ELDEN RING Gameplay Trailer NEW (2022) 4K ULTRA HD
ELDEN RING Gameplay Trailer NEW (2022) 4K ULTRA HD

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  • marlon jackson
    marlon jackson

    I queefed

  • Lead1121

    As long as it plays like dark souls and not sekiro, I’ll be happy

  • Freeman Kids
    Freeman Kids

    Fromsofware games are dope

  • Randomness_TV

    Words can’t express how much I want and need this on my life

  • pindi pippo pippo
    pindi pippo pippo

    I've already watched this trailer alike 20 times and i'm still ecxited and impressed and, most importantly, HIPED!!!!

  • Quốc Nguyên Triều Triệu
    Quốc Nguyên Triều Triệu

    2:31 Lautrec, is that you? :v

  • BobShlob

    i just came

  • 20 Starter Blue
    20 Starter Blue

    I bet the dude commanding the lowly tarnished to kneel is the opening boss 😂

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith


  • Ernest McCann
    Ernest McCann

    I hope this is more Dragon's Dogma and less Souls

  • Foster C
    Foster C

    Don’t do it Miyazaki....don’t make elden ring in lordran too....I saw that pontiff/anor Londo area again don’t do it 😡

  • GuukanKitsune

    "They will fight, and they will die, in an unending curse." Me: Oh, gee I sure hope so :D

  • Landon Van Cleave
    Landon Van Cleave

    Let’s go, I’m tired of replaying ds3

  • Morrigan Evadastar
    Morrigan Evadastar

    Will someone tell Miyazaki to make a gosh damn Armored core game again? This dark souls esqe games are great and all but I want armored core back.

    • Morrigan Evadastar
      Morrigan Evadastar

      @Yushuë ahhhhhh..... that makes me sad..

    • Yushuë

      I maybe be wrong, but i think he said in someplace that he don't like make games with "heavy mechs" like ds1 anymore

  • Death Knight325
    Death Knight325

    Is elder ring connect to lord of the ring

    • Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης
      Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης


  • BrickLegends

    That Dragon boss fight looks sick. All of the bosses look sick but that one especially sticks out with the ability to ride a flying horse during the fight lol.

  • Иван Макаров
    Иван Макаров

    я единственный из России кто жду эту игру

  • Simply Meeko
    Simply Meeko

    0:52 lol its his bellsack

    • Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης
      Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης

      His massive dong

  • Ar-jay Cachero
    Ar-jay Cachero

    Get ready to die more than soul

  • PixelFoundry

    *Can we just take a moment to honor those who were fans of FromSoft games, but died too soon and won't be able to experience this beautiful game?*

  • Prongsjiisan_Old_Guy

    I see lothric castle

  • Mir

    only thing missing is the random barefoot girl character

  • Daniel Easterling
    Daniel Easterling

    so we have a game company known for making games that are designed to kill you, and an author who is known for killing off everyone. Guys, I don't think we are meant to survive in this game.

  • Cyclopss_

    Pro tip: Keep all your receipts for your consoles and controllers..

  • Hosh moggen
    Hosh moggen

    Eyes on the inside, arms on the outside

  • Albert Sun
    Albert Sun

    Bought my PS5 for Battlefield 2042, but this one, I will get it

  • Trajanus LaRocque
    Trajanus LaRocque

    This looks so god damn awesome

  • Koby Schundlemire
    Koby Schundlemire

    It’s 2021 😅 get better graphics

    • Gravel

      Nah its not needed

  • Roberto Alonso
    Roberto Alonso

    0:54 misma nota la tónica en la que empieza la canción de Gwin

  • Desiree Arguinzones
    Desiree Arguinzones

    I play in my p20 lite :)

  • ghost

    0:25 the furnace of the first flame and fire link shrine this gonna be awesome

  • Ilja Vieten
    Ilja Vieten


  • Krizzy

    (sigh) I need to stock up controllers again

  • Shaded Gamer
    Shaded Gamer

    farewell social life

  • Haiqal Ariff
    Haiqal Ariff

    dull and dark. just like how i like it

  • koma09I

    Ohh elden ring

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    Oh look, another game where I download the Hell Hound armor and pretend it's a Berserk game 😥

  • Georges Abi Antoun
    Georges Abi Antoun

    I hope the bosses are as iconic as ds3

    • Darth Noxious
      Darth Noxious

      I assure you, they will be.

  • NamaDAk_eerie.


  • Austin Shay
    Austin Shay

    This shit right here is like lord of the rings mixed with darksouls and its beautiful

  • Itami

    if you watched this without a giant ass smile on your face, get good

  • Dimitri Catalyst
    Dimitri Catalyst

    Those character models 😍

  • TenKnight

    Dark souls: we use eletric storm magic to kill the dragons ER: dragon with lightning

    • Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης
      Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης

      @Heartless Angel Ketsueki those weren't pure dragons

    • Heartless Angel Ketsueki
      Heartless Angel Ketsueki

      But in DS 1 there where dragons who used lighting as well, so idk whats new about that?

  • Optimist Prime
    Optimist Prime

    They said it would be "easier" than the previous Soulsborne entries, so here's hoping shields are useful again. Hated the forced rolling of DS3 / Bloodborne.

    • Gravel

      Shields were plenty viable in ds3.

  • _xtinchex_

    este juego va a ser epico

  • Generally Ignored
    Generally Ignored

    this looks not so promising kinda looks like Elder Scrolls online.

    • Jake L
      Jake L

      You’re trolling, right?

    • Gravel

      You need to go to specsavers my man


    That tree at the beggining reminds me the three on Berserk when Falconia is created.

  • 😒BLM trejurey depourtment🤔
    😒BLM trejurey depourtment🤔

    Elden Ring BETTER fix the terrible hitboxes and godforsaken Camera of sekiro. It's hard to believe they were able to release such a Half Baked piece of crap and largely hide the fact that it was a giant Financial flop because it has some of the worst hitboxes and camera GIMP in modern gaming history. Sekiro was hard for all the wrong reasons and I wouldn't touch Elden ring with a ten-foot pole 💩 *FROMFAIL*

  • Ezra Easley
    Ezra Easley

    So dark souls 3.5

    • Mediocre Mason
      Mediocre Mason

      No, dark souls 2+2

  • D Ghoul
    D Ghoul

    where is gameplay?

    • Jake L
      Jake L

      Is 1:20 not gameplay?

    • Gravel

      @D Ghoul what's the real difference? You get to see what the gameplay will look and feel like. The only difference is that they use unlocked camera angles at times

    • D Ghoul
      D Ghoul

      @Gravel as for me it's "gamescenes" trailer, but nvm

    • Gravel

      Are you serious? This is a gameplay trailer

  • Darnell Lee
    Darnell Lee

    I can't wait for this game it looks amazing 🙂🙂🙂


    1:53 Bloodborne Step & Sekiro jump yea!!!!!

  • Braveheart

    Dark souls meets the lord of the rings.

  • Lord Libertà
    Lord Libertà

    R.I.P Miura Sensei Creator of this worlds...

  • Matteo Fossati
    Matteo Fossati

    Can't wait to complete the first dungeon in three years

  • Kamil Gurbanov
    Kamil Gurbanov

    Fromsoftware : cough cough. Soulsborne fans : NEW GAME!

  • syato

    Is this game going to have an online mode ?

    • syato

      @AOUGE ok nice

    • AOUGE


  • Aries Rodriguez
    Aries Rodriguez

    2:33 fingers 2:46 dragon head

  • Bahman Nasirifar
    Bahman Nasirifar

    can't wait to play the remaster on PS7.

  • Jack 9ght
    Jack 9ght

    hopefully its not just souls with next gen graphics/physics. i am more excited for new gameplay mechanics like trick weapons or sekiro parrying. and please bring poise back.

  • Garreth Sleigh
    Garreth Sleigh

    Who didn't like that trailer?! 🤦‍♂️

  • Jupiter, Lover of Rain
    Jupiter, Lover of Rain

    Dear god it’s amazing after all this time

  • Kallie Moore
    Kallie Moore

    This doesn't tell me much. Is this going to be another one of those games where they don't your race or your gender?

    • Gravel

      The interviews have the most info one is in Russian though so you have to use a Google translated version

  • Get Naenae'd
    Get Naenae'd

    200 days remaining!

  • rusty nail
    rusty nail


  • Elizabeth La Tour
    Elizabeth La Tour

    looks almost as good as knack 3

    • Gravel

      Ooof knack 3 is hard to surpass. You've set the bar real high

    • Elizabeth La Tour
      Elizabeth La Tour

      but not as good as knack 2

  • Elizabeth La Tour
    Elizabeth La Tour

    looks almost as good as good as knack 3

  • Ahri Arcade
    Ahri Arcade

    cant wait to get elden ring on my birthday in jan 🎂🎁🤩

  • Zoro do pagode churrasqueiro
    Zoro do pagode churrasqueiro

    2:33, Miazaki e seu gosto estranho por mãos.

    • SapoMercador

      Meu nome é Hydetaka Miazaki eu tenho 47 anos e dexei os cara no escuro por 2 anos

  • Zoro do pagode churrasqueiro
    Zoro do pagode churrasqueiro

    É lindo. 🤤

  • Jarv

    It looks boring

  • Doctors Calling
    Doctors Calling

    I'm not into rpg but I'm hyped for this because of Martin.

  • Nick Ferdinande
    Nick Ferdinande

    I got a PS5 just for this.

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez

    George RR Martin!?!

  • Alcatraz 2099
    Alcatraz 2099

    One of the main things that am excited for is the music. Yuka kitamaru's work on dark souls 3 and bloodborne was nothing short of a masterpiece

  • Alvigger

    If the game feels like sekiro and dark souls at the same time, it’s gonna be a masterpiece.

  • Shea Roberts
    Shea Roberts

    If the gameplay is gonna be like the Souls type games...gotta pass. I love the artwork and concept of these games but they just aren't fun to me. But looks good for those into that kind of gameplay.

    • Jake L
      Jake L

      Have you played Bloodborne and Sekiro? They can clearly switch up the gameplay when they want to. Some people don’t like the slow, methodical pacing of Dark Souls combat and gameplay, but love Bloodborne because of the more aggressive and fast paced style, or Sekiro which changes the combat system entirely. If you’re including those, then yeah, it likely will be, but it seems to be taking elements from each of them. Not to mention adding horses.

  • Zisgod

    i just busted 76 nuts

  • Oni

    I cant wait to cry

  • Nomad Son
    Nomad Son

    Chosen Undead, Hunter, Shinobi, Tarnished. Yup that's fromsoftware alright.

  • Brummi

    Rip free time, once this is out

  • blue gamer
    blue gamer

    this actauly look so SICK im legit out of words IT JUST LOOKS SO GOOD

  • ♛ ᎠᎬᏉᎥᏞ
    ♛ ᎠᎬᏉᎥᏞ

    This is like dark soul

  • Tk-5748

    Time for Ryuketsu to live through another age of flame 🔥 once chosen then cursed turned ash now tarnished oh what kingdom is it now?

  • Nikhil lotia
    Nikhil lotia

    IGN 9. GameSpot 9.

  • Alessio T.
    Alessio T.

    And the bonfires to save?

  • Sigurđur Úlfrsson
    Sigurđur Úlfrsson

    A continuation of dark souls? Day 1 for me.

  • Golo

    I am so fucking hyped for this fucking video game

  • Yazan Hassan
    Yazan Hassan


  • Pauly Pipes
    Pauly Pipes

    I've never watched a gaming trailer multiple times as this one before

  • Mihailo Mitrovic
    Mihailo Mitrovic

    Yo miyazaki give us an official berserk game please… pls

  • Okan B
    Okan B

    In Soviet Elden Ring, Dragon electrocutes you !

  • ThePissMan

    Secretly just Dark souls 4

  • Daniil Vinokurov
    Daniil Vinokurov

    I watch this a couple time a day every day.


    "I don't know, it is too dark souls like" and what did you expect? A shooter? Wtf with people

    • Jake L
      Jake L

      They say that like it’s a bad thing too lmao

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee

    I bet 50 bucks that we will see another Guts reference in this game or Dragonslayer greatsword.

  • bonxak

    1:39 berserk

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith

    You know as excited as I am it feels kinda like a mix of shadow of the colossus and dark souls 3 especially in that first riding bit and don't get me wrong I love and have played both those games to death just something I noticed and felt I should point out that it looks like a ds3 mod and im okay with that because it looks so fun

  • Luiz Moragas
    Luiz Moragas

    Eu vendo o trailer e já imaginando o smzinho passando raiva

  • pc zombie
    pc zombie

    animu crap

    • Jake L
      Jake L

      @pc zombie lmao what are you talking about? Are you talking about fantasy? Nothing here is anime-esque. There is quite a bit of influence from Berserk, but that series isn’t anime trope-heavy in and of itself, and the influence isn’t applied here in a way that would make it “animu crap.” This isn’t Persona 5 or NieR: Automata.

    • Gravel

      @pc zombie Just sounds like a horror genre.

    • pc zombie
      pc zombie

      @Gravel its got that weird style ,its like gothic but screwed up in weird manner ; everything is exaggerated and deformed .weird japanese way represent things .in anime u could find those things

    • Gravel


    • Flat Arthur
      Flat Arthur


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Una Vaina Loca
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