Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo

deja vu is out now: oliviarodrigo.lnk.to/dejavu
preorder my debut album SOUR: oliviarodrigo.lnk.to/preorder

  • Mili Alvarez
    Mili Alvarez

    Soooooo beautiful 😍😍😍✨✨✨✨

  • Paisly Larson
    Paisly Larson

    I love you Olivia I love all of your songs

  • My doggo barks
    My doggo barks


  • Clara Mangampo
    Clara Mangampo

    Im a BIG fan from the philipines go and raise our flag kababayan ms olivia rodrigo is a half pilipina like nicole scherzinger and bruno mars

  • Rylee Fuller
    Rylee Fuller

    OMG I love her songs so much

  • XiNoahhiX

    “You betrayed me” Olivia Rodrigo 2021

  • XiNoahhiX

    Olivia is not the next Ariana grande Olivia is not the next Taylor Swift Olivia is not the next Selena gomez She is the first Olivia Rodrigo!

  • XiNoahhiX

    Olivia is not the next Ariana grande Olivia is not the next Taylor Swift Olivia is not the next Selena gomez She is the first Olivia Rodrigo!

  • XiNoahhiX

    Olivia is not the next Ariana grande Olivia is not the next Taylor Swift Olivia is not the next Selena gomez She is the first Olivia Rodrigo!

  • Sherryl Marie
    Sherryl Marie

    Beautiful vocals by Olivia. 🤩

  • Guxpie

    she’s like i like happier more than deja vu

  • Moranguenho Gamer
    Moranguenho Gamer

    No tiktok todo mundo usa ela na rua do medo parte 1 da menina que morre no começou

  • Luiz Samuel
    Luiz Samuel

    Eu amo vc muito olivia Rodrigo ❤️🌷🌺🌸

  • Moranguenho Gamer
    Moranguenho Gamer

    Amei essa música ela é muito boa

  • me I'm going to go to the beauty pageant
    me I'm going to go to the beauty pageant

    My name is Olivia you stole my name and I still love your videos so I just I love your videos

  • Kirsty Maxwell
    Kirsty Maxwell

    Being 40 and still feeling this song😭

  • Dylan Hall
    Dylan Hall

    I FUcKEn love this damben song ❤️❤️❤️🥰💓

  • Alena Henkel
    Alena Henkel

    People that think she’s needs auto tune 🤡🤡

  • João Victor caetano
    João Victor caetano

    Imagino a cara os boy q ela sofreu

  • The Official Spot Spot Spotlight
    The Official Spot Spot Spotlight

    Okay but did we ask who Savannah Clarke was 🤨✋

  • from my window
    from my window

    I was pleasantly surprised by how good this was


    and to think that she is only 18 years old omg

  • belle


  • ana silva
    ana silva

    cadê os brasileiros?

    • Theo doido
      Theo doido

      aqui amg

  • Camilla Araneda
    Camilla Araneda

    I love u, u are prerfect i hope no one treat u like this again, hope that u be happy for ever, remember that i love u so much and u are my idol ❤❤💖😃

  • Mahlet Solomon
    Mahlet Solomon

    This is getting sadder

  • Mary Ann Rangel
    Mary Ann Rangel

    I love you

  • Juls &Amelia
    Juls &Amelia

    It’s amazing how Olivia can put her life in to her music. It’s just fantastic!

  • Morgan Fannin
    Morgan Fannin

    Your ex boyfriend get a new boy and rube it in his fing face

  • delfina beesand
    delfina beesand

    I love you

  • Rina 💚
    Rina 💚

    O kadar mükemmell kii aşık oldum kesinlikle 💖😖

  • irmãos otaviano's
    irmãos otaviano's

    Tik tok ?

  • Tu Tu
    Tu Tu

    this is wow 💖

  • itsalexusvrmvrm


  • Rachel Amber
    Rachel Amber

    stop this is amazing. I love you Olivia

  • Fernanda Cordova-Guerra
    Fernanda Cordova-Guerra

    Wow. This. Song. So. Beautiful

  • Kenia Guizar rodriguez
    Kenia Guizar rodriguez

    amo a olivia

  • Thais Rios
    Thais Rios

    I love You Olivia Rodrigo ❤️ <3

  • Mariana🌈🍭

    Beautiful!! Love you Olivia

  • Stxar

    If I lived in California or la I would totally come

  • Bianca Matos
    Bianca Matos


  • ❤️biel


  • Jewels by Jewels
    Jewels by Jewels


  • Mindy Verdecchio
    Mindy Verdecchio

    Hi Olivia I watch bizaardvark and can you pleaseee make a reunion? I want to know what happens next!!!!

  • Seja único ☺
    Seja único ☺

    Cadê os brasileiros ??😎😧

  • Luiza Basso Tonatto
    Luiza Basso Tonatto

    my inspiration, one of my favorite songs for life!!!! olivia 💞 thank you

  • vananasmoothie

    Who keeps coming back to watch this masterpiece 🙋‍♀️

  • ___Sianne

    ✨Olivia my religion✨

  • Lu M
    Lu M


  • Emilie Gonze
    Emilie Gonze

    I love it 😍


    Not to reopen the cut, but if she broke up, who would she be going to prom with? Friends?

  • FemBoy Vibes
    FemBoy Vibes

    Yasssssss queen

  • Emmalynn Stuart
    Emmalynn Stuart

    she is so prettyyyy!!!!!!

  • Windy Trejo
    Windy Trejo

    Love you so much you’re the real one me and my sister love your songs

  • Isai Roch
    Isai Roch

    You sing beautiful Olivia rodrigo’ I listen to your songs a lot even when l’m taking a shower and l’m getting it🦋🦋🦋💙💙💙I love all your songs even good 4 you is the bets song I ever heard💙💙💙💜💜🤍🤍🤍🤍I’m sorry about the brake up of your and josh l say his name like that Lol but Sabrina is also the best but.... l’m sorry to say this but l don’t really like Sabrina l love you as a friend 💜🤍🤍💙🦋🦋🦋🦋 and you got it girl you went under he skin already’ she said you well never get in my skin only him but girl you went under her skin so Sabrina l’m sorry but she got under your skin a lot anyways let’s get to you bestie🦋🦋💙💙💙💙you got IT🦋🦋💙🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • heidy and andrea gameing
    heidy and andrea gameing

    This is like the best song I ever heard in my life this song is so amazing

  • Jasmine Lam
    Jasmine Lam

    olivia is crazy good!!!!

  • lol what
    lol what

    These lyrics are just facts

  • Joey's Short films
    Joey's Short films

    Funny how black earbuds in their ears

  • mari

    i love it so much :)

  • PurpleHearts22💜💜

    i think she is just jealous of bts if you see this olivea BE 👏NICE👏TO👏BTS👏


    I love this song and my favorite song by Olivia" you cheated on me" love it makes me cry love this song you cheated on me 😭🥺my favorite song

  • Isabella Hidalgo
    Isabella Hidalgo

    para vei, eu to chorando

    • Theo doido
      Theo doido

      nos estamos KAKAKAKAKKA

  • sotrueczl

    i love this

  • izzie

    i want everyone to recognize how hard this is to sing live while running around, this is a song the requires a lot of breathe control anyway, but she is running around and it’s very difficult and she still did an amazing job.

  • Jui _JJ
    Jui _JJ


  • Heather duke
    Heather duke

    The blond girl made the thumbnail

  • Summer

    Olivia, I’ve been watching this on repeat for a month I’ve been your biggest fan ever since bizardvark I’m so proud of you! There is nothing like shouting all of you songs as loud as I can! Your the best!

  • Isabella Moreno Alzate
    Isabella Moreno Alzate

    this is supermancy

  • Gianna

    mine if i was 18- 1 Purge the Poison - MARINA 2 Emotional Machine - MARINA 3 Savages - MARINA 4 Teachers Pet - Melanie Martinez 5 Solar Power - Lorde 6 Green Light - Lorde 7 Maniac - Conan ( i forgot his last name it’s either Grey or Gray uhh) 8 Checkmate - Conan 9 Man’s World - MARINA 10 traitor - olivia rodrigo 11 hope ur ok - olivia rodrigo 12 Orange Juice - Melanie Martinez 13 Transparent Soul - Willow Smith 14 Fence Sitter - Ballpark music 15 Homewrecker - MARINA 16 Flowers - MARINA 17 Seventeen - MARINA 18 Cupid’s Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes ok my whole playlist is literally just MARINA

  • Edilaine Francisco Silva
    Edilaine Francisco Silva


  • Rania Atae -Allah
    Rania Atae -Allah

    Lo tuyo no es la música


    Pop off queen

  • 𝔹𝕦𝕕𝕘𝕚𝕖𝕋𝕦𝕓𝕖

    I finally managed to watch this and it’s amazing how this was done in one take (I presume!)! That was the best 27 minutes of my life! This consisted of pure talent and amazing work! There was so much going on in the background and I can’t imagine how much effort it would have taken to make sure everything went well together! The dancers, guitarists, camera crew and everyone behind the scenes + Olivia for her incredible talent should all be so proud to help make this. Great effort all throughout the whole video Olivia!! You’re a true inspiration to all with a great voice and I hope you continue to amaze us with your music!! 👏 😊 💕 Olivia I agree with everyone, GIRL YOU DESERVE A GRAMMY! You don’t need a Grammy, a Grammy needs you!! 🤩🤩

  • Matheus Silva Martins
    Matheus Silva Martins

    cara essa musica me lembra greys anatomy