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  • Zhw zhw
    Zhw zhw

    even after 6 years this song still takes me to another world 🖤 I love how these comments are recent keep supporting her guys she deserve the best

  • Marthi G.
    Marthi G.

    I dumped someone I loved because I lost myself for being with him. "I put him first and he adored it". He called me selfish after the breakup. We were separate for months and then we started talking again. We decided to give us a second chance. Now, stronger, I didn't put him in first place and we started arguing more than ever. We were hurting each other but he said we just "have to put much more effort to make it work". Yesterday we broke up again (hardest decision ever) and now I'm listening to this song. I guess I needed to lose him to love me.

  • Letice flora Brisolara
    Letice flora Brisolara

    a selena é foda

  • Francia Libertad
    Francia Libertad


  • Obinna Ukeh
    Obinna Ukeh

    dont worry, you're not the only one listening to this masterpiece in ✨2021✨

  • baby blue
    baby blue

    damn what is this guys name😂

  • Guarionex N
    Guarionex N

    Jostin biber 😥😥😥😥😥

  • A⃤ 𓃮R⃤ 𓃮A⃤𓃮 L⃤
    A⃤ 𓃮R⃤ 𓃮A⃤𓃮 L⃤


  • Grumpy Noa
    Grumpy Noa


  • Roses Blossom
    Roses Blossom

    We need to get 200 m

  • joey martin
    joey martin

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    • joey martin
      joey martin

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  • MC Ballan
    MC Ballan

    Trust me I can take you there❤️

  • Jason Milton
    Jason Milton

    You already are...

  • Jason Milton
    Jason Milton

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francisca Rodrigues
    Francisca Rodrigues

    Portugal here ✌️ I love this song 💛

  • Jason Milton
    Jason Milton

    This is my all time favorite and it's a perfect fit!

  • Jason Milton
    Jason Milton

    I hope you're okay?

  • biker dave
    biker dave

    Quite pathetic singing about an ex and F U dirty simps

  • Niki izq
    Niki izq

    Solo 3M Está canción esta infra valorada 😰👎

  • Clara Lotte
    Clara Lotte

    "If I were you I'd me too" GIIIRL


    Selena: *who says you don't passed the test* ? Me: *my score*

  • Lollipop-Boy.

    This song is about Justin....

  • Salvador Segura
    Salvador Segura

    Tan poco para los 100M 🤩⚡

  • yu jessie
    yu jessie

    Anyone here? - May 13, 2021

  • Saronah 90
    Saronah 90

    لسه اسمعهه ما امل منهه ❤

  • Tishana Nelson
    Tishana Nelson

    Still one of my favorite Selena Gomez ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Leslie Rush
    Leslie Rush

    I love this one ❤

  • Ramona Hanu
    Ramona Hanu

    if one day we ever stop talking to each other...just remember that once upon a time, my heart was yours.

  • Pintando con Valentina
    Pintando con Valentina

    A solo 3,5 M de los 100M. I love you Selena 🤍💙🤍

  • Thomas Guzman
    Thomas Guzman

    are tolerant keep our following guid unity commits your life in a way friend or and Selena Gomez music thomas Gomez music school musical camp rock lead up offer music the lion king of Hannah Montana music Disney music

  • Niki izq
    Niki izq

    Amo esta canción 😩🤚

  • Casa Grande
    Casa Grande


  • 0003alp

    She is literally singing about narcissistic abuse.

  • Jaime chaves de jesus Jesus
    Jaime chaves de jesus Jesus

    Selena heppy is nacion cuj god is as sr.

  • luis aldo estrada montero
    luis aldo estrada montero

    Quien desde Buenos Aires... Like

  • The real Deal
    The real Deal

    Gives me nostalgia when I was at the fair and this song was playing in the background back then in 2012.

  • Clara Lotte
    Clara Lotte

    I love when she dances

  • Clara Lotte
    Clara Lotte

    Selena is so brave for showing her vulnerabilities to the world, and by doing that she inspire so many people that have been through the same thing. Thank you beautiful girl 💖

  • joey martin
    joey martin

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    • joey martin
      joey martin

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      joey martin

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    • joey martin
      joey martin

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    • joey martin
      joey martin

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  • Shannia Fisher
    Shannia Fisher

    She song very good

  • Stryphe

    Why is she farting carrots?

  • Wendy Sport
    Wendy Sport


  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee

    I’m right here

  • Jaime chaves de jesus Jesus
    Jaime chaves de jesus Jesus

    If as love is vive lm vive p q love you

  • Shannia Fisher
    Shannia Fisher

    I love her song she is so beautiful

  • Mishti Roy
    Mishti Roy

    When she said 'My chest is bullet proof', I was so happy and wish that it will be like this forever. BTW I saw it in the caption.

  • jocelyn Pimentel
    jocelyn Pimentel

    I would listen to this song when I was heart broken omg 😭 so many memories hahah

  • alexia duchesne
    alexia duchesne

    Is anybody else crying right now?

  • puppycornshakira

    Selena Gomez is beautiful and she made this amazing song

  • Itzyourboi Joshy
    Itzyourboi Joshy

    14 carriage

  • Aizawa x Kakashi
    Aizawa x Kakashi

    Amo demasiado entra canción

  • J shy
    J shy


  • a.musicandcolor

    she is beautiful

  • Ignacio Exequiel Zenteno Arias
    Ignacio Exequiel Zenteno Arias

    Sacará nuevo álbum, ósea adiós a mis esperanzas de que adiós sea single. :'((((((

  • Ema Esmeralda Alvarado Reyes
    Ema Esmeralda Alvarado Reyes

    Hacen una gran vos los dos juntos

  • Ignacio Exequiel Zenteno Arias
    Ignacio Exequiel Zenteno Arias

    Que es linda esta canción x la ctm :'(

  • Chioma Duru
    Chioma Duru

    do y’all even realize this song is literally about us...

  • Дени Георгиева
    Дени Георгиева


  • carolina salazar
    carolina salazar

    This song is perfect

  • Lucky Tomato
    Lucky Tomato

    There is a specific remix of this song that always plays at Walmart, I can't quite find it and I really want it

  • meh

    kenneka jenkins

  • carolina salazar
    carolina salazar

    Sel diosa 💕



  • carolina salazar
    carolina salazar

    Vamos por mas likes de esta canción 💖

  • carolina salazar
    carolina salazar

    I needed to lose you to love me.

  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez

    I love you❤

  • Gloria Ovilla
    Gloria Ovilla

    Pq nadie comenta en español 😩😩

  • carolina salazar
    carolina salazar

    I love this song 😭

  • star boy
    star boy

    I mean I could but why would I want to🙄 damn hit my mind hard

  • Anna P
    Anna P

    This reminds me so many memories omg i wanna cry

  • moataz koleb
    moataz koleb

    Who else is still listening to old songs in 2021

  • star boy
    star boy

    She look tired of stress anxiety she's a polite girl I can see she's over crazy her mind need to sleep and her heart to rest...why wouldn't be only selena instead of Jelena it drive her way more

  • Cliff Gallardo
    Cliff Gallardo

    I think she has a crush on kevin garnett no?

  • Natalia Becerra
    Natalia Becerra

    Aria todo para ir a verla pero estoy en latinoamerica🙃

  • Hama say's
    Hama say's

    I am going through some serious mental breadown and it makes me cry even more And i want i want to feel this again and again

  • Carly Rivero
    Carly Rivero


  • Revelation Selenator
    Revelation Selenator

    I’m so jealous for Spanish Selenators!!!

  • Natalia Becerra
    Natalia Becerra

    Alguien en 2021🙄 ase 10 años esta cancion

  • Moon

    this version is the best

  • Natalia Becerra
    Natalia Becerra