Easy And Effortless Makeup on Miranda Kerr | Hung Vanngo
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  • Danang Orchidée
    Danang Orchidée

    She is already beautiful. She doesn't need so many make up . I appreciate light make up

  • Moonlight Sparks
    Moonlight Sparks

    This feels very intimidating with Miranda looking at Hung lol I don’t know how he managed to do his job with those eyes on him 😂😂

  • dris benseghir
    dris benseghir


  • Cristina Prorosciuc
    Cristina Prorosciuc

    Miranda looks amazing without makeup, if I wouldn't known her age, I could swear that she was in her late twenties (probably even younger). And the video is so relaxing and I love that you chose to add just a bit of product caz she doesn't need more than that.

  • Marie Scott
    Marie Scott

    Hi HUNG love your videos . Wish I was her

  • Jaz Salas
    Jaz Salas

    Miranda ❤️

  • Isabella Ng
    Isabella Ng

    That's beautifully done!

  • Khanh Ly Tran
    Khanh Ly Tran

    Tự hào người Việt Nam ❤️

  • Linda Schrump
    Linda Schrump


  • arijan sumanti
    arijan sumanti

    Why is she so pretty 🥺💖

  • Nicole Liu
    Nicole Liu

    This is my kind of makeup look. She looks fabulous, as always.

  • Vy Trần
    Vy Trần

    Người VN Tài Năng ❤ Miranda Kerr so beautifull

  • 조루한

    His voice is so soothing

  • ENVA

    Forever Young 👑👑👑🌈💕💋💋💋🥰🥰🥰

  • Minh Ngọc Nguyễn
    Minh Ngọc Nguyễn

    Chị ý xinh quá trời 😍

  • andres 2134
    andres 2134

    Que bonita y natural la maquillo repeto su esencia de belleza y natural felicidades es un genial maquillista. Saludos desde Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

  • Kiholi Achumi
    Kiholi Achumi

    My fav miranda Kerr, my inspiration, just waiting for cod avail on her kora products.

  • Hường Phùng
    Hường Phùng

    Trời ơi clip này quá đỉnh anh ơi, em xem lần đầu và đã subscribe anh luôn. Em cảm giác như xem 1 clip quảng cáo makeup của một nhãn hàng lớn vậy, thật sự quá đỉnh ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Beverly L
    Beverly L

    Any dupe for this lipstick?

  • Shelby Stott
    Shelby Stott

    This was so enjoyable to watch! And informative. Hung, your voice is so nice to listen to, very calm and relaxing 😌

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Valentine ZK
    Valentine ZK

    she is the definition of real life barbie.

  • Madell Angeles
    Madell Angeles

    Candice Swanepoel next please 🤗

  • Knowledge X
    Knowledge X

    She’s a sweetheart!! Her dimples are like mine ☺️

  • It actually perks !
    It actually perks !

    What shade is that lipstick? I tried to visit the site but was unsure of the shade. I am London based rn. Could you tell me if there a dupe to this shade??

  • Claudio Mallea
    Claudio Mallea

    She´s a DOLL!!!....so classy, kind. My fav VS Angel of all times....

  • Angelika Dela Cerna
    Angelika Dela Cerna

    hung is soooo nice.

  • W Pontius
    W Pontius

    She looks so young without makeup. Those dimples and her lovely Australian accent, melts my socks!

  • azh sing
    azh sing

    wow wow

  • Michael Jackson Quohtes
    Michael Jackson Quohtes

    Oh my Miranda!! Hahaha :) ❤️❤️☺️✌🏽

  • Maricar Mendoza
    Maricar Mendoza

    She looks like an angel.

  • Nawress Nagri
    Nawress Nagri


  • Bright gamerz yt
    Bright gamerz yt

    It's really beautiful...sir..❤️❤️

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Jackie Morin
    Jackie Morin

    He has such a relaxing presence

  • Ваниль.

    You are always good. And your work 👌

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank you so much 😀

  • Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez

    She’s beautiful ☺️

  • Em Phan
    Em Phan


  • Lila Hela
    Lila Hela

    My favorite makeup artist so far 🥰. Just keep going cause you inspire us so much!

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank you so much!!

  • tmcdgreen

    I love the eyes! I want to try something like this on my darker skin without having to use black.

  • Lola Lin 海公主蘿菈教練
    Lola Lin 海公主蘿菈教練

    When I saw lovely Hung using the heart shaped crystal face sculptor, I’m here to look for Miranda Kerr ! I’m loving in one day, I got to learn from the most beautiful souls in the universe 🐳😘 love love love deeply grateful for you, Hung 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Niken Saraswati
    Niken Saraswati

    She’s undoubtedly beautiful, but seeing her before fully made up, It’s just, well, contrast to her fully made up appearance that she’s also normal like us

    • Niken Saraswati
      Niken Saraswati

      @Infinite that she has pigmentation in contrast to the air brushed look after make-up… just like normal people

    • Infinite

      No shade to your comment but what contrast?? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 🤣

  • Muskan Shahi
    Muskan Shahi

    so calming !

  • laiana sousa
    laiana sousa

    É o sonho de todas a mulher ser maquiada por você hang 😍😍😍😍vanngo

  • BKriszti

    This look is just perfect for her! Stunning!!!

  • KPawlowski

    the makeup is always fab Hung, but nobody talks about the music you use... please never change it, it's so relaxing i peaceful. Amazing content overall

  • Brittany Rose Makeup
    Brittany Rose Makeup

    Waiting for Kora Organics makeup line like.... 👀

  • gosiunia2383

    Wow beatiful ❤❤❤

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank you! 😊

  • Zhang小花猫


  • Kan Chan
    Kan Chan

    I'm absolutely in love with the way you applying makeup it's so relaxing and you did such incredible job she's look gorgeous.

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Glad you liked it!!

  • diamondgirl

    She still looks young!

  • Thành Phan
    Thành Phan

    Tự hào Vietnamese ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love Hung ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Ruby Ling
    Ruby Ling

    Miranda is absolutely gorgeous. And Hung you are so talented and your voice is very soothing! Your video helps me calming down my postpartum anxiety:)

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • bellabana

    Miranda is just so naturally beautiful plus she has flawless skin, no wonder she looks years younger than her age. I love the makeup, so soft and feminine, the eyeshadow looks amazing and the blush is gorgeous as well.

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Jaclyn Wong
    Jaclyn Wong

    I loveee all your make up look! and i just subscribed

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thanks for subbing!

  • Brooke Hanson
    Brooke Hanson

    Dear Hung, I think you're an angel on earth. carry on.

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • viviendo159

    I have an idea Hung, how about your mother? Why dont u do a vlog make up for her? I think it would be so warm and nice

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      My mom is living in Vietnam and we couldn't get to see each other since Covid started. xx

  • Jenny

    I almost teared up when you were talking about Miranda being there for you since day one. It’s absolutely beautiful, you can feel the love and support and it warms my heart so so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

    • Jenny

      My dad immigrated from Vietnam and my mom from China. Despite their struggles, they never forgot the people who supported them from day one. Just like how Miranda has been there for you since the beginning, and I can feel that you are truly grateful ❤️

  • Yosipa

    Woooow what a beautiful look you created. Veeeery talented guy!!!

  • Vee

    She reminds me of a mermaid!

  • Toy Poodle Lover
    Toy Poodle Lover

    Omg queen!! I love Miranda Kerr 😍

  • Nasrin Zzz
    Nasrin Zzz

    These women are already stunning without makeup. Please recommend makeup techniques for ugly people with bad skin like me 😆😅

  • Diem-Trang Nguyen
    Diem-Trang Nguyen

    Rephr!! Fav brush set! Love the look!

  • Catherine Osborne
    Catherine Osborne


  • Michael Ruta
    Michael Ruta

    well you ladies will have to manage ur it for your pleasure

  • Antuane

    Thank you Hung for your work. I’m amazed!

  • elizerbeff

    I love it! Thank you for sharing!!! I love your tips!

  • viviendo159

    u are much more like an ASMR artist

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Hang Tran
    Hang Tran

    Ước gì được anh trang điểm cho 1 lần 😍😍😍

  • Charisse Modeste
    Charisse Modeste

    Yuh know.. l've come, so used to seeing the 'over-use' of product, in many makeup videos.. Then come here, and .. even when l SEE a difference after each product application, Hung's hand is soo LIGHT, that l find myself going.. 😳 "What bronzer?.. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Where's the powder?".. Which, btw.. looks better and there's less wastage.

  • Karen Cisneros
    Karen Cisneros


  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan

    Hung is so likeable. I wanna be his friend soooo bad!

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Kim S.
    Kim S.

    Miranda, you always look like a cute little baby or puppy looking or pocking outside of a gift box. You are an eternal baby face, big fat kiss! By the way, I have all your products from the former collection.

  • Teresa Nguyen
    Teresa Nguyen

    Ước gì có một ngày đẹp trời mình làm mẫu cho anh Hung makeup nhỉ kakaka. Bình thường mất bao nhiêu phút để làm cho một khuôn mặt anh nhỉ?

  • avlsoc

    Stunning...really beautiful technique and you explain why, so well!!!

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Sunflowers Cutie
    Sunflowers Cutie

    She is angelic and love the make-up on her.

  • Elizaveta Bernar
    Elizaveta Bernar

    The most beautiful person ever💛❤️

  • Lily

    The lipstick doesn't match her skin tone at all it's almost uncomfortable to stare at her face 😳

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Makeup is personal. The most important is the person who wears it likes it . Miranda and I chose the color together. If she doesn’t like it she wouldn’t let me put it on her. Thanks for the comment. xx

  • PureSparkles22

    Beautiful job

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Malina Rafana
    Malina Rafana


  • mamam


  • Pinnacle Trade
    Pinnacle Trade

    Miranda Kerr is a supermodel. She looks beautiful with or without makeup:)

  • Marie B
    Marie B

    Ah my woman crush since I was a teenager I had no idea she was the owner of Kora! You did a wonderful job as usual on her makeup.

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • 66

    OMG beautiful. i love it! Thanks

  • Misuzu Hosono
    Misuzu Hosono


  • HairXtensions.co.uk Direct Ltd
    HairXtensions.co.uk Direct Ltd

    Miranda is so stunning 😍😍😍

  • Indigo Dream
    Indigo Dream

    She have this typical aussie face/genetic same like british that sags very fast when they gets over 30. Lucky she has all d money to tighten, still looks old

  • manuela vonk
    manuela vonk

    Looove for everything Hung❤️❤️

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • manuela vonk
    manuela vonk

    Lovely tips you have with the massagestone!!😘

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Glad you like them!

  • manuela vonk
    manuela vonk

    Can you use brightning products the whole year or do you use it only during autumn - and winter season?

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      who year. xx

  • Natali G. Make Up
    Natali G. Make Up

    You doing my makeup it would be a dream come true. Love it

  • maya

    Two talented people 🙃

  • Sofia Castillo
    Sofia Castillo

    I hope you can also do Candice Swanepoel's make up ❤🤭

  • Loknath Bonik
    Loknath Bonik

    i can't believe i just watched 23 minutes of make up video just becuz miranda kerr.. 🙄🤓

  • Ananda Coomaraswamy
    Ananda Coomaraswamy


  • ❤️✨

    Wow very fresh look and the coral lips 👄 very summer-ish well done 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Arbi

    How old is Miranda now?? She looks beautiful though.

  • Jessica Luc
    Jessica Luc

    Just came across your channel :) wow your make up technique is 👍 and so natural . Keep it up xo

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You

  • Pia Justynn
    Pia Justynn

    Soo pretty!

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank you! 😊

  • Phuong Dang
    Phuong Dang

    Làm sao để mua được cái dụng cụ masage đó ở Vietnam hả anh?

    • Phuong Dang
      Phuong Dang

      @Hung Vanngo thanks for responding quickly Anh. If it’s in overseas I think I can’t get it now due to many difficulties.

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      You can order online.

  • apa aja
    apa aja

    Miranda so beautiful 🤩

  • Tahira Collier
    Tahira Collier

    I know Miranda Kerr is gorgeous but this is STUNNING. Beautiful and talented artistry with a beautiful canvas and person. The lip color is delightful! Thank you Hung

    • Hung Vanngo
      Hung Vanngo

      Thank You