move 3:14

  • obi wan
    obi wan

    directed by michael bay

  • Reaper _Playz
    Reaper _Playz

    I hope this doesnt become something like cyberpunk

    • Reaper _Playz
      Reaper _Playz

      @Ultimate Detective i meant like something that doesnt play like the trailer shows

    • Ultimate Detective
      Ultimate Detective

      It's nothing like Cyberpunk though. Different type of shooters

  • Nurlan Zhanrn
    Nurlan Zhanrn

    Как же все кинематографично смотрится), один саундтрек только чего стоит 🔥

  • Dr. PDB
    Dr. PDB

    This is the best thing that happened in 2021

  • GoXWithXTheXFlow

    Looks like the old battlefield is back

  • The Fucking isabelle
    The Fucking isabelle

    3:15 Perfect and epic

  • Daiva Neo
    Daiva Neo

    How the hell the pilot have rocket launcher😂, but this is such an epic trailer

    • Sleepless

      Imagine how uncomfortable the sitting in the plane had to be with a rpg on you..

  • Little Mr. Me
    Little Mr. Me

    My brain hasn't released this much dopamine for a trailer since BF1

  • niko Fernandez
    niko Fernandez

    Within 5 days 14million views that sucks man amazing i think EA now looking at fans now bringing the things without looking at our vault


    It had me up until the tornado lmao

  • nothing to see here
    nothing to see here

    *gasp!* 2WEI I love 2WEI

  • Gabriel Mejia-Lara
    Gabriel Mejia-Lara

    This gives me chills down my spine everytime I watch this.

  • tava

    I know this isn’t your first time watching this

  • Rex Podung
    Rex Podung

    Still waiting for 1 million likes

    • Sakata Gintoki
      Sakata Gintoki


  • Jesse Munchow
    Jesse Munchow

    Should have done a Limited Edition bundle with a C4 covered Quad Bike!

  • Дмитрий Бочков
    Дмитрий Бочков

    Заберите мои деньги!!!

  • Marius D
    Marius D

    Finally brothers !! They understood us !!

  • 1Estel1 ch.
    1Estel1 ch.

    Remember, no pre-orders.

    • Sleepless

      too. late.

  • ProjecttEarth

    3:29 This part is my personal favorite in the trailer, the all out war and the music

  • EvacTouch

    3:10 Rico?

  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson

    You had to use a Mötley Crüe song, didn't you, hahaaaa... HELL YEEAH

  • Magic

    This trailer is literally all callbacks of how Player's did crazy things

  • Tacoshotgun

    Really hope they release the complete song. I love the “singing through a megaphone/distortion” sound.

  • M J
    M J

    Welcome back everyone

  • Erick Alvarez
    Erick Alvarez

    It looks a lot like Battlefield Hardline. I loved that game and I hope I love this one too. Also I just pre-ordered my PS5 Digital Edition like 30 minutes ago 😀. Perfect.

  • bersek -
    bersek -

    Remember kids: If you don't like it, DON'T BUY IT.

  • Rex Colt
    Rex Colt

    Can we have BFF back, please? Neebs, Doraleous, Thick, Appsro, Simon, Ammo guy, *THE* Coronel...

  • Magura

    Battlefield v: my time has come

  • Obvious pseudonym
    Obvious pseudonym

    1:15 You left the safety on, rookie...

  • Bagel Badger
    Bagel Badger

    It’s called battlefield 2042 because you can’t help but watch this trailer 2042 times

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    I've watched this trailer an unhealthy amount of time

  • Arystanbek Shaimanov
    Arystanbek Shaimanov

    3:18 There’s Rick may He just jumped from heaven and rocket jumped in battle that was classic rocket jump (*sarcasm*)

  • Facundo

    The game does not hide anything, it is shown as it is, a massive multiplayer of pure action, and almost everything that can be seen, we could already do in previous games. I love the premise, the world of tomorrow devastated by climate change and humanity fights for the resources that remain through a great war, a possible future in our lives. It seems to me an incredible game.

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon

      mmmm... i can't play this game

  • TEMPLA95166

    00:51 best part

    • tyler kuda
      tyler kuda

      For sure

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor

    Wow Modern Warfare 2019 looks amazing with these new graphics.

  • Bubbles

    You know the game is gonna be good when they put a renderzook in the trailer

  • Myc

    *Better Than Battlefield 3.*

    • Ultimate Detective
      Ultimate Detective

      I liked Battlefield 3

  • OZEduard anurb
    OZEduard anurb

    Never saw a vídeo game trailer with that amount of steroids.

  • JJM

    This is why you always wear your wing suit.

  • zyugard the T-34-85
    zyugard the T-34-85

    Plot twist:they are in VR

  • K H A L E D
    K H A L E D

    this is Amazing

  • Alphoc

    That trick shot bro ITS SO LIT

  • K H A L E D
    K H A L E D

    W O W

  • SensationalLulu

    3:15 EN EL AIRE WEON


    A M A Z I N G



  • Deikaeus

    close to 1 million likes

  • Yudist Ivanov
    Yudist Ivanov

    Wow!!! ❤️

  • Omid11

    mmmm... i can't play this game

  • GUMBALL _06
    GUMBALL _06


  • F.B.I

    Ah, finally I can play this on my pc. I mean trailer.

  • Oliver Roozen
    Oliver Roozen

    This is incredible.

  • Ricky Rackey
    Ricky Rackey

    2002: The Beginning 2016: The Return 2018: The Disgrace 2021: The Redemption

  • TREX


  • Zachary Graham
    Zachary Graham

    Now imagine how the next Battlefront would be with all of this craziness and new technology. Space to ground combat like Elite Squadron. 64v64 or more 🤯🤯🤯

  • Ed Garcia
    Ed Garcia

    DICE may have hit a Homerun with this one 😁

  • Rodrigo Campana
    Rodrigo Campana


  • Blackopboss 12
    Blackopboss 12

    I was here Pog

  • Nate

    Anybody who played Battlefield 1942 gettin that nostalgia buzz too?

  • Aco319sig

    The trailers for Battlefield 2142 looked a lot like this. I'm not holding my breath for all the futuristic stuff to be very believable.

  • Luffy Chavão
    Luffy Chavão


  • Irvin Ryadnikov
    Irvin Ryadnikov

    И почему именно 2042? Может создавать путаницу с 2142. Лучше бы её продолжение сделали.

  • Antonio fele
    Antonio fele


  • raze bullet
    raze bullet

    No story mode ?

    • Ultimate Detective
      Ultimate Detective

      It's purely multiplayer so no campaign

  • Adam Burns
    Adam Burns

    Well. Looks like I actually will be buying a new PC after all.

  • مصطفى علي خلف C1
    مصطفى علي خلف C1

    اويلي ❤

  • Tudor

    Claim your "here before 1 million likes" ticket right here.

  • Rah1 Kum1
    Rah1 Kum1

    I want call of duty's reaction to this.

  • Ivan Gho
    Ivan Gho

    I mean... the most epic battle trailer i seen ever

  • Ray Martinez
    Ray Martinez

    God this looks so good

  • nichole battieste
    nichole battieste

    All they need to add in this is the F22