What Happened To Every Player Drafted Above Giannis Antetokounmpo

  • Rocks D. Xebec
    Rocks D. Xebec

    Wow... Those credit scenes were awsome bro!!!

  • HurricaneSZN

    A prime example of how hard the draft is. Tho i was touting giannis from day 1 dye to his physical skillset so its hard to see how nba scouts couldnt see it

  • The Black Pearl Fan
    The Black Pearl Fan

    Anthony Bennet best player of all time

  • Unticblyx

    Anyone else hear the announcers voice crack saying nerlen noels name on the 6th pick

  • Beef Supreme
    Beef Supreme

    3:09 travelled. Typical NBA trash now.

  • Lo-JaL TV
    Lo-JaL TV

    I didn't know lionel richie is an nba player . . . Lol 😂

  • Fullmetal Gamer
    Fullmetal Gamer

    Anthony Bennett was averaging games per point not points per game.

  • Mitch O'Brien
    Mitch O'Brien

    The Cavs in the years without LeBron had the chance to have a squad of Dame Lavine Jimmy Kawhi Giannis

  • Browns Fan
    Browns Fan

    So your telling me we drafted Anthony Bennett over giannis

  • année

    overall, a bit of a rubbish draft

  • Cursed Kleenex
    Cursed Kleenex

    ...which actually shows that NBA scouters suck at their job

  • Natsters46

    Gotta be the worst top 10 picks ever

  • Willie Davis
    Willie Davis

    Draft was horrible

  • R. Jay stewart
    R. Jay stewart

    I learned that most of Philly’s picks are bad. The Process? What a crass joke.

  • HennyThing

    Burke was supposed to be Trea Young..

  • Killer Willies
    Killer Willies

    I know it's already been said but it's hella endearing that the most negative thing I think I heard was "he just wasn't Giannis". They respectable bro. Just subbed and can't wait to see you boom.

  • Justin Finley
    Justin Finley

    Anthony Bennett was viewed as the best talent coming out of high school and earlier in the summer he was regarded much higher

  • celrogu jidunla
    celrogu jidunla

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  • Meghann Alt
    Meghann Alt

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  • The Dez Dispenser
    The Dez Dispenser

    Oladipo has had a solid career

  • C B
    C B

    the real white iverson @ 13:23

  • I became a hall of famer in just one season. Thanks to my cheat engine ☺️☺️☺️ nba2k14!!!

  • Bj Nobleza
    Bj Nobleza

    MCW was once a triple double threat and putting almost quadruple double once in his rookie year.

  • Patrick

    Olynk averaged 19 per game this season? Where was I?

  • Cosmo Vanquish
    Cosmo Vanquish

    Θα σέβεστεεεεεεε!!!!

  • Rainville Christian
    Rainville Christian

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  • Mc Miller
    Mc Miller


  • Tobyn Cummins
    Tobyn Cummins

    A lot of these guys have gone on to have pretty decent careers, albeit nowhere near the heights of Antetokounmpo

  • Tobyn Cummins
    Tobyn Cummins

    I had no idea Oladipo ended up in Miami thought he was in Houston all these changes happen so often its hard to keep up

  • Dragon Of desteny
    Dragon Of desteny

    Yo, the double digit boys out of that draft class are doing quite good arent they?

  • Goosby Goosby
    Goosby Goosby

    Number 10 was the best pick

  • Alim Meralli
    Alim Meralli

    Without Giannis this has to be the worst draft class ever

  • flawlezzgenocide

    Bennet wasnt a bust coz he wasnt supposed to be no 1 overall. Cavs was on crack when they drafted him. Cleveland was the bust for picking him.

    • caughtlackin

      He a bust never even developed his skills since he was drafted

  • V3gaS

    Otto porter also became an MVP... in Shaqtin A Fool

  • DomeOne


  • ltcolin19

    This might be the worst draft in NBA history!

  • krillions underlow
    krillions underlow

    Phew! Smh, glad my Knicks weren't apart of that horror story, tho we have many of our own.

  • Republika Dugave
    Republika Dugave

    You gotta love Adams...

  • Tapz Flame
    Tapz Flame

    victor oladipo is lowkey my favorite player no cap

  • Isaac Osborn
    Isaac Osborn

    only 2 superstars in this draft are giannis and gobert. both oladipo and cj are too inconsistent

  • Jared Sleppy
    Jared Sleppy

    Pretty good vid. Some constructive criticism is I would write out a script so it feels more professional and less like a podcast. You say “you know” a lot which implies that you haven’t thought too much about what you’re going to say. Writing out a script would help. Keep making vids and you’ll improve!

  • non ya
    non ya

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  • Meghann Alt
    Meghann Alt

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  • Tim Trump
    Tim Trump

    Never forget Noel turning down that Dallas contract

  • NER__0

    VO stays one of my favorite players for that pacers season

  • marshann louie
    marshann louie

    I mean it is called a “draft” for a reason.. These guys play well take advantage of the spotlight to live their dream. No one said it’ll be easy. No one said they’d play well. Every pick is a game for a deal in return. Quite frankly some them guys just didn’t fit the team. Giannis didn’t start having a good season till 2016 however each ur he got better so the bucks lucked out. This is what u get when u develop a player and be patient vs thinking these guys are just going to make a difference instantly. They are human beings. I’d say rookies are still in shock to even be in the league. That can be blinding.

  • WYH 987
    WYH 987

    Just wonder what most people think, "2013's 2 best SG: Victor Oladipo & CJ McCollum who's better."

  • Papaz

    What shit class


    Great scouting by the bucks

  • ONIzUKA 05
    ONIzUKA 05

    Steve adams evovle to aquaman

  • Bl0oDi4m0nD

    So not only the biggest bust 1st pick but biggest lottery bust in history

  • Guitarliano

    I was looking for a video exactly like this. Good job bro 😎

  • BobaFetish2124

    Been watching a couple of these "What Happened To" videos & I noticed something. The 76ers & "The Process" should never be considered a success. Yes, they got Embiid but they wasted so much young talent that with proper development could have been really good to All Star level players.

  • Max Becker
    Max Becker

    great video man!

    • dimez

      Appreciate it!

  • F AAaaa
    F AAaaa

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  • RaffyBoy81

    CJ looks baby face

  • Mr. Kab
    Mr. Kab

    Anthony bennet could be zion williamson but turn out to be bust

  • Erick Nunez
    Erick Nunez

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  • Mac Attack
    Mac Attack

    The cavs could have had a starting 5 of kyrie klay lebron love and giannis. Sad sad sad

  • Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz
    Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz

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  • Laurena Danford
    Laurena Danford

    Have you heard about *@biggiehacks* on Insta ? He is best NBA 2K account vendor out there You can give him a trial, now I'm happy I did

  • Rozepqck

    5:22 Travel 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pemuda Netizen
    Pemuda Netizen

    Who is guy?

  • WoresuHitDiff

    Poor Victor O. Man most def would be top 10 youngest playet without injuries

  • manillametro

    honestly the real notable people in this draft apart from giannis was dipo and McCollum





  • J A
    J A

    Basically this draft class is pretty average. You have Giannis as the best of the class, then McCollum, Oladipo, and Gobert as other All Stars then players like Olynyk, Caldwell-Pope, and etc. who are good role players

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson

    Just blatant disrespect to cj

    • Tim Johnson
      Tim Johnson

      Not saying he’s even close to Giannis but he just got brushed off lmao

  • Markarth City Guard
    Markarth City Guard

    So Giannis is better than everyone on this list...Nice😂😂

  • FFBE Exaid
    FFBE Exaid

    I remember Alex Len cause he got dunked on by Ryan Andersen of all people 😂

  • Zaphod

    For some reason I keep thinking Zeller was drafted way before 2013. Maybe it's the balding head just making him look old. But I always thought he was drafted in like '08 or '09.


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  • Janelle Wade
    Janelle Wade

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    Rudiger Shinnick

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  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTV

    *Invest in CRYPTO Ethereum classic Dogecoin* 🚀🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

  • Jo Ann
    Jo Ann

    What a weird draft class!

  • Željko Tkalec
    Željko Tkalec

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  • Jared Lehrer
    Jared Lehrer

    Good vid

  • natasha luchy
    natasha luchy

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  • vasilis bil
    vasilis bil

    I think Giannis is disrespected because he isn't an American. He is culturally different, and he doesn't fit the stereotype of the angry, cool NBA player. He is nice, fun-loving and he isn't American. So, small-minded Americans don't like him.

  • John Uhrig LCSW
    John Uhrig LCSW

    nice piece..I didnt realize how many players tend to wash out or just be role players

  • Fisher Fisher
    Fisher Fisher

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  • Hans Christopherson
    Hans Christopherson

    David stern slowing down reading Giannis draft card as he tries to think about how to pronounce his last name lol

  • william bratcher
    william bratcher

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  • seth law
    seth law

    As a jazz fan this hurts


    Anthony Bennett was on everyone's draft board going 1-7

  • Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson

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  • AmustThatiBust713

    Let's not forget Rudy Gobert another foreign player that went 27th in this draft. 3 time defensive player of the year. 2018,2019, and 2021

  • Ben TV
    Ben TV

    Anthony Bennett is a bust


    Giannis wasnt supposed to be a star this is why he was drafted so low, he force his way into stardom by plain working like crazy

  • Davan Mani
    Davan Mani

    Giannis was blessed of not suffering injuries while learning to play NBA basketball. It wasn’t pretty but the Bucks gave him a chance to develop.

  • Armando Reyes
    Armando Reyes

    aye man, solid video. I like how you gave an honest take on everyone. As a Lakers fan tho, you forgot to mention KCP played a part on the Lakers winning the 2020 NBA Championship.

  • Snakley

    5:22 nice travel

  • xCooldog

    Us cavs fans probably hurt the most

  • Grand Fury
    Grand Fury

    Makes me feel alot better about the Spurs drafting Josh Primo. Sometimes the best players aren't the player's in the mock obviously.

    • 69 Texaseyes
      69 Texaseyes


  • jcris

    I can't d9wnload APK on nba 2k20. How? Plz

  • Gregory Avery
    Gregory Avery

    Cody's iq? Here we go again!!

  • Fun sims
    Fun sims

    Caldwell Pope should come back to pistons

  • Cover

    Giannis is walking proof that positive attitude, respect for others, treating ppl right, honoring your parents, Just being a clean, humble, nice person WILL come right Back to u with positve things happening