World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs)
Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development :)
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Here are more technical details on Dom-

Here is Lily's video-

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Special thanks to:
ClearPath motors from Teknic-

  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development :) Join me this summer in my Creative Engineering class!!

    • Cory Pickerign
      Cory Pickerign

      now make one to scoop them up and sort them all

    • Koko Bobo
      Koko Bobo

      @Frosted Blake jj

    • Marco T. Lima Sachez
      Marco T. Lima Sachez


    • Suyem Guevara
      Suyem Guevara

      He kinda looks like the cabanaro effect guy

    • t mic
      t mic

      You should have had epoxied the fallen dominoes in the floor would have been amazing

  • sdgakatbk

    Well this video proves one thing. Engineers are weird!

  • Poop Schoop
    Poop Schoop

    I was playing pvz while watching this and then I heard graze the roof play

  • airpods pro man YT
    airpods pro man YT

    He's like the real tony stark

  • ToasterDoggo

    Now here’s the question… what if you got 4 of them?

  • Mike Rod  2823
    Mike Rod 2823

    Plants VS zombies teado

  • Charlie Ward
    Charlie Ward

    I’m just imagining that Mark has a room in his house dedicated to all the things he’s created and kept over the years

  • Oliver Chapman
    Oliver Chapman


  • catcoulon72

    i cant even think of a code word for "cool", that's how epic this is

    • catcoulon72

      the time and dedication put into this is outstanding

  • nater dawg
    nater dawg

    no one: mark rober:*happy sqeeks*

  • Mr.Crabbz

    I feel bad for dom

  • Mahimo Zegarra
    Mahimo Zegarra

    How is going to clean it up???

  • Jeremy Waters
    Jeremy Waters

    I feel much less embarrassed knowing now that even mark rober can’t whistle, I’d say I’m in a pretty cool club actually.

  • saiasi

    I heard pvz music

  • FicoIsHere


  • Asher Stewart
    Asher Stewart

    is that "graze the roof" I hear from PvZ?

  • CraZeFN

    I've been really fascinated in nuclear power and nuclear submarines or nuclear aircraft carriers I was wondering if you could make a video on nuclear power thire is no videos on ESonlines yet thanks

  • Roberto Rivera
    Roberto Rivera

    Lily should’ve been asked to start 5 years ago. Might’ve had a chance. 😂

  • Vgr

    I would be the one who trips and falls and ruins everything halfway through

  • Mr. Monopoly
    Mr. Monopoly

    How do you make that cart?

  • Tiago Ribeiro Janson Ney
    Tiago Ribeiro Janson Ney

    I like the soundtrack music. Where can I find it ?

  • Holy Cheese
    Holy Cheese

    me while watching this vid: This robots taking this women's whole carrier

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone

    Goddamn *GENIUSES* y'all are!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Maria Salamon
    Maria Salamon

    So cute uwu . . 💕 ^

  • The Fleeks
    The Fleeks

    Humans rock

  • Logan Wicks-Kleman
    Logan Wicks-Kleman

    Whats the music you used for this video?

  • LeAnimeGamer

    I just noticed that four Night Rider KITT cars were used in the making of this video.

  • ML Hubbert
    ML Hubbert

    Oh my gosh I love Lily she’s my favorite you tuber other than you but how is there two of my favorite ESonlinesrs in the same video crazy

  • Will Baker
    Will Baker

    The human can set all the domino's to fall from one domino.

  • xdsmastermia

    that was cool!

  • Jacob


  • EighteenCharacters

    So you 3-D printed parts for a robot that uses 3=D printed Dominoes as a 24- hour 1-layer 3-D printed image. You made a 3-d printer.

  • Artamis Bot
    Artamis Bot

    Proof of the imminent supremacy of robot kind!! Gooooo~ Robot!

  • BentleyYeetgodMemeLD


  • Kary San
    Kary San

    Lily: Wow, I already failed. Mark: Thats great! Me: Hows that great?

  • alvin Ip
    alvin Ip

    honestly the clean up would be so satisfying

  • Aradhya Gupta
    Aradhya Gupta

    Such a cute Dominator Who dominates dominoes

  • pro vr gamer cool player
    pro vr gamer cool player


  • Kaden Jackson
    Kaden Jackson


  • Parsa

    I really admire the amount of hard work and dedication you put into your videos if i tried to do something as complex as this i would rage quit after 2 weeks but you kept the idea going for 5 years 👏

  • Nick deJager
    Nick deJager

    Now what you need is a robot to pick up and resort all those dominos after knocking them down...

  • Shoesuke

    I really love watching these videos so cool

  • Benjamin Petty
    Benjamin Petty

    this was the first video that ever watched on your channel.

  • Linda Gray
    Linda Gray

    At 4:25 it’s so satisfying!

  • Matt Roldan
    Matt Roldan

    Are w not gonna talk about that the music in 1:40 is the pvz roof theme

  • ok ok boy
    ok ok boy

    Oh yeah plants vs zombies music

  • cocaineinmyvein

    Now you just need a robot to clean up.

  • Eden England
    Eden England

    PVZ music was a weird choice for background music but im fine with it

  • BOB UwU
    BOB UwU

    This guy will start the robot up rising

  • s1deQuest

    1:20 plantes vs. zombies music :)

  • Simon Lo
    Simon Lo


  • iCantAim715

    Mark in heaven in 2082: Dominator size of the solar system..

  • Adam Sundermann
    Adam Sundermann

    It’s a super domino brothers it’s impressive

  • Atticus Arken Timola
    Atticus Arken Timola

    Say Hello to Dominator!

  • Wonder Honder
    Wonder Honder

    Oh yah

  • Leongon draws stuff
    Leongon draws stuff

    Lover goals... to make your partner have as much pleasure as Mark Rober watching 100k dominoes falling over.

  • simon wang
    simon wang

    The deadpan cheetah naively breathe because carol genotypically imagine across a detailed guide. deeply, ancient period

  • VaporyMocha

    i got hit with nostalgia when he started playing PvZ Music

  • John Pullum
    John Pullum

    That was amazing!

  • mystic plays
    mystic plays

    Where can i buy lol

  • Milan Shine
    Milan Shine

    a newspaper is a boring ipad made out of trees xD

  • GamingBeast Official
    GamingBeast Official

    The 4 letter 4 people group against a 4 letter domino queen. Mark Josh John Alex Lily This makes no sense but it does at the same time

  • GamingBeast Official
    GamingBeast Official

    Dom on wheels? That's a fast and furious reference for me

  • just an ordinary ushanka
    just an ordinary ushanka

    1:11 when the plant vs zombie music hits 🥲

  • Don Buendia
    Don Buendia

    R VU OK

  • Zakaris Abdi
    Zakaris Abdi

    Wait a couple of months for Oil Change😂😂😂

  • Joseph Griesbach
    Joseph Griesbach

    You should create some sort of robot that can sort and finish a 1000 piece puzzle in world record time that would be so amazing...

  • Konrad Kaufman
    Konrad Kaufman

    Doesn’t count. You have to be able to lock over just one and set off the chain reaction for it to count.

  • Ijas Ahmed Disha
    Ijas Ahmed Disha

    Technology is making us lazy..

  • Stacia Paulson
    Stacia Paulson

    ? you 🔧⚒🛠

  • Hyein Clifton
    Hyein Clifton

    @Mark Rober i bought a Dom Jr. for my brothers birthday

  • Phantom_Images

    Imagine if he forgot to record the 100k dominos falling down-

  • Will Taylor
    Will Taylor

    Wow just wow

  • BnC Gaming
    BnC Gaming

    One wrong move and this wouldn't have been a video

  • bob jeffery
    bob jeffery

    does anyone know what the thing Mark was driving around in is called

  • Music Dil Se (By Dhairya Agarwal)
    Music Dil Se (By Dhairya Agarwal)

    So.... no one realized that this was Mark's 100th vid?

  • fairfeatherfiend

    All that brain power, wasted. Why not use it to solve some real problems, like global warming.

  • noah siwes
    noah siwes

    what I want to know is at the end, why are the eureka and maker crates limited to 104 years old's.

  • kf

    I'm Soo confused

  • Mary Spurlock
    Mary Spurlock

    Why didn’t you call Mr Beast in his video


    I love these videos because we truly see how happy doing engineering projects makes Mark! ❤️

  • fender71983

    So what if you want to set it up to where a single domino can set off the whole thing?

  • JUNUHUNU productions
    JUNUHUNU productions

    So nice!

  • Yashaswi Kulshreshtha
    Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

    Gotta say I admire the design

  • Alqama

    BTW congratulations on your 100th video!!! 🥳🥳🥳

  • KlanKutsik ;w;
    KlanKutsik ;w;

    Holy moly PVZ original music at the beginning YESSS!!!

  • Reddit Rebecka
    Reddit Rebecka

    It gets more impressive with every video I swear love your content and now one of my kids wants to be an engineer

  • Hajebasita


  • EthanTheEater

    OmG Nice robot I love your channel! It's really cool! 😁

  • Marco T. Lima Sachez
    Marco T. Lima Sachez


  • StaidVoice

    Mark what is a newspaper?

  • BRUH H
    BRUH H

    lilly:Wow i already failed Mark:Thats great


  • anadey Gordillo
    anadey Gordillo

    I'd call him dominic

  • Ooferdoodle Strudel
    Ooferdoodle Strudel

    Your one crazy kid

  • Frederrik Kaufmann jensen
    Frederrik Kaufmann jensen

    Plats vs zombies musik

  • MusicAddiction

    What's the beat at 2:44?

  • Aaron Mallie
    Aaron Mallie

    i love mario bros and dominos

  • maltest

    surely this could be faster multiple robot arms bigger plates

  • Mark Conger
    Mark Conger

    To whomever on Mark’s team who reads all the comments, could you please suggest the notion of making a how-to book filled with projects that people make via Mark’s courses? The late Grant Thompson of The King Of Random channel (now TKOR) produced a great book titled Life Hacks, and then later 52 Random Weekend Projects which featured a lot of his work. I’m thinking something similar for Mark’s courses would be something I’d buy for me as well as our teen son who loves Mark’s videos.