I Tried YOUR Holy Grail Makeup
Hey guys!!! I’m SO excited about today’s video!! Last week I asked you all to submit your HOLY GRAIL makeup products! I went through all of the responses and chose a full face of products that I had never tried before! I seriously had SO much fun filming this video, so I hope you all enjoy watching!! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a product! Let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this in the future! I hope you have a fabulous day! Love you! xoxo


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Joah Brow Pencil in Brunette- bit.ly/33D1sOR

bareMinerals Prime Time Eyeshadow Primer- bit.ly/2NbTR4a

Colourpop “It’s a Princess Thing” Eyeshadow Palette- bit.ly/2MPj6sR

Marc Jacobs Eyeliner in (Earth)quake- bit.ly/2MTcBVJ

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara- bit.ly/2YW8NdG

Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer- bit.ly/2Ncdyso

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream- bit.ly/2MSQ8s0
(Amazon link: bit.ly/2YWkbpK )

It Cosmetics Celebration Illumination Powder Foundation in Light- bit.ly/2YT5bcg

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Powder- bit.ly/2YGdRTc

Wet N’ Wild Ultimate Brow Highlight Pencil- bit.ly/2Z2uA3D

Ciate London Bamboo Bronzer in Palm Island - bit.ly/2YZQjsY

Makeup Revolution x Soph Highlighting Palette- bit.ly/2N9oHuc

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Captivating- bit.ly/2Nh3iiu

Kiss # 11 Lashes- bit.ly/2YVwX7X

MAC Whirl Lip Pencil- bit.ly/2YXixnZ

MAC Faux Lipstick- bit.ly/2YUm9qI

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in JK Magic- bit.ly/2NcG0KE

Catrice Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Finish Spray- bit.ly/2YXLZdm


Sweatshirt: American Eagle
Nails: Sally Hansen Mega Strength Polish in Slay All Day- bit.ly/2YWeVmp


Real Techniques Buffing Brush (GREAT SET): bit.ly/2Km8e6c

BH Cosmetics Brush Set (GREAT SET): bit.ly/2KhjUqJ

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush: bit.ly/2Kj1g1z

Tarte Smoothie Blender Brush: bit.ly/2KgQYyT

Morphe M439 Brush: bit.ly/2UIhXaP

Morphe M173 Brush: bit.ly/2Kn2atZ

Sigma F64 Soft Blend Concealer Brush (use code “ALLIEGBEAUTY” for 10% off): bit.ly/2UICbBk

Sephora Pro Mini Flawless Airbrush 56.5 Brush: bit.ly/2UMJZlG

Morphe M405 Brush: bit.ly/2UFqTO9

theBalm Double Ended Brush: bit.ly/2KjMAQ0

BH Cosmetics 6 Brush (in this set): bit.ly/2KhjUqJ

Morphe M441 Brush: bit.ly/2KjO10Q

Morphe M433 Brush: bit.ly/2Kn4Ibx

Sigma E25 Blending Brush (use code “ALLIEGBEAUTY” for 10% off): bit.ly/2D6tiHB

Morphe M124 Brush: bit.ly/2KfTS78


Real Techniques, $5- bit.ly/2K7Rv6c
Aesthetica, $7- bit.ly/2UAovYM
Flower Beauty, $9- bit.ly/2Uuwy9H
Thrive Causemetics, $18- bit.ly/2WLt542
Beauty Blender, $20- bit.ly/2UtTWnU


Canon 80D: amzn.to/2eKTkBw

Canon 50mm: amzn.to/2nPh8dT


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  • Kayla Austin
    Kayla Austin

    Should do one where you pick "if I was going to a hotel and only had room for 1 small makeup bag what would I bring" ok the title needs work, but it's a good idea

  • Carolyn Kessler
    Carolyn Kessler

    Too much!

  • Slightly Dramatic
    Slightly Dramatic

    OMG girl that looks sooo good on you! like completely different person good!!

  • Yvette Givens
    Yvette Givens

    I LOVE missha bb cream!! Has a gray under tone but somehow it adjusts to your skin tone and looks FABULOUS!!

  • Саша Димюк
    Саша Димюк

    может не стоит столько тоналки наносить? лицо все в прыщах

  • Leslie Gilbert
    Leslie Gilbert

    Mandy Lea uses that bb cream on her channel a lot.

  • Nayab qasim
    Nayab qasim

    I neeeeed to try this Misha BB cream… I have heard my fav Jessica Braun rave about it and now my other fav ESonlines is loving it also, so I guess high time for trying this now

  • Mandy Chapin
    Mandy Chapin

    I've been using that wet n wild on my water line forever! It's so easy to apply!

  • Charity Sheppard
    Charity Sheppard

    The Missha BB cream shade range is limited because it is a Korean beauty brand and they cater to the shades of most skin tones in Korea. Hopefully, as the Korean Beauty products are now seeing acclaim world-wide, they will start to branch out into a more inclusive range.

  • Mary Boardman
    Mary Boardman

    Love your videos, I am going to replicate the Disney Princess eyes. Next time try Missha in the shade #23. You and I are similar coloring and I love that one. It's one of my Holy Grails!!!

  • Sue Steudle
    Sue Steudle

    I love Misha bb cream. Glad you tried it!

  • Wireline .Cables
    Wireline .Cables

    What foundation is that? Perfect question coming from a Beta male. We Alpha males would never have noticed let alone ask.

  • TheEfratM

    Omg missha bb cream! So so happy that you finally discovered this! I use shade 23. It wears perfectly on the skin overtime - I finish a full workday and my complexion still looks fantastic. Also It’s k beauty company so it’s for sure skincare centered product.

  • Remember Collins
    Remember Collins


  • Judi

    Yes, please do another video with some of the other products suggested. This was such a fun video and everything looked so nice on you.

  • Fabi Williams
    Fabi Williams

    A great bridal look

  • Sarafina Delirium Beauty
    Sarafina Delirium Beauty

    This kept showing up in my recommended feed so I finally watched it. LOL.

  • Dee Jahant
    Dee Jahant

    Allie if I put that much powder on my face it would crack. LOL. I just can't. Your lights are so bright that it totally washes you out. You look so beautiful in natural light. These studio lights do not do you justice. Girl at 32:50 ish, don't you see? You look completely different and absolutely one of the most beautiful women I've seen. Please turn down the lights in the studio.

  • Leslie Kaye
    Leslie Kaye

    Love that IT powder foundation and I am 56. It is stunning on the skin.

  • Shannon Baker
    Shannon Baker

    Very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this video. I hope to see more. 💋

  • Corey Dawn
    Corey Dawn

    Okay, but which of these products are cruelty free?

  • Mahaffaypo Hornibrookvh
    Mahaffaypo Hornibrookvh

    The proud sundial totally occur because trunk firstly sail save a simplistic bicycle. penitent, automatic enemy

  • Wakeup Call Gaming
    Wakeup Call Gaming

    You know Allie was beautiful even before the Makeup ok gerald enough already leave allie alone. Happy Tuesday everyone 👍🎙🤘

  • Carlie Kitzmiller
    Carlie Kitzmiller

    I have used Korean Beauty and skincare for a couple years. Most of the tones are made for Korean tones more. All the Missha BB creams have a grey undertone but it goes away.

  • Jupiter Krystal
    Jupiter Krystal

    I love that bbcream Been using it for over 13 years And I always get compliments

  • Elizabeth Ann ferrario
    Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    hi , for me as a busy intensive care trained nurse, i work six weeks nights six weeks days .my makeup needs to be bomb proof and estee lauder primer , double wear wear foundation , double wear eye primer , charlotte tilbury concealer , powder , quad eyeshadow , hourglass mascara , charlotte feline flick liner , The duchess lipstick , fixing spray , then that will need to last me twelve hours no time to check , thats why i dont put any pencil into my waterline . i am lucky if i get a drink ! yes my makeup looks really good when i come to remove my makeup maybe sixteen hours later ,i have used this combination for years and yes it works for me .

  • Jennifer Morin
    Jennifer Morin

    You didn’t include your own! It’s definitely one of my faves for 2021😊❤️

  • Fulvio & Kat Marano
    Fulvio & Kat Marano

    Stunning, simply stunning❣️

  • Jenna


  • ForeverChiTonight

    I have the Disney princess palette. I originally got it because I’m a sucker for Disney princesses 👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏿

  • Barbara Savič
    Barbara Savič


  • Shane Millott
    Shane Millott

    Just curious to know how much you spent on each product then all together❤ 🤲?ship and handl added as well 😊 thanks

  • CG Davis
    CG Davis

    I use the Missha BB cream as a foundation mixer to adjust other foundations. It provides excellent coverage and extends the use and wear of some of my more expensive foundations. Missha and the Purito cica clearing bb creams are two of the best kept secrets in the beauty world. I love them both.

    • Theresa S
      Theresa S

      I just recently tried that using my Colourpop pretty fresh tinted moisturizer. It worked so well with my loreal infallible. Tomorrow I'm going to try it with my Estee Lauder Double Wear!

  • Marian Smartt
    Marian Smartt

    Great video! Please do another one!

  • Crickett Fenner
    Crickett Fenner

    Missha is a Korean makeup so the color range is based on the need of Asian people

  • Alejandra Rivera
    Alejandra Rivera

    I would love to see an updated version of this video!

  • nunya bizness
    nunya bizness

    Soooooo pretty!!!!

  • Deborah Fiorito
    Deborah Fiorito

    Re the Missha BB cream: BB creams started in Asia, esp Korea. By definition, BB creams adjust to your skin and turn darker. U..S. Cosmetic companies added a ton of shades-pretty needless for a “real” BB cream. And, BB creams were originally intended as a skin treatment after medical procedures, but we loved it because of blendability and the great feel on the skin (which you noted in your video). You video, btw, is a great idea, and I vote for Part II! Your tutorials are excellent; you’re beautiful and wonderfully humble!

  • Brei K
    Brei K

    Korean foundations are weird like that they always go on kind of grey not quite the right shade and then by the time you're done blending it's a perfect match

  • Kelly Aggas
    Kelly Aggas

    I adore the Mishha BB cream. I get it in 2 shades to get my perfect color.

  • Pat Martin
    Pat Martin

    Very pretty.. at 62 I remember when I had skin like yours!! 😉 the eye shadow makes your eyes pop!! Beautiful!! Great look!!

  • Bhumika Dutta
    Bhumika Dutta

    O m g...u look so bronzy glowy....I want that look on my face. 😍

  • Sarah Herbert
    Sarah Herbert

    I have that primer and use it everytime!

  • S Darby
    S Darby

    I noticed she linked to amazon for the Missha tinted moisturizer. I wouldn't buy it from there because there are so many fakes. And the fakes look almost identical to the real thing, only the ingredients are often toxic and carcinogenic. I don't buy makeup from amazon often, and I never buy higher end brands from there because there are so many fakes. Before I knew better, I got a fake eyeshadow toofaced palette from there. The only reason I realized it was fake is because one word on the box was misspelled. You really don't want to use counterfeit makeup!

  • littleleslie13

    Beautiful,Allie!! I love your videos💗

  • Melinda Myers
    Melinda Myers

    Absolutely flawless! 😍💐💕

  • From Scratchee with Stef!
    From Scratchee with Stef!

    Missha #27 is going to be the one--Missha is an [awesome] Korean brand--the shade range and undertones reflect the homogeneity of the population and the cultural beauty standards (very fair and neutral-to-peach seem to be the most desirable). #27 has the most balanced undertone of the range. However, I do love #21 as a mix in during winter months!

  • Tessa Downey
    Tessa Downey

    Wow 😍 I never really comment on ESonlines videos often but I have got to tell you...you are absolutely gorgeous! And I now have the longest list of new makeup to go buy 😅

    • Allie Glines
      Allie Glines

      Thank you so much!! 💕❤️🥰 love you!!

  • Deals Steals
    Deals Steals

    The dysfunctional plough gratifyingly smash because cello postsurgically preach outside a thirsty whistle. maniacal, sudden door

  • Cat

    I'd love to see this girl do a foxy eye look because she has The perfect eye shape for it!

  • PixelTinker01

    She is one of the only ESonlines who gives all the necessary details.... and love her attitude.... love your videos....

  • Kelly Huynh
    Kelly Huynh

    i legit had to pause on the before and after screen bc I didn't know which one was the before haha, until I looked at the lips


    for me the best cheep Makeup Brush Set under 10$ : amzn.to/3ikuRr5

  • Sharon Burns
    Sharon Burns

    Lip colour looked beautiful 👄

  • Sharon Burns
    Sharon Burns

    Yeh she’s good! I’v tried watching a few makeup videos but I get bored in a few mins lol but was interested to see how her full faced makeup turned out.. her skin looked flawless! Her eyes looked amazing 🤩

  • E G
    E G

    she gives me cancer vibes lol

  • Corinne Is In
    Corinne Is In

    These suggestions have you looking absolutely stunning. You just glow and it looks so natural!

  • Nayelli B. Jiménez Trujillo
    Nayelli B. Jiménez Trujillo

    I kinda feel like you can be a bit more critical about these products. I’m not saying they’re not good, but maybe really make a review of them?

  • Leslie Dame
    Leslie Dame

    Just started watching you. This look is beautiful

  • Junipers World
    Junipers World

    The feather in your hair is because you must be an angle on earth. Your great!! 😇

  • G Msd
    G Msd

    I used to have the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores powder. I think it's better for more oily skin. A bit too drying for my combination skin.

  • MMM MD
    MMM MD

    I believe Jen Phelps said that the Missha MISA choboyang BB cream (YesStyle) is very similar to the BB cream in this video, however it lacks the grey cast. I haven’t tried it yet but believe her!

  • TMT Beauty
    TMT Beauty

    Everything by Missha is amazing!

  • TMT Beauty
    TMT Beauty

    I love love love Missha products!!!

  • Carolyn Aldridge
    Carolyn Aldridge

    By the way ..to put this not to well....that was BANGIN lol...had no sleep yet ..really enjoyed mothers day!!

  • Carolyn Aldridge
    Carolyn Aldridge

    I don't know if you have it where you are but it isn't always represented well and it's quite nice really but pricey ...have you ever done merle norman

  • ES

    What do you do to your teeth. So nice

  • Karen Nicholson
    Karen Nicholson

    Beautiful look! The Missha BB cream is really nice and one of my personal favorites.

  • katie Madeline
    katie Madeline

    I would love if you did my make up!

  • Mk

    missha is a korean brand. they don't really use dark colors, they actually like to use one or more tones lighter than their real skin tones. in korea, they only have 21 and 23 available

  • Z G
    Z G

    Missha is Jessica Braun hg. She had mentioned it many times on her videos.

  • Mia P
    Mia P

    I’ve never been fond of the Missha Bb cream. The grey tinge was always too pronounced on my skin and it felt heavy throughout the day. It does look stunning on you, have to admit! Thanks for the video!

  • Maura Noonan
    Maura Noonan

    Such a beautiful look!

  • ersheri

    I love the color tones on you!!

  • Elly Sheppard
    Elly Sheppard

    I LOVE the Misha BB cream. I mix two different shades. The undertones are weird, but always blend out perfectly. I love the wear on it as well.

  • Megan Edgeworth
    Megan Edgeworth

    Hey, Allie - can I design U a look of surprises 4 U 2 do?? Some might be things U love & some things U might have never used.

  • Rachel Fackrell
    Rachel Fackrell

    Hey Allie! Do you still stand by all of those complexion products? I have been binge watching your videos and I think your skin looks incredible in this video and in your full face of Clinique. However, I haven’t heard you mention those products in awhile. Maybe you could try the products out again to see if they’re still as good as they were then! I would love to hear your current thoughts! 😊

  • Theresa Lott
    Theresa Lott

    Love this!! 💕💕 Ig: @tetalott

    • Theresa Lott
      Theresa Lott

      I love the Missha bb cream!! 💕💕 and I love how you interact with everyone in your videos!! 🥰🥰

  • Vio Rica
    Vio Rica


  • Jess Leigh Munro
    Jess Leigh Munro

    I watch so many of your videos I feel like I know you! I hope you’re coping through this difficult time 💕💕💕💕

  • Diversiral

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  • Lorraine Green
    Lorraine Green


  • FatttyDevine

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  • Tamara Styer
    Tamara Styer

    I’m really loving this series of videos where you try out subscriber faves / holy grails / etc. So entertaining, and lots of products I haven’t seen mentioned before!


    This was such a beautiful look

  • Jocelyn Ortiz
    Jocelyn Ortiz

    How was the Poreblem Primer? Do you think it would be good for large pores?? Thank you so much for everything you do!!!❤

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    Chloe Romero

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    Christina Ralli

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    Wesley Johns

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  • Wesley Johns
    Wesley Johns


  • Leah Watkins
    Leah Watkins

    I jus found you and I love ur vids,,,also yeah do another one of us picking ur makeup....and yes,, plz use the It cc cream illuminator.

  • Inspired Reflections
    Inspired Reflections

    I love your videos! You are so nice & pleasant to watch. I don’t have to worry that you’re going to say anything inappropriate or mean. I also love all your tips! Thank you for what you do!!

  • rebeca labouef
    rebeca labouef

    Both the primer and bb cream are korean products!! you should try more, there are some great makeup brands from them: like peripera lipsticks, and pony effects shadows also some missha mascaras are great as well as Japanese mascaras that are super water proof if anyone likes that!!

  • Bobbie Canuette
    Bobbie Canuette

    is it just me or does the brow pencil look different in the package

  • Linda McLaren
    Linda McLaren

    New subscriber! This was so much fun; YOU are so much fun! Please do more of these. Hearing others’ finds is the best way to find the best of the best. I just discovered ColourPop because I’m a Disney Mom and had to try the Elsa, Mulan, etc. kits. I’m off to try out the Mulan kit now after watching one of your videos. Thanks from South Florida!

  • Ell

    the way you said "chip" was really cute lol

  • Chez Keightley
    Chez Keightley

    Hi Alley, I finally bought the lash paradise mascara, thanks to you, it's totally amaze-balls!!!! Love ya....😋💋💝💋💝

  • R 0291
    R 0291

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    Carryl Edwards

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  • Giulia Marie Pagani
    Giulia Marie Pagani

    I just feel like every time you put bronzer you look full glammed ❤️ Allie try put blush on the back of your cheeks instead of the apple of your cheeks (if you feel like it), I just think it will look amazing on your face shape ❣️🥰