Pay ATTENTION to Jrue Holiday on Defense | Best 2021 Playoffs Defensive Highlights
Part II:

Jrue Holiday's Defensive Highlights for the Bucks during the 2021 NBA Playoffs. Some of these clips you have to watch multiple times or re-watch in slow motion to appreciate his attention to detail on the defensive end. In fact, some of these possessions don't end in a Holiday steal, block, contest, or even a MISS by his opponent. Sometimes it's his positioning relative to his teammates or effort that deems itself worthy defense. Take the 1st possession for example. Watch how Holiday immediately stunts back at Collins once he sees Young in the air trying to feather a pass back and abandons his attempt to get back on Young. You'll appreciate it more in 0.25x speed.

- Great Synergy with Brook Lopez in pick-and-roll situations and isolation. He knows when to funnel his man to Lopez and when to rotate off in order to cut off passing angles (Watch Lopez dap up Holiday at 6:32 after Lopez records the block)
- Always active with his hands on defense and great at anticipating where the ball will be
- Doesn't makes gambles that throttle his defensive positioning, and insteads puts himself in a position to snatch the ball away.
- Fantastic lateral quickness in isolation and also nimble when navigating around screens.
- Makes a conceited effort to not get caught on the ball-screen
- Lets the ball-handler feel pressure without fouling
- Does his absolute beast to make it tough for the offensive player during isolation despite only standing 6'3"

  • Justin Wang
    Justin Wang

    People need to know there is no such thing as "mismatch" against Jrue Holiday

  • Joel The Man
    Joel The Man

    He’s like draymond, good defense and good on the transition

  • Abayomi

    This is what pat Bev thinks he is lol. And jrue does it without fouling or excessive trash talk.

  • Abayomi

    You know he's respected when opposing players don't flop on his steals and blocks. They just accept he got it cleanly. Like his reputation precedes him. They don't complain which is weird to see when against any other defender many of these stars flail their arms or do that "whiplash" thing with their head flying back yelling "hey" after getting blocked or stripped.

  • John Finn
    John Finn

    The weary brother-in-law separately describe because architecture feraly desert astride a filthy digestion. infamous, angry pear

  • Justin Jiang
    Justin Jiang

    All people care about are man defense, but dont realize that that's such a small part of defense.. Jrue is pretty good at man defense, but even better at everything else besides rim protection.

  • Hunter Of Secrets
    Hunter Of Secrets

    For me, 2021 JHoliday is a Floyd Mayweather of NBA 💪😎👌🔥

  • Jonald Gobaton
    Jonald Gobaton

    Holiday is jumping late always and taking care how he lands ..

  • Mark alt
    Mark alt

    His defence reminds me of Jordan and Pippen style of defence minus the hard hand-checking

  • azuresams

    How can one defend like this at this level .

  • Kip Smithers
    Kip Smithers

    Notice how little handchecking there is by him. And you saw the benefit of having bigs in the floor to allow Jrue to basically funnel guards to them

  • Robert Newkirk
    Robert Newkirk

    works over the crease of the pick and roll very craftily...quick hands...few fouls on the strip...shoots down the floor once the ball is disengaged...

  • Era Aion
    Era Aion

    KD is unstoppable, damn.

  • Anthony O'Neal
    Anthony O'Neal

    He uses his body so well

  • Huy Phuc Mai
    Huy Phuc Mai

    Jrue on the rim, Giannis inside, the Bucks are very tough at defense.

  • Shannon Link
    Shannon Link

    Bog could of have a championship, had he came with Holiday😮‍💨😮‍💨

  • Marios Paparizos
    Marios Paparizos

    The Nets have the best offensive big-3 in the NBA and the Bucks have the best defensive big-3 in the NBA. Only thing is that the Bucks big-3 are really good offensively and will get better chemistry every year while the Nets are good defensively and not gonna get better in that part of the game.

  • chasmflip -
    chasmflip -

    That’s cause he can rely on his teammates in the paint

  • Joshua Martin Yap
    Joshua Martin Yap

    Damn jrue so smooth

  • moochy the cat
    moochy the cat

    Holiday is not a slacker or a flopper like LeBron James....

  • K K
    K K

    He's a big reason why the US Olympic team was able to win this year. Jru was so much more important to the US team than any other guard.

  • mikeydabrehd

    KD so good when he scores on you its a defensive highlight

  • Le Chien
    Le Chien

    In conclusion, if you aren't on Jrue's team it's gonna be hell for the next couple of hours.

  • Perry Quick
    Perry Quick

    Kd was not bother bro lolol but he did do his thing on dee doe

  • Fred Carter
    Fred Carter

    Sixers had to trade Holiday... You can't tank with a guy like him on your roster. 😂😂

  • Zachary Brace
    Zachary Brace

    I can’t believe Pelicans traded Bledsoe for him lol

  • Darkcruzer23

    I hope more people realize and appreciate what he does

  • James W
    James W

    Call the cops. Holiday is a pick-pocket.

  • CrewThief

    Bucks would have won the series even if Kyrie hadn’t gotten injured because Jrue had him on lockdown.

  • Jonathan Alvarez
    Jonathan Alvarez

    Jrue was born to be a buck ur first year u made us forget about bledsoe,thank u so much jrue the 414 loves u

    • K K
      K K

      Bledsoe was always bad. Average guard at best who didn't even guard.

  • justice grey
    justice grey

    are you a kd fan or something

  • D Slam
    D Slam

    His anticipation is nex level ...u cant teach tht...

  • YF

    Trae sucks

  • Anthony Liu
    Anthony Liu


  • ugh ugh
    ugh ugh


  • K Lam
    K Lam

    and he just brought Team USA a gold medal

  • Carson Ho
    Carson Ho

    Kyrie seems very short this series

  • Sai Davis
    Sai Davis

    Idk why they didn't put Giannas on Durant but aye 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    evades screens like no other elite defender, strong af floor general can hit crucial baskets.

  • Danel Wazana
    Danel Wazana

    you know you're too good when another player's defensive highlights show you scoring on them... KD

  • Vomin Fresho
    Vomin Fresho

    We’ve been blessed by the jrue holiday algorithm

  • Natural Angie
    Natural Angie

    Jrue was the one on the playground taking all the kids candy. Welcome to Milwaukee my boi.

  • Nico Abad
    Nico Abad

    Jrue understands that even if you're beat off the dribble, the offensive player must be on their way to the help defense. Also, even if you're beat off the dribble and the offensive player is now the job of the help defense, as a defensive player, you must not fall asleep and anticipate drop-off or cross-court passes.

  • Mont Evans
    Mont Evans

    The refs give him his respect as a lock down defender

  • Jan Millen Serna
    Jan Millen Serna

    He’s literally the missing piece for this Bucks team. Best defensive guard in the league.

  • Flagel

    he is such a great example, practically none of the players he guards has wide open shots, he makes em work for it

  • 25/8 Athletics
    25/8 Athletics

    His defense is top tier... never takes a second off..his strength bothers offensive players and he is a monster with quick hands and is highly intelligent

  • Dwaine Masters
    Dwaine Masters

    Yep. Irving made the nets loose.

  • Dwaine Masters
    Dwaine Masters

    His defence on Durant is not legal. The man has his hands all over him and gets in his landing space when KD shoots the ball. KD misses cus he doesn’t wanna land an injury. Iv been there. It’s frustrating. Surprised JR didn’t get a call for touching.

  • Dwaine Masters
    Dwaine Masters

    His defence on Durant is not legal. The man has his hands all over him and gets in his landing space when KD shoots the ball. KD misses cus he doesn’t wanna land an injury. Iv been there. It’s frustrating. Surprised JR didn’t get a call for touching.


    Notice how no one ever agure his steals they just get back on defense.

  • Korie Hill
    Korie Hill

    lol Jrue if your not paying attention on offense or get sloppy with the ball jrue is coming and he dont give a **** Lmao the offensive players from the pacers Bumped into each other tryna run the pick and roll they got scared when they saw him.

  • XXX _Monte
    XXX _Monte

    Man I love Jrue holidays defense

  • cacaf

    Trey Young posing for the cameras a little too long.

  • Josh Pan
    Josh Pan

    saying June Holiday defense and suddenly becomes Durant offense highlight

  • Gabriel Dumbrique
    Gabriel Dumbrique

    this our DPOY

  • Be better Each day
    Be better Each day

    Filthy. I love how he will pick a pocket leaving his opponent wide open because he knows he can.

  • belakthrillby

    I like how Blake grabs on to Jrue after the foul to make sure he's good. He's not out there trying to hurt people.

    • Jared

      Or just to avoid a flagrant

  • Lan Weng
    Lan Weng

    Looks like he predicting the next move scary defender

  • x x
    x x

    I’m reporting this as porn

    • XXX _Monte
      XXX _Monte

      Hall of fame fucking school threat

    • Usman Akhtar
      Usman Akhtar


  • Chris

    Bronny kinda plays like Jrue

  • Alexis Pereyra
    Alexis Pereyra

    Jrue Holiday is a BEAST!!!

  • Joselito Sunga
    Joselito Sunga

    Outstanding Defense!

  • Norcal Living
    Norcal Living

    still under rated

  • MjMoutry 1st
    MjMoutry 1st

    Answer me this one question has jrue ever ever been abused dropped or crossed to made fall defending he is the only player I’ve never seen get destroyed every time somebody score on him he just does not make it easy

    • Usman Akhtar
      Usman Akhtar

      @CrewThief Luka was out the first round? Why does he get so much love then? NBA fans are so dumb its crazy.

    • CrewThief

      @Usman Akhtar Trae is trash. Shimmied to a playoff exit.

    • Usman Akhtar
      Usman Akhtar

      Trae did do him kinda dirty lol

  • Caleb Glass
    Caleb Glass

    This video EXPOSES Young for how inept he is at getting back on defense after a missed shot.

  • Andrew Rosales
    Andrew Rosales

    Wow he is actually massive and strong and very relentless. It's hard to go around him coz he is strong, tall, long, takes lots of space yet He goes where ever you go. He is very underrated and he is a sleeper. You dont think much of him but he is silently intimidating the opposing players. He ripped booker and passed the ball for a lob dunk for giannis. I'm pretty sure he wrecked havoc to the suns that never made to the stats yet really harrassed them that they could not get off their offense

  • Fabio Bonetta
    Fabio Bonetta

    Defensive Wiz

  • EU Wonder
    EU Wonder

    Modern Defensive Players Jrue Holiday Jimmy Butler Kawhi Leonard Giannis Atetokounmpo Rudy Gobert All Time Kobe Bryant MJ Kawhi Leonard Kareem Abdul Jabbar Hakeem Olajuwon.

  • Rubén

    This defense is something to behold.

  • Jabo

    Jrue is GREAT. But KD so good thry showed him making a shot 😂😂😂

  • Derek Grizzly!
    Derek Grizzly!

    Holiday is a 25 mil a year player

  • Pancakeisgood

    Most of the nba fans are watching lebron james highlights and me, im watching jrue holliday defense highlights because its so damn beautiful 🔥🔒

    • James Brickner
      James Brickner

      I love defense in all sports. I love watching Holiday as much as I love watching Rodman lock 1-5 for detroit.

  • James Harrop
    James Harrop

    He keeps the same energy on both ends non-stop. Thats condition and stamina. A perfect example for kid's coming up

  • Posh Man
    Posh Man

    Man has 30 badges in def/reb

  • Depressed Falcons Fan
    Depressed Falcons Fan

    Every time he switches he effectively covers the player who set the pick whale still pressing the player with the ball

  • Simon Patterson
    Simon Patterson

    Speed of lightning and strength of a thunderclap.

  • sh0cktim3

    This is hella impressive. All these highlights are from just this years playoffs it seems. Would take alot guys a few seasons to get a reel like this. I see why Durant said Holiday is the best guard defender in the NBA.

  • Kaidenfazza

    The first clips prove jrue is very good at attacking ball handlers and then seeing nba ball handles it shows the nba level

  • Paul Malcolm
    Paul Malcolm

    Love it

  • vindigga6

    Top 5 dead or alive (in the league right now). Dont @ me dawg.

    • Usman Akhtar
      Usman Akhtar

      @vindigga6 The bucks would've got swept by a healthy nets team and that's facts. The nets were up 2-0. I'm sorry, but the suns and bucks will most likely not win another chip anytime soon, unless there's more injuries for other teams.

    • Usman Akhtar
      Usman Akhtar

      @vindigga6 trae>jrue. You're mad reading this ik.

    • Usman Akhtar
      Usman Akhtar

      @vindigga6 it's literally the opposite. I hate ESPN and the media. I only watch games my guy. Are you saying that jrue is a top 5 pg, or player?

    • vindigga6

      @Usman Akhtar of course, steph is top 5, u couls substitute any of those 5. Im not saying jru is number 1, im saying i think hes sitting number 5 (out of the top 5). I would only put cp3, steph, lillard, ahead. Im not putting kyrie cause hes always hurt or sitting out. Westbrook folds like a cheap suit in the playoffs. I can throw luka in there maybe (i still think jru clamps him too).

    • vindigga6

      @Usman Akhtar its facts bro, i can tell u dont watch the ganes. U probably just watch shannon sharp for hot takes. I dunno what the nets are gonna do next season, but if the bucks make the finals again ur gonna here people floating "jru is top 5"

  • Apollo Creed
    Apollo Creed

    God bless Jrue man!!!! Milwaukee Bucks champions 2021 only with help of God!!! History made only with help of God!!!! Praised be Jesus!!!!

  • Trapmoralez

    The real Finals MVP

  • Tyler

    not the most explosive athlete, but his strength and conditioning are ELITE. has great instincts for playing the lane and communicates well with help defense. extremely active hands and uses length to recover well for contests. i don’t know if there are any guards better than him defensively

  • Quareacts

    Those kd buckets is crazzzyy definitely a bucket nun you can do about that besides be 7 foot with holiday defensive ability

  • Smug

    I always love to see that stuck up collins get destroyed like he deserves

  • Jaron Taylor
    Jaron Taylor

    Jrue is the truth...i mean he blessed with God given ability and instinct you cant teach...also he strong as hell.very physical...but he does alot of things i think everyone can apply..the way he gets through screens...keeps his hands active...and just pure hustle...if you notice..he actually gets beat alot of times..but he still follows and gets his hand in there...or cuts off the outlet

  • Jmar385 _
    Jmar385 _

    It’s so many mistake I see by the offense. If you going to gather cuff the ball. Trae like to use the floater so he ride the right side of his hip & Lopez to help. That’s why Capela really is a liability. Her can’t shoot. Running picks by the sideline is worse out bounds is a third defender. If you going run a pick go towards the basketball not sideline to sideline. It’s run behind you & steel the ball. You have play with your off hand against Holiday until the refs call it!

  • Sashikala Tamang
    Sashikala Tamang

    Felt like watching durant's highlights


    contest without fouling is rare

  • Ami Subai
    Ami Subai

    his defense is not just effort. it is his brain which makes it so awesome! he reads the moves!

  • Donte Harris
    Donte Harris

    That boys got them clamps🔓🔓

  • mell0SIX2

    Glad defenders are getting appreciation...I don't think people realize the amount of work you need to put in to condition yourself to be a lockdown defender....Holidays mix of strength and fluidness he probably could have a damn good cornerback or safety...

  • Asylum11

    Damn shame drew holiday don’t have a dpoy award or isn’t a 3-5 time all defensive first team player!

    • Marios Paparizos
      Marios Paparizos

      Probably gonna get one this season

  • ExceptionalCow

    1:25 watch holiday leave the person he was guarding and steal from the other player. he has a large iq on defense man.

  • Rooz -
    Rooz -

    Jrue is the best defender at the guard its not even close look what he did with Pels vs Blazers he is incredible

  • Valerios

    The kante of basketball!

  • Milton McCarroll
    Milton McCarroll

    Holiday proved to be the missing peace'

  • Jack Ramos
    Jack Ramos

    Bring your best scorer, he's ready

  • John Lo
    John Lo

    I've realized that a lot of times when going over the top on screens, Jrue would almost make himself vertical to minimize the area of contact with the screener. By being vertical he also reduces the chances of running into the ball handler and he is able to explode out of that position to recover onto the ball handler or get in front of the roll/pop man on a switch. He also times the "being vertical" moment very well so that he doesn't get his back knocked loose by the screen and he has ample time to recover to the ball.


      @John Lo he was a goddamn beast on defense the whole olympics a lot of that’s gonna go unnoticed tho….he had so many steals and disruptions and clamped mills and fournier

    • John Lo
      John Lo

      @ALLIGATOR EATER Absolutely, great call. I believe Jrue’s gonna be key for Team USA on the defensive end if they want to win gold.


      @John Lo good eye and analysis for sure….on top of that his vertical position makes it seem like he’s backing off making the driver think it’s safe to put the ball in a vulnerable position allowing him to get those cheeky strips….a lot of deception in his game he’s so top tier

    • John Lo
      John Lo

      @ALLIGATOR EATER Media only see statistics and never analyze play by play (prolly cuz they really don’t have the time to watch every game in detail). Still, they act like they know everything by just looking at statistics and highlights. Also about Jrue, I also see him often times go vertical like he does on the screens when he is guarding a drive or if he’s on the verge getting called for a blocking foul. But he will backpedal while being vertical so that even if the ball handler makes contact with him and he’s in an illegal defensive position, the back pedal and verticality makes it look like there’s nothing there. Then he has such quick and precise hands, he just strips the ball out of the player’s hands from this position. I believe he did this on Devin Booker in the Finals. In real time I thought it was such a clean strip, but in slow mo I could definitely see that Jrue was in an illegal defensive position and it should’ve been a blocking foul. But Jrue’s back pedaling and verticality just makes it look so clean. That really impressed me a lot.


      i noticed the same bc i was wondering how he was able to completely avoid screens while going OVER them and even still beating the ball handler to position, often causing turnovers…unbelievable timing, footwork, intuition, creativity, and ridiculous skill. Out of all his defensive strongpoints, this stands out to me the most. Casuals don’t notice this and the media doesn’t analyze/credit this unfortunately