Giannis Antetokounmpo Postgame Interview - Game 6 - Suns vs Bucks | 2021 NBA Finals
Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns - Full Game 6 Highlights | July 20, 2021 | 2021 NBA Finals



  • rose gold
    rose gold

    He's amazing

  • SuperChu19

    The media bash everyone if they鈥檙e not Lebron! Anybody who wins other than Lebron, it鈥檚 summarized as he got lucky, all the stupid ass narratives that when Lebron loses its everybody else fault but his! Like when he lost to the suns before that game the media saying he gonna show out even lebron said this is what these shoulders made for but soon as he lost, the excuses started AD was hurt oh it was his ankles!! Naw homie no excuse you supposed to be the best! The suns wasn鈥檛 a threat remember! Why do you need another top 5 player to win and still lose when u have the most help! Giannis and kawhi showed you how it鈥檚 done! Give Giannis his fucking respect he did it how it鈥檚 supposed to be done! Team chemistry team basketball! Fundamental basketball!

  • Benfica M
    Benfica M

    remember this. he did not quit on milwaukee. unlike other players, he doesn't forget the small city that raised him. He doesn't take shortcut to join another superteam. brought the championship back after 50 years. that carries more weight

  • Young_ayr Young_ayr
    Young_ayr Young_ayr


  • aaron afre
    aaron afre

    Listen closely. He's uniting Europe and Africa 馃А馃拞馃徑馃挏馃拞馃徔鈥嶁檧锔

  • abraham axaridis
    abraham axaridis

    Greeks and Nigerians are all smiling

  • MrFeast

    His defence is best

  • Espino760

    Wow as any fucken mvp fmvp dpoy would fucken feel. Just amazing to be able to watch this. I鈥檓 a big ass laker fan and I just feel genuinely happy for this team.

  • CR7 GOATED馃憣馃拃
    CR7 GOATED馃憣馃拃

    Still better than fraud lawhi and Lechoke馃ぁ

  • Lucas Redekop
    Lucas Redekop

    The Jason Kidd slight was everything

  • Jonn West
    Jonn West

    Look at Giannis man, so inspirational.

  • Seven The Evangelist
    Seven The Evangelist

    Never forget GOD. 鈥渒eep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.鈥 鈥璊ude鈥 鈥1:21鈥 鈥璄SV鈥

  • sacmienboi916

    17/19 free throws. Talk about efficiency for a big. 馃弳

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee

    If you believe in yourself, you can actually fly! Literally! Haha...this reminds me if Key and Peele...believe in yourself!

  • Mr Chicano
    Mr Chicano

    This dude has more class and loyalty than lebum!!! He called out lebum to saying he could have joined a super team and won but he didn't want to chase it like lebum!!!

  • mau torres savilla jr.
    mau torres savilla jr.


  • Demerit Askins
    Demerit Askins

    A lot of people are not taking about this, but PJ Tucker eliminated his his old teammate(Harden), beat another teammate in the finals (Paul), and won a ring before both of them, against his old team (Suns).

  • RealOrbit - Australia
    RealOrbit - Australia

    Reporter asking him about Africa when the guy is Greek and European of African descent. Born and bred in Greece. He is culturally more Greek than me and I'm Greek Australian. Even his mannerisms, his hand movements when talking, his accent. A Greek with dark skin

  • Non Nomer
    Non Nomer

    bahddy bahddy bahddy

  • The CBM Channel
    The CBM Channel

    What this Guy practising in the last 5 years is stunning鈥uge Win for Bucks Huge Respekt to Giannis

  • Amen Hallelujah
    Amen Hallelujah

    Solid guy, I love Giannis

  • reploid001

    LeBron: 鈽癸笍

  • Maliek Jackson
    Maliek Jackson

    If he's not better than KD, then he's definitely right behind him.

  • Destroygary Funky
    Destroygary Funky

    Oh that Lebron could have a smidgen of humility like Giannis.

  • Pablo De Bella
    Pablo De Bella

    Giannis showed he can be a cold blooded killer when its needed.


    Hes smoking that harden pack like no other... "I dont wanna point anyone out" LOOOOL. He did fucking do it.

  • Mango Bums
    Mango Bums

    Did everyone forget he almost broke his leg vs the nets before this?

  • Jia Hao Goh
    Jia Hao Goh

    The perfect underdog story.

  • Edith Khatinsky
    Edith Khatinsky

    Big and I mean some Big Basketball People said CP3 will be sitting surrounded by NBA trophies, but it was not meant to be after game 4. That game was for Valley boys and CP3, Kill or be killed, No cancellation prices in NBA. I closely follow this game since 1972 Olympic games. To this very day they did not except a silver medals.Officials,Officials. They running this game. Some calls were been unresonable,but willingness to push, to finnish and be in command was not on the side of the Valley You have to be on the Peak to have it and never in the Valley.

  • Hank Kim
    Hank Kim

    Just like Kobe was a Laker for life thru & thru, I got a good hunch Giannis will retire a Buck, & #34 jersey retired not too long after.

  • Nikxtrap lol
    Nikxtrap lol

    Giannis re malaka you are the best man alive i love you 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Lolis Avalos
    Lolis Avalos

    馃憦馃憦馃憦good job,

  • Trae Cox
    Trae Cox

    Dame their is hope for u if Giannis can do it then u can

  • knicks4life11

    Give this man his propers! He did it the hard way! 馃挭馃従

  • don francoeur
    don francoeur

    I hope you gave the refs a big kiss for helping you win

  • Alan Eng
    Alan Eng

    The yummy error assembly telephone because tongue comparatively force round a premium elephant. periodic, efficacious hope

  • Bamda Seven
    Bamda Seven

    He is special no doubt. Congrats to you Giannis Antetokounmpo!! You are a World Champion! 馃弳

  • 胤丕乇賯 賷賵爻賮
    胤丕乇賯 賷賵爻賮


  • Leonora Amomonpon
    Leonora Amomonpon

    He waited...

  • Jomil Mc Arthur
    Jomil Mc Arthur


  • Bogus Phone
    Bogus Phone

    More importantly, the character and class of Giannis. HE NEEDS TO BE THE POSTER BOY OF THE NBA!

  • Jerome Lubabalo Jacobs
    Jerome Lubabalo Jacobs

    The tears right now.

  • Jacob Musick
    Jacob Musick

    Bucks vs warriors finals next year

  • Daniel Schiller
    Daniel Schiller

    Legend. Nothing but love.

  • Mrs Lyds
    Mrs Lyds

    螠蟺蟻维尾慰 螕喂伪谓谓伪蟻蔚!!! 馃嚞馃嚪馃嚞馃嚪馃嚞馃嚪馃嚞馃嚪馃嚞馃嚪 we couldn鈥檛 be more proud of u!!

  • Big boy
    Big boy

    Imagine he had like a kd jumpshot

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam

    Players and the Media need to put some respect on this man's name.

  • Cash is Green
    Cash is Green

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went to Harry's and bought three t66 Turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system

  • stephen banda
    stephen banda

    Gianni's is a good player....but do not get it twisted, he does not really represent anything for Africa. Success is generally a global thing. Sometimes Journalists ask dumb questions.

  • Yuren Cisneros
    Yuren Cisneros

    4:40 did anyone hear the android notification in the background 馃槀馃槀 respect to Giannis to his ring but just listen closely

  • Jason Levesque
    Jason Levesque

    I hope he is in the gym asap. He has the ability to be an all time great.

  • Jeremy Gutierrez
    Jeremy Gutierrez

    All hail lord buck

  • 旯欤检棴

    50 years, 50 points

  • Faiezi abu bakar
    Faiezi abu bakar

    Giannis - Coach told me to trust the process embid - incoming 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Nick Van Elzen
    Nick Van Elzen

    I said it in the beginning of the playoffs. The bucks were winning this one for Jim fucking paschke

  • Melvin Yang
    Melvin Yang

    A speech from a hard working young man who succeeded!!! I would鈥檝e love to hear Chris Paul鈥檚 speech after 15 seasons but I still love and appreciate Giannis

  • s3nz3i millyun
    s3nz3i millyun

    The NBA needs to promote Giannis as the face of the league. I am and will always be a die hard Warriors fan but how can you not like this man? He is authentic and oozes personality in the right way.


    I told y'all Phoenix will neva win a championship 馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃枙

  • Oniichaan1

    I'm mad the press room didn't laugh at his free throw joke wtf

  • Bill G
    Bill G

    Don鈥檛 give up on your dreams everyone

  • qazwsx

    man i can't believe i used to think this guy was overrated. definitely deserves every award he has received

  • brand mo
    brand mo

    You pass the kobe challenge

  • ventnor

    Of course the black reporter ignores the country in which he was born and raised and refers only to the country his parents are born. If a mixed black athlete's black origins were ignored by a white reporter, they would be outraged and cry racism from the hilltops. How many other American athletes' parental origins who were born and raised in the U.S, are asked about their parents' home country? Racist bitch

  • Eric Nolasco
    Eric Nolasco

    Refs in 6

  • Brendan

    You can't be happier, such a nice guy, humble and true MVP. Keep it up Greek Freak. Anything is possible, this man ran to a practice because he didn't have gas money, i love this guy, the role model kids need. 鉂

  • Garrett Broadnax
    Garrett Broadnax

    Man reporters are so bad at their jobs.

  • Greg Gonzales
    Greg Gonzales

    There's a leak about lebron possibly going to bucks

  • Ab Nice
    Ab Nice

    OooHHh wait! So why Lebron had to leave Cleveland?

  • Tahir Price
    Tahir Price

    I've never heard Giannis speak before and I'm surprised as hell rn

  • Chaqua Liador
    Chaqua Liador

    Giannis is that nice foreign exchange that everyone likes and doesnt try to let bad influence make him act like a knucklehead

  • Juice Wrld
    Juice Wrld

    NO MORE GIANNIS BAD TALK 馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧

  • SuperMario49

    As a Clippers fan, I鈥檓 so happy I have a Giannis jersey. One of my favorite players and I鈥檓 so happy for him!

  • Big Homie
    Big Homie

    how this young strong black man comes to the top is history. yall americans dont know what it mean to be a black person in Greek or most of European country. he is inspiration for so many young african champions. i am sooooo happy. greeting from Norway

  • dontayz99

    Giannis is the 2K player your earn 馃槫

  • Orton Clarke
    Orton Clarke

    Labron will be him callin soon!! Umm...Come to the lakers for AD馃槩

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    It can be done - if you have a 7.4 wingspan.

  • Greeneyes Humbled
    Greeneyes Humbled

    Definitely blessed not just in basketball skill level, but his mindset at a mere 26 how humble he is and how hungry he still is. He deserves it 馃挭馃徑馃挭馃徑 he passionate n has purpose

  • Q Na
    Q Na

    I hope Giannis and all the other NBA players realize it was AMERICA and the freedoms America provides that allow some kid from Greece to come and sit at the top of the world Dont ever respect anybody that would take a knee, those people are vipers who dont appreciate

  • Inago Ollisbouris
    Inago Ollisbouris

    I hate how the female reporter tried to make this about identity politics, but I love how Giannis made this about achieving your dreams no matter who you are and where you come from. Giannis is no more African than his American teammates and the reporter was trying to make some headlines with that question.

  • Str8up Oldschool
    Str8up Oldschool

    GIANNIS ...WHEN I GO FOR BREAKFAST I'M GOING TO CHRIS PAULS PANCAKE HOUSE .....IFLOP........PANCAKES FOR EVERYONE馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨馃崨

  • Str8up Oldschool
    Str8up Oldschool

    MUCH LOVE GIANNIS.......MUCH RESPECT....馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃専馃専馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃専馃専馃専馃専馃専馃専馃専鉁ㄢ湪鉁ㄢ湪馃専馃専馃専馃専馃専馃挮馃挮馃挮馃挮馃挮馃挮馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜馃挜

  • Shanko Shanko
    Shanko Shanko

    If Giannis Made 3s And Free Throws His Numbers Would Be Crazy

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew Adams

    Best post-game interview of all time

  • Konstantinos Pant
    Konstantinos Pant

    You started from scratch for 8 years, you believed in the Bucks and they believed in you and you reached the top !!! You are an example for young people not to stop dreaming and with a lot of work to realize their dreams !!! Many congratulations Giannis for what you managed to enjoy together with your family and your teammates !!! It is a great honor for you to wear our blue and white jersey because you have proved that you are more Greek than some others !!! Always be well !!! I am a big fan of volo !!!

  • Nba Topics
    Nba Topics

    Giannis loyalty unlike Kevin lol He never left the team during the upcoming free agency he stayed with them he won that now he鈥檚 leaving such a loyal guy He finish what the team asked then now leaving to accomplish a unstable weak team Without Giannis in bucks nothing would have kept them on there legs

  • iLoveJesuschrist

    Jesus was crucified , bore our sins in his body, he rose from the dead in 3 days, trust in him and gain eternal life. Without him we are lost.

  • Lynden Legault
    Lynden Legault

    This is the real "Trust The Process".

  • Silviabrown


  • Amanda Brinkley
    Amanda Brinkley

    Hey NBA 馃挋鈽笍馃實馃寧馃審鈽笍馃挋 I thought 馃挱 you were busy creating world peace using the getting things done system and forcing disclosure of deep state tech. All families in Africa & in the world don鈥檛 need bootstraps. All the people living privileged lives need to WORK TOGETHER to plan and implement World Peace. You can figure it out NBA. Get sports equipment and amazingly educational videos in front of the eyes of people who want to learn, want to better themselves,, better the lives of those around them. Get on it already, NBA.

  • Muse Hassan
    Muse Hassan

    This man is the new face for the league, how can you not like him

  • ian anderson
    ian anderson

    Giannis, so inspirational man.

  • Ambidex J
    Ambidex J

    Youngest player to make 17 free-throws in an NBA finals over 70percent 馃槺馃槀

  • A4 Highlights
    A4 Highlights

    So inspirational for real

  • BB 10
    BB 10

    team sport, without no championship

  • Sterling Knox
    Sterling Knox

    This how you don't it superstar all-star roll players period

  • Kenny Flo
    Kenny Flo

    He's holding those trophies like they his kids 馃ぃ鈾ワ笍馃拲馃挴馃憦well deserved champ!

  • Master Plo Koon
    Master Plo Koon

    Giannis, Jokic, and Doncic are the only superstars that are humble. Sad to see there are so few of them

  • steven hoffman
    steven hoffman

    Imagine if he developed a solid jumpshot the league would be in danger

  • Anna Lenakou
    Anna Lenakou

    Here in Greece we are very proud of you Giannis, you are amazing 馃憦馃憦馃憦 We miss you and love you from Greece馃嚞馃嚪

  • Ivan Macadangdang
    Ivan Macadangdang

    鈥淚 made my free throws tonight. An now I鈥檓 a freaking CHAMPION!鈥 One of the upcoming GOAT鈥檚 of this decade