Selena Gomez & Rauw Alejandro - Baila Conmigo (Premio Lo Nuestro 2021)
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Music video by Selena Gomez, Rauw Alejandro performing Baila Conmigo (Premio Lo Nuestro Performance). © 2021 Selena Gomez, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

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    I have no idea what this song is saying, but it is really catchy!

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    tu musica rod es genial

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    Yeah mad for dad life #Thankyou 😉 Raga realy you are innocent

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    you are the most beautiful woman, perfect in everything, every second watching or listening to you is like being in heaven, love you so much, can't imagine my life without you 😍🙌

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    Me gusta como canta Selena pero esta cancion Me encantó excelente video saludos desde el DF Selena 😚

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    Altered techno voice pop especially upbeat tracks by par her forte..excellent production..wonder how a collab wif timbaland wud be

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  • Iron Woman
    Iron Woman

    I have already commented this on multiple videos hoping to open everyone's eyes. But I'm not stopping,Selenators and Charlena shippers please help me spread the words.Guys Back To You is Selena's reply to this song(Patient by Charlie). Listen to that. The video shows in the beginning how Selena is in the middle of men looking like JB and Abel. And she's looking at the third guy,whose style looks like Charlie's before. And it also showed how the guys is the first one who bit the apple. And Charlie admitted in a song that he's the first one to screw it all up by cheating. He's also mentioned that him and selena's moment was short but very moving as it messed him really up. And in the video,selena and the guy went on a ride. It was short and it ended bad. But the lyrics,omg it say if she can do it all again she knows she'' go back to him. And i must add that the lyrics "took you like a shot" adds up with charlie's words. That his time with sel was very short. Why? How do you take a shot? Short and fast. I don't know how to explain but i hope you get it guys. Also Sel's crowded room,it's not about Abel. It literally tells a story that's connected to Back To You. Because in that vid,the setting is at a party. There were other people but to them it's just the two of them. The lyrics "Baby it's just me and you" proves it. Also theres a line that says "cause im patient" even though it wasnt sel's line. But Still,very very very close as Charlie's title is PATIENT asking selena to be patient with him. Oh,and how can I forget about the line "betrayed by your imagination"? Which all the more proves it's about Charlie. Because in selena's Kinda Crazy,she said "You've been lying just for fun" and that because of charlie's song Attention. Where he implied she just wants attention. But that's all in the past,she added "but it's alright". She wants him to call her in the morning. Also,Sel's Vulnerable is about Charlie too. Like directly speaking to him. Saying she's ready now to give a chance again as they failed before. The lyrics are saying it's about someone who almost became her lover. So it cannot be about one of the exes. You seezjust because Sel and JB was on and off it's pretty much easier and almost automatically everytime people assume it's about JB. But is you pay attention to lyrics and look closely,it's about Charlie. Even though Kinda Crazy is assumed to be about Charlie,let's not forget that it's the oldest song in the album rare. That is way back 2016,many years passed and Selena's feelings can change. Specially after Charlie admitting his mistakes publicly through this song. Rare is selena's diary for four years so of course it's gonna come with her feeling starting from 2016 to 2020. Kinda Crazy,Ring,Vulnerable,Crowded Room is about our boy Charlie. So it Back To You and Fetish. For those who says that Does It Feel by charlie means it's the end. No. He did say the sequence is Attention,How long,Done for me,and Patient. Also in the song it did say if she hangs up. But what if selena never hang up on him? So they never got to talk in a way where she hanged up the phone on him. In Ring,selena did say she only let the phone ring. And in crowded room,she says he can call her in the morning. Guys,the lyrics are spitting Possibilities for CHARLENA. In Girlfriend,he did mention in an interview that it' aboit someone way out of his league. He described selena as way out of his league before in an interview. And he also mentioned how it was created in 2018 but felt like the wrong time. Maybe because selena and him wants to take it slow. I can confirm this through couple more lyrics but wont include it here. But i do recommend listening to Slow it Down by Charlie and Fun by selena those gonna give you some ideas. And he released girlfriend months after selena released boyfriend. And you guys want some more? Okay fine. Bad liar is about Charlie too. If you want proof,listen to the last lines of the song. It's like charlie's Girlfriedn song,they talking about making it finally into actuallity/reality. I have alot more to say but I'll leave it here like this for now. Please help share fellow Charlenas. Also stream Rare more please, I can't imagine Queen Sel retiring from making music.❤❤❤❤

    • Iron Woman
      Iron Woman

      @Selpink In Your Area this is just my deduction/theory as a fan. I have no doubt that you are right about how she is happy and in much better place right now. I'm sorry if it came across the wrong way,but I assure I'm not trying to make everything about boys and relationships. I was only amazed with the lines in her songs that I want to share to fellow Selenators some of my thoughts about them.Though I don't think you should be telling me what not to do and insinuating I don't show love and support for Selena because of my comment. When you have no idea she's my childhood,teenage,and present idol.

    • Selpink In Your Area
      Selpink In Your Area

      And can we stop making everything about her relationships and boys? She’s beyond happy as a single woman and we should love and respect that instead of commenting on videos about who her songs r potentially about.

    • Selpink In Your Area
      Selpink In Your Area


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    40M is coming

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    I don't understand a word, but I can't help listening to this song as well

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    Is there anyone else who doesn't understand single word of Spanish😂😂 but still loves this song....😀

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    I didn't even realize it was Selena. Her Spanish sounds great in this song. Me encanta 😍

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    Gringos que se siente andar traduciendo temazos ? 🙃

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    Selena Gomez & Rauw Alejandro - Baila Conmigo (Premio Lo Nuestro 2021)


    Baila, baila, baila conmigo.

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    The innocence

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    It will be a big loss to music industry if Selena Gomez retired

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